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  1. LOL.. probably.. Never really clean the bag that good.. Just empty contents & open all the zippers after playing in the rain.
  2. Seen this resurface & I'm goin to add... I'm a backwards, lol, I clean before the shot with wet towel & just put the club in the bag after.
  3. ^^^ So much this!! And I'll add.. shouldn't be allowed to play the masters in it.
  4. I do. It fits my hands nicely & keeps em quiet. My 2 go to putters have these grips.
  5. You asked!! Golf is a skills game Over a 12 handicap dont need fitted, need lessons Music don't belong on the course It ain't a take ALL DAY game Dont need to lazer/gps inside 75 yrds or over 250
  6. Bless their hearts. (texans) [emoji4]
  7. Havnt ever used one but thinking of getting one & after a little research... I'm thinking of getting a Viofo A129. Alot of good reviews on YouTube. Its been rated by some as the best budget cam. Its $169 on Amazon. Its a dual cam (frt & rear)
  8. Happy Birthday [emoji512]
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