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  1. bullldog

    Dash Cam advice please fellow spies?

    Havnt ever used one but thinking of getting one & after a little research... I'm thinking of getting a Viofo A129. Alot of good reviews on YouTube. Its been rated by some as the best budget cam. Its $169 on Amazon. Its a dual cam (frt & rear)
  2. bullldog

    Happy bday OG

    Happy Birthday [emoji512]
  3. bullldog

    discussion of wearing helmets

    Helmet laws sux!
  4. bullldog

    Hobby outside of golf

    Thats a 59 Ford. says "Ford Man".. Lol
  5. bullldog

    Have you ever been hit by a golf ball?

    Yes, twice. Both by playing partners. Shanked straight across fairway by both
  6. bullldog

    Causes of Slow Play

    People! Everyone plays like they are a pro. Havta take several practice swings, gotta have the exact yardage, even just off the green, have to look @ putt from every angle. Gotta write down all the statistics.
  7. bullldog

    2018-19 College Basketball Season

    Rock Chalk. But havta see what happens with the Addis thing.
  8. bullldog

    Putting a classic back in play

    Its what my Dad used to give me. [emoji14]
  9. bullldog

    Baseball Snobbery

    Go Yankees!
  10. bullldog

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Well bought a set of new TM M1s off ebay for under $290. 4 thru gw.
  11. bullldog

    WTB, shafts

    I'm looking for stock or aftermarket shafts for TM SLDR in senior flex for 5w, 3h & 4h. Not wanting to spend big bucks.
  12. bullldog

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    I think its cheaper to buy new clubs.. suxs, cause it wasn't that long ago I spent money to up the sw on my Wishon MC560s
  13. bullldog

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Well more like moving into senior flex. [emoji4]
  14. bullldog

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Really believe I'm going to get some senior irons. Dont want to blow alot of $$, so I'm thinking of new TM M1 or Cobra F7 (not single length). Ebay has em for $500. Cant get close to Titleist for that, so.. if you want to throw a thought out, fire away. Oh & last set I ever buy
  15. bullldog

    A spy at the 2018 Ryder Cup

    Nice job Roger! Appreciate your views & the pics