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  1. kardboard.kid

    Happy thread

    That's great, congratulations are definitely in order. Sent from my XT1635-01 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. kardboard.kid

    Random Thread

    Ole Gray, keep up the awesomeness. I remember when my son was at Paris Island. I sent him a letter a day. He told me later that those letters were like Gold. Be very proud and always supportive, that's my biggest take away. Sent from my XT1635-01 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. kardboard.kid

    Simple mechanic to increase driver swingspeed?

    Would this related to the speed golf thread? Sent from my XT1635-01 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. Yes to both questions. Being a"prototype" you almost go into the testing with the expectation you have found the Holy Grail. So anything less is considered negative. Temperature and other weather conditions we all know impact the performance. That might be the thought on the late testing. Maybe getting a worse case scenario is the final piece in the ball design. I would definitely give the balls another opportunity come spring before making a final statement of performance. Sent from my XT1635-01 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. kardboard.kid

    Happy thread

    My wife had a friend that was on the PHD track. I finally worked out with her, when I held up one finger it was a joke, and if two fingers it was a hilarious joke. She never got them.
  6. kardboard.kid

    Happy thread

    So I'm going to use my 1000th post to say how excited I am to be invited by my son to his Final Marine Ball this Friday. I leave tomorrow with my wife for a few days with him and his girlfriend. Then onto the BALL! I even bought a Tux for the event.
  7. I was never able to get a good stop with the balls into the greens. It was frustrating. A couple of the approach shots that were full swing 9 iron and PW, the ball left a mark on the green but proceeded to run off, not stop, or slightly spin back as I am used to seeing. I wish the weather hadn't turned so quickly, as I wanted to spend sometime hitting into one of the greens on the course. I am sure they would have let me as long as I waited for groups to play through.
  8. kardboard.kid

    Follow my Journey to attempt to qualify for Mid-Am

    Congratulations, well done. Sent from my XT1635-01 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. I have to say you are all changing my mind about these stix. I really thought it was just another gimmick golf aid. I now see the error of my ways, and have added this to my list of things needed. Great job everyone. Sent from my XT1635-01 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. kardboard.kid

    Happy thread

    There are few Aussie's that could enlighten us on University -vs- Trades. They have done a great job helping youth determine and realize their potential. Not all belong in College. That is not saying they are not smart enough either. I sit on a board for STEM locally and all industry partners say the same thing. "Where are the trades? There is no one to hire."
  11. kardboard.kid

    Happy thread

    That reminds me of my father. He was drafted and was a couple of barracks down from Elvis. Then a year after getting out was called back to "teach". He always tells people he was drafted twice.
  12. kardboard.kid

    Happy thread

    First I want to thank all those who serve and have served for our country. Sunday is Veterans day, do something nice for a Veteran. They were willing to pay the ultimate price so we could be where we are today. Then make sure to thank your lucky stars there are still Men and Women willing to pick up where they left off. "God Bless the U.S.A."
  13. I find I choke down when in an uphill lie, or heavy rough. I do like to know averages, as I also know my club averages. great read.
  14. not sure if the silence means these balls are headed to the good try, but no go pile.
  15. kardboard.kid

    discussion of wearing helmets

    Not saying I believe or agree. Just keeping to the article according to golf punks. Whatever that is. Sent from my XT1635-01 using MyGolfSpy mobile app