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  1. thanks for your service.
  2. Congratulations, although I am behind the curve on this one.
  3. make sure to get non sanded grout as well. otherwise you will never get the tile clean when it dries.
  4. I think based on my very limited experience and knowledge, placement of your feet in relationship to ball has more to do with the quality of swing than just tee height, or swing speed. I have found when my left foot is in line with the ball, the end result is always good. It may not be a 300 yd drive, but it is straight and in the fairway. Remembering to follow through with the swing is good as well. If not I'm sending the ball to somewhere right. WAY RIGHT.
  5. My son (The Marine) had their Wedding Celebration this week in Capon Springs WV. Turned out to be a sunny and beautiful day. That is the first Fairway behind them. They have a really nice 9 hole course. I even attempted to play.
  6. congratulations group. Will be following this one.
  7. for my 25th anniversary, my wife and I took our children with their significant others for a trip like this. We rented a 15 passenger van for just 8 of us, and did Niagara Falls, with a stop over to see my parents on our way to Thousand Islands, and then down to Watkins Glen and eventually wine tasting in the finger Lakes before returning back to Columbus. Everyone still talks about it, as if it was just yesterday.
  8. sarcasm and negativity sell. look at SNL, or any late night talk show. They are all banned form my TV.
  9. Having only a hand held GPS, this would be interesting. Good luck to those who apply. wonder how this compares in cost to the other platforms?
  10. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
  11. I feel your pain, although my dad had no use for golf. I played 2 times the first week of June, and then NOTHING, but my arm is not healing. I have an appointment scheduled with the doctor in October to determine next steps.
  12. My Daughter had a shirt made for her newborn. It says Australian made with 50% American parts.
  13. Well Thank You for the well wishes on my Birthday. Hope @rbgntx had a great day as well. Just cleaning up from my vacation this week. Of course everyone waits till you return. I guess it is job security.
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