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  1. Perhaps RoboCop is spending his retirement playing every course in the USA?
  2. You’re looking for the MGS Your Golf Rig thread - either this or that ought to do the trick.
  3. I’m tracking on a chalk line with the 3.0. I wouldn’t want to push the Club Booster rig unless it was absolutely necessary and switching back to the original Clicgear wheel brackets is probably a ~10 minute wrench job. Will do pards. I was leaning toward a TFS add-on but wanted to give remote driving a chance before investing the extra dough. I’ve also heard rumors about a tether-less follow system coming down the pipe, so I’m hanging tight for now.
  4. I’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts on the swivel conversion kit. My current non-swivel setup tracks super straight over humps/bumps and I’m afraid the increased maneuverability means it will also likely be knocked off course more easily. I’m actually satisfied with the turning sensitivity as is, so if the conversion kit requires more frequent course corrections, I’ll probably revert to the fixed trike. I agree on the supply chain communication front. My delivery notification from Alphard indicated my swivel conversion kit would be arriving with the Club Booster. It obviously di
  5. Well this is rad AF... My Clicgear swivel conversion kit is delayed a few weeks but this setup still works great. As does the Shot Scope Pro L1 hanging underneath... and the Ben Hogan ICONs... and the Bettinardi SS38 Armlock. I’m overdue for new wedges but all set otherwise. It’s only a 3 hour drive to Edel HQ... just sayin’. Also - holla back if you’d like to see an in-depth Alphard Club Booster V2 review.
  6. Golf has also been a popular MLB road stretch activity amongst starting pitchers for a long time.
  7. Yeah sure - it is I... the Hoff. I fart around MyGolfSpy during off weeks or when I’m not chain eating briskets.
  8. Thanks for the action @Golfspy_CG2! I expect to have a substantial lead thru 9 holes on Thursday and then predictably fade into oblivion. I love Masters week!
  9. My Bushnell Z6 finally crapped out and with my own Shot Scope Pro L1 currently in transit, I would be very interested to see a side-by-side yardage comparison of (2) SS lasers.
  10. I did a thing... Alphard Club Booster V2 and Clicgear Swivel Conversion Kit should be here mid-April. A pain in the wallet but my back feels better already.
  11. Outstanding group of Spies on this review team! Congrats fellas - looking forward to your thoughts!
  12. I’ve heard that non swivel wheel carts take substantially more battery to turn left/right and getting 27 holes out of that setup with an eWheels is stretching it pretty thin. Alternatively, in the videos I seen with a (swivel + TFS) setup, it seems to constantly overcorrect and meanders all over the place. So presumably it takes less battery to turn, but it’s also traveling a substantially longer distance than were it tracking in a straight line. So I’m curious how those two cart setup options effectively shake out on actual range. On the remote side, non swivel would seem to require fewe
  13. Managed to snag a mint Axis1 Rose off eBay last year for $250. We spent a few weeks together on the practice green but it never made it into the bag for a proper loop. I flipped it for a substantial profit. The (torque + COG) physics Luis talks about in that video are sensible, but for me personally, the 2-piece construction of the Rose head made for awful feel. Impact sounded almost hollow and I really struggled with pace. I’m accustomed to feeling the weight of the putter head but with the Axis1 it’s a much more unified feeling grip/shaft/head - almost like the head wasn’t even there. O
  14. Same situation over here. I’ve had the eWheels V2 with the TFS (Tether Follow System) and the Clicgear front swivel conversion kit in a checkout cart for a month. The things keeping me from pulling the trigger are the battery limitations and TFS questions. From what I’ve read, carts with a swivel wheel will extend the battery range some, but 27 holes is probably still a stretch. I also wonder if the improved gyroscope auto tracking would be somewhat negated with swivel wheel carts. And the limited (TFS + swivel) videos make it appear that setup tracks like me walking home from partie
  15. A whole bunch, both good and poor. On the subject of staying present during a round, it’s the most recent shots that I try not to dwell on.
  16. Hope you all have a very happy birthday!
  17. My Bushnell Z6 has been a faithful workhorse for close to a decade but it’s fading fast. Tried dropping in fresh battery but still won’t lock on a flagstick unless conditions are absolutely ideal. The discount link @GolfSpy_X sent out for Shot Scope’s latest product offering was well timed and seemed too good a deal to pass up. This new Pro L1 Rangefinder should arrive inside a week. Field test results forthcoming
  18. Count me in and thanks much @GolfSpy Barbajo!
  19. “Reunited and it feels so good”... but it can always be better. Now that I’m once again a Texas resident and back in possession of these forged babies, the firm turf is wreaking havoc on my elbows. Enter @PokeForeLyfe last week with a super sweet deal on one of my all time favorite shafts... what a pal! So it will soon be out with the KBS Tour-V 110 steel and in with the mythical Matrix Ozik Program 130 hexadecagonal graphite goodness. Looking forward to putting this combo through the ringer and reporting the results here in the official review thread. Lemme know if you have an
  20. I’ve been fortunate to play ACC on several occasions and it is a very special place. The membership takes their golf seriously and they have all sorts of neat traditions. Harvey Penick’s stature as their longtime Pro and resident swing whisperer is memorialized with a bronzed homage behind the first tee. His preferred golf fuel was cold apples and peanut butter slathered graham crackers, so they have several iced barrels of apples on the course and a graham cracker station at the turn. Instead of rushing you through the day, they encourage everyone to hit as many balls off the first
  21. I’ve been a huge Matrix fan since they released the super stable Ozik Program 130 line several years ago. It was a bummer when they shuttered production and I was stoked to learn a venture group wanted to keep spinning their patents under a new brand. Haven’t pulled the trigger on any LAGP shafts yet but they are on my radar for a special putter project. I seem to remember Gretzky’s name being floated around as one the potential buyers back then - does that ring a bell for anyone else?
  22. Happy Birthday Big Cat! May there be many more happy birthdays (and limo rides) in your future.
  23. Brian Victoria, TX Full time walker 3-4 days a week. Rolling with a Clicgear 3.0 Prepping for a 7 round Bandon Dunes trip in May has me pushing extra holes right now and my lower back definitely feels those bad angles on the emergency loop. It would be privilege to push a MotoCaddy to its limits over the next couple of months and find out how many extra holes per gallon it means I can squeeze out of this aging body.
  24. Am I the only one here with experience quick counting a big herd of cattle? I put eyes on 562 head but the middle of that pile gets a little dicey so let’s round her out to 600 cows.
  25. I think Dave somewhat answers your question about BAD’s approach at 0:55 in the video @PMookie posted above. Bryson virtually removes the incline plane (and wrist coil) with his super upright armlock setup. The result is an almost zero face rotation SBST stroke. Subsequently no need for torque balance but he must see some advantage to the consistent loft from the SIK roll face design. I feel like he has also referenced the super low torque shaft his particular SIK hosel will accept. But I’m not certain about any of it - just my 2 cents.
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