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  1. We are still a couple weeks away from dropping our overall official reviews, but after ~1500 range balls and 135 holes, certain aspects of these ICONs are already crystal clear. They are beautifully refined. I haven’t yet mustered the words to do them justice in the looks and feel department. All indications point to V-Sole having a tangible impact. I’m doing my level best to wear the DBM finish off these faces. This 9-iron has seen hundreds of balls (face cleaned after every swing). The KBS Tour V steel experiment has been interesting and in some ways positive, but my elbows hurt. After we wrap up our official reviews, I’m likely to drop in a brand new Matrix Ozik crate motor that has been collecting dust in the basement. It has been so much fun getting to know these wonderful clubs over the past 3 weeks. And I am looking forward to hearing impressions from the entire team as we get more track time. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. Feel free to reach out with questions or requests that we can dig into over the next couple weeks. Question for the entire review team: My short game toolbox extends down to the 9-iron - have you guys spent much time exploring these buttery blades around the green?
  2. I’m not entirely sure - searching the style code on the box brings up the Enliven Golf Lens product page on the Tifosi Optics site. I’ve generally had problems mixing golf and polarized lenses (even pricey options). The packaging mentions a “glare guard” lens coating. Maybe that’s the problem? I just slipped them on to do a primary view distortion test and there is definitely some minor image movement. Looking forward to hearing impressions from you both.
  3. Congrats @fozcycle! If we ever start a MyGolfSpy HOF, your name will be at the top of my ballot. Keep those quality posts coming!
  4. I'll be interested to hear your impressions, pards. I picked up a pair of the Tifosi Seek FC from the Pro Shop yesterday morning, headed straight to the first tee and proceeded to chunk every approach shot on the first 4 holes. Took them off and hit everything fine afterward. Planning a controlled test at the range this evening to determine if the issue was genuine lens refraction distortion _or_ just a really strange start to my round.
  5. My abysmal experience with the V3 has continued the past week - missing the majority of approach shots entirely and incorrectly tagging/locating a lot of tee shots. Don’t even get me started on the short game mess. It’s basically functioning as a G3 unit (not ideal when you’re trying to collect solid Ben Hogan ICON stats for an official MGS review). Opened a support ticket a few days ago and they got back to me this morning. My support rep agreed that this unit is missing an unreasonable amount of shots. Apparently they are rolling out a firmware update in 2-3 weeks that hopefully improves the issues? The only bone SS support is throwing my way - “30 day money back return period” will be extended, starting the day the new firmware update is available. I personally believe the extent of my data report errors are indicative of a serious hardware issue but I’m supposed to just wait and hope their magic coding update will fix everything. In the support reply, my rep mentioned that the company is currently testing improved algorithms they are confident will improve the Clubsense technology. Well... I’m not sure how one presumes confidence in an ongoing test. The inconspicuous user interface on which this product is marketed, is the main reason I have added their system to my game. If I continue to have similar issues after the firmware update and they suggest something like “take more practice swings”, this V3 is going back across the pond immediately. In general, outlining the complex physical requirements of any golfer’s pre-shot routine would be about the most obtrusive procedure that I can imagine. TLDR: ShotScope says be patient, while they sit tight with my money. This product cycle was clearly not ready to roll out. I’m seriously disappointed.
  6. It wasn’t the original plan but at the last minute, General Thunder? ordered Private Putter to report for indoor tempo drills.
  7. I unboxed, setup and played my first 9 holes with the V3 (GPS + Track mode) yesterday evening. I agree with the improvement sentiments from the perspective of comfort and reduced size. That’s the end of my compliments thus far. Prior to editing virtually every data point, ShotScope had me at 7 holes (24 total). I was very careful about maintaining proximity gaps between the band and club tags anytime I wasn’t standing over my ball. Maybe I was too careful? Because the band not only missed all kinds of shots, it also incorrectly assigned clubs in numerous cases. Sometimes my pin collect coordinates were dead on, others the hole location was off by 10+ yards. The issues today were unlike any I experienced with prior iterations. I was using strictly L1 gps signal, so hopefully toggling over to L1 + L5 tomorrow morning will improve location accuracy. But I cannot wrap my head around all the missing approach shots. Maybe dialing up the connection settings will improve the tagging errors. If things don’t improve dramatically, I’ll probably be requesting a return label.
  8. Did anyone here order a bag full of marshmallows? Immediate thought: forged wool sweater... yeah, I’m sticking with that. Goodness gracious. And that was with range balls. Very eager to burn off some 5-layer urethane ammo.
  9. It’s easy to create a perspective error taking photos down a club shaft. A svelte head ends up looking impossibly tiny against an outsized hosel/shaft. Have a gander at this more neutral ICON 4-iron address pic framed with a ball, and then tell me you can’t almost hear this kitten purring in your ear @PMookie.
  10. Ding, ding, ding - I was hoping the reference would resonate. Seemed particularly poignant for the 2020 we’ve all been sharing. And so far, I say these ICONS are all right!
  11. Bryson has the announcer crew giggling like schoolgirls when he lets the big dog eat... even when he “heel wipes” it. That spinner wedge Wesley Bryan played from the middle of 14 green to the back tier was SUPER salty! Vijay looks like some kind of super villain sporting the silver goatee. I’m picking Hovland to hoist the hardware on Sunday... dude is a beast.
  12. If your Honma lumber delivery arrives before your trip and you want opportunities to air it out at altitude on a big fast layout, just go ahead and book a slot Soldier Hollow and start strategizing. It’s all you want (more than I would want) at 7700, assuming the championship tees are open. +1 on the (224/222) Empire Pass option from PC down into the Heber Valley, but not if you’re running late because @txgolfjunkie ain’t exaggerating about it being twisty. +2 for generally not mixing alcohol + driving in Utah... they don’t mess around. SH is such a well run facility. It never disappoints. I’m tempted to make the 7 hour drive myself. Fingers crossed your new disco stick arrives in time. Have fun!
  13. Kinda wishing I was down at Jamaica Beach right now; and also that a tidal surge would kill off all the sticker burrs in the yard. I played Moody not too long after Ike and it was perfect. I feel like they just dumped some sand in the bunkers and said “there ya go...better than new”? Sort of nuts but I guess that’s the way they designed it.
  14. I just did a quick search and we don't really have an ongoing Bobby Grace general discussion/appreciation thread. @chisag games a 6330 and @aerospace_ray is also somewhat of a fan... probably have a few other BG gamers around here. Most golfers have no idea that Mr. Grace was among the first to introduce serious MOI face balanced mallets with face tech to specifically improve roll and distance control. And he was doing it 15+ years ago! Re: presenting my BG collection - if you'll start a nice Bobby Grace thread, I will post my stuff and we can dig into all his various tech innovations there. Deal? Back to the subject of this thread - no WITB is complete without some background on your headcover game. Whether OEM or Off-The-Wall... Spies want pics Yo!
  15. Nice review @scooterhd2 - looks like the newer Stick-It-Strap has a button cutaway that mine doesn't. "Monument Bad Chad" didn't send me a free one, but my unofficial review ~3 years ago parallels many of your sentiments. Neat that Monument Golf managed to get a foot in the door with the Costco network - I want that towel. Note: be mindful about your scope barrel taking direct Sunlight when it's hanging off a cart roof support.
  16. I think the '08 flood was a blessing in some ways for Lajitas golf operations. Before much of the former Ambush course washed away, they had a helluva of a time keeping turf alive. The conversation was well over a decade ago so it's a little fuzzy, but I remember the Head Pro explaining that their well water temperature was ridiculously hot (geothermal). I would guess the decision to bring in paspalum turf for the Black Jack's Crossing redesign had a lot to do with their hot water situation. Looking at the satellite overhead, they appear to have a big retention pond now. But Summer heat is absolutely brutal down there in the Big Bend; and with as much water as they have to spread around the resort property, getting it cooled off quickly enough is likely still a constant battle. Although probably much less so, thanks to the hardy paspalum. @PlaidJacket may have better insight having recently played it.
  17. I’m glad you and the Blueprints are getting out for a loop @Shankster I understand the attraction of self-deprecation, but painting that blank canvas with storm clouds before you even step on the 1st tee is not the recipe I would recommend. Just try to enjoy being out there and you’ll end up right where you are supposed to be... back in golf’s embrace.
  18. Nice setup @TheBigBobRob! Save for a few brief lapses, I’ve gamed the same Bobby Grace M5K-GT for ~15 years. I think it’s one of the best wands ever made and kinda tough to find with the TC (tour center) hosel like ours. My BG collection has steadily grown over that same period... he makes great stuff. Thanks for sharing!
  19. That bucket might hold some of the lumps but it’s not exactly the container I envisaged. Although I do like where your head is re: grass (hosing down the expectorated crime scene).
  20. I didn’t think anything could be worse than a Cement Mixer, but you may have cracked it with that “Bryson” recipe, pards. Probably best served alongside a big empty bucket.
  21. I’m working on it. In the meantime, it never hurts to have your club Pro put in a friendly call re: reciprocal courtesy for a gentleman like yourself.
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