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  1. I already have a head-to-toe Nike apparel deal. They just don't pay me. Or know about it. Will occasionally throw on a Ping hat to support the brand.
  2. Totally agree on the SIM hat. Who in god's name designed that thing? Also, on the khaki front, I think Adidas did well here to move closer to the cream that Nike has sported the last couple of seasons. The curmudgeon in me will not allow a hoodie on the course to look good to my senses. Can't do it.
  3. Tell the wife it's called fashion, sweetie
  4. Thought the same. I'm just awaiting a response.
  5. Appreciate this. Any idea why I can't find anything about these online? When did they come out? Were they discontinued?
  6. Putting a set together for a buddy. He bought these online. I'm looking for trimming instructions, but failing to find those, I'm looking for anything about these. Anyone have any information on these?
  7. Not exactly the same, but I have the white Ping DLX cart bag from 2016. The white holds up really well. I give it a quick wipe down when I clean the clubs and that’s about it. Wouldn’t avoid white unless maybe you’re a one bag and always carrying kind of guy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed all of this post.
  9. So how has she adapted to being able to hit 450 yard drives? Has it made golf too easy for her or what?
  10. It's funny. It's because I believe there is very little difference between OEM performance that I'm partial to certain brands. I always look to PING first because I like the brand and having played them for so long the PING look/feel has become a tie-breaker.
  11. 1. David Keen, Ontario, Canada 2. Handicap: 8 / Driver Swing Speed: ~100mph 3. Ping G400 4. No preference. Would probably be looking to buy the Flash if I had to choose.
  12. I guess it depends on how much you like towels... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. As I imagine most guys on here are, I'm pretty obsessed with what the guys on tour are using. That's especially so for all things Tiger. I tend to be the guy who notices little things and can't let it go until I have answers. Also, triple word score for spelling “piques” correctly. H/t Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. I don't disagree, except it's always the same style
  15. Kind of an obscure question, but does anyone know who makes the towels that Tiger uses? The picture below is of the towel from the 2008 US Open, but he and LaCava are using the same kind now (usually red stripes)
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