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  1. Two balls, divot tool in front left. Matches tee pencil in front right. Scorecard back right. Back left wide open
  2. mixed bag, whatever I hit the best I play with. I don’t care what the brand is makes no difference to me.
  3. All of the stuff I received from them was junk. However I saw a recent picture of a guys order on here that was pretty nice. I have my puma/cobra guy so no reason to change it up
  4. Was meant for more of a Local tournament something they could drive to.
  5. If they were behind and holding up play behind them sure say something. If not go sit on a stick.
  6. Just too many distractions. Swing coach, caddy and family. And family can chill home if they want until it looks like I have a shot at winning. Then they best get their asses to the course.
  7. People will always try and reinvent the wheel.
  8. So I tweaked my back last year and just tried playing through it. my score wasn’t good at all but decided not to post it because it wasn’t a true score. Buddies were busting my balls for not posting my score but it felt dirty possibly posting that
  9. I’m so sorry. Stories like these always make me appreciate everyone that much more in my life. Anyone’s number can be called at any time so love every moment
  10. I’ll be posting pics of mine as soon as I get it. Being built as we speak
  11. It will be like my new shiny car, nobody drives it but me for a while. being lefty helps with you greedy righties wanting to swing my club for a change
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