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  1. I went with cobras carry bag. Zero issues at all! Probably get them cheap now
  2. Keeping my daughter interested in putting with dad in 2020. She’s 16 months and has to hit the ball on the putting mat every morning before she goes to grandmas house.
  3. Yeah I don’t think much of it. Sounds like a miss communication nothing more. Nobody was in the wrong and he was probably confused as hell No harm no foul
  4. Length will always be tougher for me than tight. Obviously if it’s tight and long I’m screwed but length is it. It forces driver and a good drive at that. I’ve recently found my swing which is nice but it’ll never stay with me. Baseball is the death of me. Also your approaches are longer and most likely chipping instead of putting. But just my opinion
  5. standing too close to the ball. Pushes everything left for me. Im a lefty. Even putting I’ve been standing too close. How has nobody noticed this!! But went out and shot a 78 after the club pro saw me warming up with some putts
  6. Actually a decent looking bag. But like you said not sure if it would make a difference
  7. Simple. Go with your gut/what makes you happy
  8. Exactly what I’d expect from turf greens. I would imagine they bounce like frozen greens. No bueno and takes the fun out of it. You’d almost have to put a cushion under the Turf to be more accepting. Then who knows how long that would last for
  9. I don’t carry the ball as far as I thought! Hurt my feelings a little
  10. Yeah I do see what your saying. And you’re correct id call them a d*** for doing that. Just for conversation purposes if they cheered when it went into the bunker is that allowed?
  11. I see no issue with saying get in the bunker. As long as he said it after the swing zero issues with it at all.
  12. Thinking about my club, All the danger is in front. Forced carries into every green except 1 hole. Interesting the danger area is off the back. If that’s the case I’d say your playing them correctly then
  13. You’re a bigger man than me. I would have tried to make his Round completely miserable while me and my buddy laughed at him, I’m talking after that duck hook saying good shot man. Really hit it well. Just piss him off to no end.
  14. With the new handicap system will you be able to post all year round. They say weather plays a part? So the winter Should be apart of that correct.
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