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  1. Like a quick 3 holes? Not sure it’s be even worth it. There would have to be nobody in front so I could fly given it’s a hole limit or just a time limit. s*** I’d bring 4/5 clubs and run the course get my exercise in too. They need a night time course... kids go to sleep poppa bear goes and smashes golf balls. That way I don’t feel bad their sleeping can’t do anything else.
  2. Pretty simple for me. Starting a family. My need to golf has disappeared. I don’t even truly enjoy playing 18 because I want to get home and hang out with my daughter.
  3. Crystal springs resort in north jersey. Stay and play. Never been heard it’s real nice though. Jersey shore also has lots of nice courses and all very close to each other.
  4. Redskins eh? You poor poor soul
  5. Nick Imperiale New Jersey 9.2 taylormade m2 7i 170 lets do this
  6. Charli


  7. Hybrids. They never seen to let me down.
  8. My first wedges were the xE1 wedges. 59 and a 65. My buddy who at the time was a scratch golfer hated that I had them but love watching me hit a full 65° wedge that went nowhere. Used to yell xE1 when he knew it was coming out
  9. I went soft case and put all golf clothes and shoes with the clubs heads. Also have the extend stick to help
  10. Every time I’ve witnessed someone stop playing it’s because of kids old physically can’t anymore
  11. Every movie that was out had fast moving quicksand.
  12. Bring your trash cans to his house.
  13. I thought quicksand was going to be a real problem as a kid.
  14. Just got back from a golf trip and was dealing with a borderline Slice with the irons. So I had to play a hard fade I’m calling it. Still shot an 86.. but it was uglyyyyy
  15. I find it hilarious when people have these weird quirks. Almost embarrassed for them. Like me being behind you is going to change your ball strike. You’re a 15 handicap you suck. But I never stand directly behind (driving/irons) or in front of while putting past the pin. Probably just habit at this point
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