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  1. It’s everyone else’s fault these days.
  2. Anyone can fit into a country club. It’s about etiquette. I don’t care what you do outside of the club. Deal drugs to pay for your membership what do I care as long as your dressed and act appropriately I’m good with it. Don’t act or look like an idiot and you won’t be treated as such
  3. Yeah I’ve paid big $ for some golf rounds. Problem I find is it never feels worth it when all said n done. Only way I’ll pay big $ ever again is for pine valley but that’ll just never happen
  4. Anything white that has to do with golf is a bad thing. Always looks great then turns to s***
  5. Well whiskey creek it is. Thanks for the suggestions looking forward to playing this course it looks great
  6. Walk the course and putt at every green. If your a member somewhere I’m sure your buddies won’t mind
  7. New members at a club is cost only. I have tons of friends that golf and aren’t members because of cost. Reason for not starting to golf is because it’s boring. everyone grows up playing the go go go sports and golf just seems eh. That’s exactly how I viewed it my entire life until I played it once I got older.
  8. I don’t like seeing these guys in contention laughing and talking like their friends. I don’t care what you do off the course but when in the fight hate each other. I also hate the baggy pants look. They look sloppy
  9. We have a group chat going now and a guy has scores posted from 2016 still on record. He’s had tons of rounds since then. Got called out and no more tournament allowed to be played this year.... ahhhhhh it feels good
  10. Good news about the marlins game you’ll have your choice of seating hiyoooo
  11. What were jacks swing speeds? Is it comparable to today’s players
  12. I feel this conversation happens in every sport. In my own opinion the players now are just all around better. Now specifically in golf no I don’t feel the players now are leaps and bounds better. Given the same equipment I think they’d be close. Are the fields deeper? I don’t know not that In touch with it.
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