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  1. Charli


    Yeah I’m never going to screw someone Intentionally. Like if I see them cheating of course I’ll call them out on it. Also call them scum bags while doing said call out. But most of the time it’s honest mistakes. Nobody knows every single rule hell sometimes I screw them up also. If i make a noise and they screw up a shot I’ll let them take another.
  2. Charli

    Khalil Mack to the Bears!

    I enjoy watching the bears. I hope they make playoffs. Lucky for you chisag because I had my doubts but I was wrong. Mr Mitch has shown some gumption
  3. Charli

    knee flex

    What do you mean flex in your knees
  4. Charli

    Do you “really” enjoy Golf??????

    I love golf. Every day is something new also not good enough to get that angry. Let’s be honest here if any of us really didn’t enjoy it none of us would be in this chat talking about it constantly.
  5. Yeah you would think almost impossible.
  6. Easy... so I cut a corner on a dog leg left par 5. I was 147 yards out... wind at my face I have 9 allll day. Go up to the ball confidently and swing away. Hit the ball clean as all hell. Except I accidentally grabbed my 5 iron. I’m not even sure how I hit it so pure thinking it was a 9i
  7. Charli

    Snacks What’s Your Fav?

    Power crunch vanilla wafer bar
  8. Charli

    Got Problems?

    Delete thread, make new “golf rant” thread
  9. Charli

    Got Problems?

    I use the rant section for when I suck at golf. Maybe change it to strictly golf rants
  10. Charli

    Lefty Thread

    What that course called
  11. Charli

    discussion of wearing helmets

    Ooo dear. Pretty soon the big golf companies will be selling helmets and mygolfspy will have to do a test on them. That’s the day I stop golfing
  12. Charli

    Got Problems?

    Ahhhhh yeah don’t blame him
  13. Charli

    Spieth says Get Fit... at Club Champion

    The way spieth has been playing... no thanks I’ll look into whatever Bryson has been smoking
  14. Charli

    tight muscles? use a roller

    listen to jeff cavalier on rolling your lower back. Guys great and very informed. And no I’m not saying you will break your back. Unless you jump off the kitchen table with said foam roller
  15. Charli

    Got Problems?

    Out of here how?! This country for vacation? This website for the night? Golf in general? We need answers