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  1. Ill say that was a very unusual draft, but I think its will make for a fun season. Excited football is back!!!
  2. $110, extremely reasonable price for an awesome shaft.....plus i I want to buy something else so need some funds
  3. $125 shipped to any interested parties.
  4. Finally got around to adding the pics. One of the best looking shafts imo. Open to offers
  5. I'm traveling for the weekend and randomly decided to sell this. Don't have pics but can get some on Sunday when I get home. Attached a copy of the order for reference. Has a Mizuno adapter currently, had planned to put it in my G410 but the ping tour shaft fits me better. There is no tipping as I requested to build per Mizuno recommendations, and plays just a shade over 45' when I had it in my Mizuno ST200. Looking for $140 shipped, only trade interest would be hzrdus yellow hc or similar counterbalanced shaft to mess send with in my ping. Paypal goods and services only Honor.first32@gmail.com
  6. I'm in!!! I tried to do this last year but don't know if I just missed it or what. Down for $10, get at me!!
  7. I play rip x 65tx in driver, have had several x stiff/stiff shafts in all woods and really never saw an issue as far as additional pain. Its always there just not unbearable. Just play what you are comfortable with. Good luck with the fitting
  8. Speaking as someone with golfers elbow, rest won't do sh*t(subsides but comes back), shaft flex doesn't affect it, and seriously just go graphite thru out the bag. Graphite in the irons was a HUGE difference. Still have steel in my wedges and after using them on 2 to 3 holes the pain builds up. Glws
  9. Search continues, looks to be a g400 adapter. Anyone else, still looking.
  10. Slightly intrigued by those maltbys, look like some older TMs. Pm me when you get a sec
  11. Just picked up a G410 LST, and I need a tip for a spare shaft that I'm going to attempt to install myself(fingers crossed). The purchase nearly tapped out my golf fund, so kind of hoping someone had one laying around they don't need and want to get rid of. Let me know if you have one avail. Thanks
  12. Not the flash, buy in have a Maverick 3w. I've played many Callaway fairways over the years, and they never disappoint. If you are comparing the flash to a v steel, its going to be different, we are talking over a decade between releases. Things have changed quite a bit
  13. If they offered a heavier graphite shaft( damn elbow tendinitis) I would be playing these. Offered better numbers/dispersion than p770 and cobra forged tech when I tested them
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