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  1. Unless I'm in a greenside bunker (infrequent, given home-course layout & typical shot patterns), it is the Lw/60'. Then, depending on tee selection &/or course conditions, it is the Driver (if forward) or the 3w (if back, wet).
  2. Several years ago I stopped thinking/worrying about the process & results. Instead, it became: ‘Swing the club, hit the ball, find it — Do it again.’ As scores dropped, it became more enjoyable. Still keep the stats which reveal what I actually need to improve rather than what I assumed/thought was important. Using the LSW shot analysis & recommendations have been made the day-to-day that much easier ….
  3. Initially, in the late 90’s, experienced this while playing with (& watching) my son’s college golf coach [up at St. Lawrence University (Canton. NY)] who played on the LGPA. Over the years, didn’t do anything with it until a few years ago when related articles appeared in major golf publications — Personal experiences similar to what was reported: immediate, significant improvement on the 4-8-12’ distances; not as effective on the longer distances (in terms of speed control). — So, for last 2-years, have spot-putt the long ones & cup-look the shorter ones which has brought the average putts/round down to 32-33. Try it! And, stick with it!
  4. Definitely, l'd keep the mid/short irons; the others I can eliminate or work-arohnd
  5. Over the years, multiple business trips provided opportunities to play in/around the Portland & South Portland areas. I found these to be enjoyable tests with interesting layouts & varied shot-selection options. All 'an easy drive' within 15-30 minutes of downtown Portland proper -- Old Marsh C.C. (Wells). Dunegrass (Old Orchard Beach). Nonesuch (So. Portland). Sable Oaks (So. Portland MARRIOTT). Fox Ridge (Auburn).
  6. Multiple studies over the years. Consensus indicates benefit/value on short putts. Otherwise, it’s not ‘rocket science’ — Stop agonizing (you’re not a pro); know the basic ‘make’ statistics at various distances (say, 4’-8’-12’) for your handicap. Stop waisting time & aggravating your fellow players. Watch the path of other putts. See the line OR pick the spot. Make your stroke. Accept the results.
  7. Realistically, how many clubs do we actually & consistently use?For me (male, age72+, >80 rounds, 6100yds, GHIN-12) —Typically it’s ‘Driver, hybrid, 7-9-G-L & putter’ — Why clutter up the bag?
  8. In Massachusetts, Worldwide Golf seems reasonable - Staff will help (not ‘push’) with club selection; the 90-day ‘play-return-credit’ warranty on both new & used clubs is a definite plus.
  9. Given the nationwide statistics, most players wouldn’t know the difference …
  10. If not a single-digit, then don’t worry — Just play them.
  11. MARK / Massachusetts Age. 70 Hcp. 12.1 Now using. Ping G25 6-Lw, KBS, reg 7i: 140-145yds
  12. 2020 may be the year for ‘new clubs’ as 2019 was all medical issues: cardiac work, gi-bowel surgeries & hip replacement in December. Clubs in play based upon course, tee, conditions / all regular flex & midsize grips: Titleist. 915. D-12’ Titleist. 917. 3w16’ & 7w21’ Callaway. X-Hot. 3h19’-4h22’-5h25’-6h28’ Ping. G25/steel-6-7-8-9-W-U (Sw54’, Lw58’) Cleveland. G15-DSG. Sw54’, Lw58’ Odyssey, CB-Tank7, mallet/oversized Rife 2-Bar, mallet/oversized
  13. Came late to the sport, about 15 years ago. A ‘has been jock’ — played all the sports: football, lacrosse, rugby in college; along with basketball, baseball in high school (some tennis, then racquetball in my 30s). Over the years, a litany of medical issues: multiple shoulder separations & dislocations, bilateral total knee replacements, rotator cuff surgery. And, in the last year: cardiac work; gi-bowel surgeries & a hip replacement ... So, haven’t played since mid-September 2019. GHIN was 12.2 (typically, 80-100 rounds annually). Individuality, self reliance - Never, really appreciated the ‘team’ aspect. Product reviews, possible testing opportunities. No other acknowledged Spies Originally from NY (Long Island); attended Hofstra. Business wise, started in NYC - then transferred to Hawaii, back to NYC, then to Massachusetts in 1978 (divorced & remarried 15 years ago, living in Jefferson/Holden since). Home course is Cyprian Keyes (Boylston) since 2005. Nothing good/bad .... Retired. Golf; ski (instructor); travel with ‘the best wife yet’ (Cozumel, Stowe, NYC, etc). Easy to remember
  14. Driver: Titleist 913fd-12’. Regular. 3-Wood: Titleist 917fd-16.5’. Regular. Hybrids: Callaway X-Hot. 19, 25’. Regular. Irons: Ping G25. 6 thru Lob. Steel. Regular Putter: Rife 2-Bar CS. Flat This is today’s bag - May change whenever — due to course/tees played, how I feel, etc.
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