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  1. MARK / Massachusetts Age. 70 Hcp. 12.1 Now using. Ping G25 6-Lw, KBS, reg 7i: 140-145yds
  2. 2020 may be the year for ‘new clubs’ as 2019 was all medical issues: cardiac work, gi-bowel surgeries & hip replacement in December. Clubs in play based upon course, tee, conditions / all regular flex & midsize grips: Titleist. 915. D-12’ Titleist. 917. 3w16’ & 7w21’ Callaway. X-Hot. 3h19’-4h22’-5h25’-6h28’ Ping. G25/steel-6-7-8-9-W-U (Sw54’, Lw58’) Cleveland. G15-DSG. Sw54’, Lw58’ Odyssey, CB-Tank7, mallet/oversized Rife 2-Bar, mallet/oversized
  3. Came late to the sport, about 15 years ago. A ‘has been jock’ — played all the sports: football, lacrosse, rugby in college; along with basketball, baseball in high school (some tennis, then racquetball in my 30s). Over the years, a litany of medical issues: multiple shoulder separations & dislocations, bilateral total knee replacements, rotator cuff surgery. And, in the last year: cardiac work; gi-bowel surgeries & a hip replacement ... So, haven’t played since mid-September 2019. GHIN was 12.2 (typically, 80-100 rounds annually). Individuality, self reliance - Never, really appreciated the ‘team’ aspect. Product reviews, possible testing opportunities. No other acknowledged Spies Originally from NY (Long Island); attended Hofstra. Business wise, started in NYC - then transferred to Hawaii, back to NYC, then to Massachusetts in 1978 (divorced & remarried 15 years ago, living in Jefferson/Holden since). Home course is Cyprian Keyes (Boylston) since 2005. Nothing good/bad .... Retired. Golf; ski (instructor); travel with ‘the best wife yet’ (Cozumel, Stowe, NYC, etc). Easy to remember
  4. Driver: Titleist 913fd-12’. Regular. 3-Wood: Titleist 917fd-16.5’. Regular. Hybrids: Callaway X-Hot. 19, 25’. Regular. Irons: Ping G25. 6 thru Lob. Steel. Regular Putter: Rife 2-Bar CS. Flat This is today’s bag - May change whenever — due to course/tees played, how I feel, etc.
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