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  1. 0.4 / Coeur D Alene Idaho Sub70 639 MB/ 8 Iron - 168 About 7 months ago I did a ton of research on what my next irons were going to be after playing the same set of Taylormade MB's for 10 years. I spent a lot of time on here reading and looking at reviews and actual data. When I finally made the decision to give Sub70 a shot, I was nothing but impressed with the entire process. The detailed ordering process, the personal touch of confirming the order and of course the performance of the product itself. Dtc is such a brilliant idea for the golf industry and obviously works well with d
  2. Kris Brett/ Coeur D Alene Idaho I have never used a GPS device for yardage. Currently using a Bushnell TourV4 Rangefinder
  3. Kris/ Coeur D Alene, Idaho 3-4 days a weeks worth of 1 hour sessions and of course every night when I'm bored on the carpet. Average 1-2 three putts per round Most interested about the real time data Exputt provides.
  4. Thank you everyone!! It is sure appreciated.
  5. Awesome review!! Love the course and agree it's better than CDA Resort. The Resort course is always in tip top shape but I played at CR about 2 1/2 weeks ago and it was in unreal shape for how early in the year it is.
  6. Welcome! Are the courses closed over there still?
  8. I will say that the black finish does make identifying impact on the face much easier to see! Plus visually the black finish has no glare at all on sunny days and the murdered out look is pretty sick!
  9. I have only played 4 rounds so far this year with my 639 black combos with moderate range time and so far so good. But I mean that's not a whole lot of use so I can do my best to keep you updated as the season goes on. I do my best to keep them clean after each shot with just a wet towel that way I'm not using something to abrasive to clean and effect the finish. Such great irons though, I have been nothing but happy since I put them in the bag. I kinda figured after a little use the look might be pretty cool having some of the finish worn off (as long as my wear marks are in the center of the
  10. yea no kidding that's not even fair! I played yesterday, beautiful sunny day and I was happy the course was open, but it was about 45 degrees.
  11. I keep looking at the grass and your lie obsessing over how awesome it is lol. Just looks like a pure shot waiting to happen.
  12. Sub70 is super solid. They look and feel great with an awesome price tag attached. It's worth looking into their demo program to try out. I just put the 639 CB/MB combo in the bag and am very impressed.


    Thank you! I'm loving them so far.
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