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  1. Chris/Camarillo, CA How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? Daily, living room 7' on foam ~15min p. day How many 3 putts do you average per round? 2 What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? anything that allows greater distance putts that are measurable while at home has to help with consistency, even if it's virtual. Only reason I ever three putt is if I've got a putt longer than 30' and the hole rests on a slope.
  2. RickP, that's a nice Flanigan you got there. I too have a slight obsession with the 8802 cut throats since there's day when there's truly magic in the metal. The heaviest one I have is an Odyssey Black Series 8 @ ~340g, then a second hand Designed By Cleveland model that I got for $20 and lastly, a Walter Hagen Gentle Ben...I don't know what the specs are on the last two but they feel considerably lighter and provide great touch and distance control. There's just something so primal and fundamental about the design that forces you focus that much harder on making a pure, confident stroke. Ther
  3. Cigars was a luxury I gave up when I was laid off, but man do I miss an Oliva Serie V Melanio or La Gloria Cubana Serie R with Oban 14 Year
  4. Love me some Irish Whisky if it's Red Breast or Green/Yellow Spot if I've made it home, but if I need a pick me up on the course and they have it, a Tito's & Soda with couple limes is the perfect quencher. There's a fairly new distillery called Ventura Spirits here in Ventura which I highly recommend. Their Gin has a different taste and is quite good, especially with a better than average tonic. Haven't tried the Vodka, brandy or liquors but they're trying to use all locally grown produce, so it's interesting to say the least. I think BevMo carries at least the vodka so I highly recommend
  5. I think my tolerance for Brandel has always been tempered by his co-hosts, who seemingly give him that "you're such an ass" look regularly. I don't even listen to what he's saying half the time and just watch everyone sitting next to him for a sneer. The best moments have always come when Brandel has gone so far that he's pissed off Nobilo and/or Duval. That said, stirring the pot can be more interesting than simply bring right all the time. At least it's entertaining...unlike any Fox golf broadcast.
  6. I'd opt for a putter or 22 deg. hybrid to take the spin out of the equation. Took awhile for me to get the hybrid option consistent enough to use on the course, since it would come off the face a little too hot to gauge distance very well. Just had to commit to a very specific ball placement in the middle and firm wrists and stick with it. Now my distance control with that shot is more consistent than my putter. Helps to have a hybrid with a nice rolled front edge and rounder sole from toe-to-heel, like the TaylorMade RBZ ... very user friendly off tight lies and thicker rough.
  7. I forgot where I saw this angle of attack drill, but it has been working fairly well for me. As I set up and take my stance, I take my right hand off the grip and place it on the outside of my right hip, and slide it down the thigh until my fingers just reach the knee joint. This tilts your spine away from the target and from there I simply slide it back onto the grip. Simply pre-sets my spine angle at address and I don't think at all about swinging up into the ball, or bottoming out way behind the ball. From what I can tell, it has helped stop my tendency to stand up during the backswing. The
  8. That is pretty cool, didn't know he was putting content out like that. Had to laugh at the comment about having more clubs than are legal, but since he was a three major champion, they just let him get away with it. Good stuff
  9. Like many others who haven't posted as much, I'm trying to get more involved in posting. That said, hello from Ventura County, CA I've been playing golf over 40 years now. Current index is 12.5, lowest was somewhere in the 8 range. What do you love about golf? I love the personal challenge of both mental & physical aspects of the game, the camaraderie and friendly competition & just being outside I came upon GolfSpy as I'm always researching equipment and instructional tips. I don't know of any other Spiers, ...yet. I'm from Ventur
  10. My first set of clubs was comprised of a second hand set of Titleist Accu-Flo irons (funky lookin' heads), but I got new woods to go with them. I always hit them well and miss the solidness you felt when you pured one. However, I was never a big hitter and shorter in stature, so once metal heads hit the market I never looked back. I did, however, get them refinished and that was really what put them out of rotation...The refinishing job came out so well, that I couldn't justify ever hitting them again, especially since I would be giving up considerable yardage. Anyway, I do miss them and they'
  11. 1st Clubs: (Irons) used Titleist Accu-Flo irons 3-PW, (Woods) MacGregor 693 Oil Hardened 1, 3, 4 (putter) Spalding T. P. Mills # 4 1st Bag: Jones single strap carry never had a cart
  12. MSG influenced my driver purchase of a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero, and switch to a ProV1x from Chrome Soft and both have worked out very well for me. I'm a recovering putter-ho so MSG was the enabler that persuaded me to acquire another one: Ping GS Tyne 4 ...once again, a solid choice but I just haven't had the streaky-hot day that I've had with my old Hagen Gentle Ben, especially on severely breaking putts.
  13. Chris / California 12 Callaway Apex CF16 7 iron carry distance ~ 143y
  14. Chris - Ventura County, California walk off from course markers I feel golf technology must walk a fine line with the spirit of the game and that'll be subjective. I feel yardage aids are fine especially if you're playing a course for the first time, whereas tech that reveals the subtle breaks on the green start taking away from the skill of green reading which is one of the major factors that separate good versus bad putters.
  15. - Chris - CA - Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4 - Elevado Slant Neck @ 34" (right handed)
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