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  1. My Nexus gets more use on the range then the course, especially when we are restricted to using the cart path only. If I am already shlepping 2 or 3 clubs out to the ball I don’t want to be carrying the Nexus as well. It also may require more than one shot to get the distance thanks in part to my slight handshake when holding it combined with the slightly wobbly optics. This is where the Garmin Approach G30 comes into play. When conditions are more favourable I use the Nexus more, and it always comes out on the range where the Garmin is useless. There can be quite a discrepancy in distance between the two devices. It would be very interesting to compare the two range finders against each other.
  2. Brian Dartmouth NS Precision Pro Nexus and Garmin Approach G30.
  3. Very interested in seeing the results. Given the enthusiasm these aids were introduced with - “addictive” comes to mind. I have every expectation that a new aid is in my future. I might even have to invest (gear ho code for splurge) in the full kit once the reviews are in.
  4. 237 calories in just over 12 minutes. You’re a beast Mr Theoo. Well done!
  5. I am a latent heterosexual. It’s an age thing.
  6. Brian NS, Canada 43 Yes, several.
  7. Thanks for the feedback Mr_Theoo. I have been considering it and have no doubt that I would also love it. But I think it has more features than I would use so there is a question of value for money, keeping in mind a couple of hundred saved is a shaft or few rounds found. Of course my problem is that I am already an Apple fanboy. Bought the first one in 1988. The operating system was 1.2.6. The available monitors were crt that only provided black and white pictures. Yeah, that old. Plus I always try to buy quality. I have seldom regretted it. Thanks again.
  8. Revkev, it sounds like you are right where you want to be. I am impressed with your blood pressure and heart rate. I’m 120/70. I have not checked my resting heart rate upon waking in the morning for several years. It was at 52 (I was doing a lot of running at the time) so I doubt if it would be anywhere even close now. If I think of it I will have to give that another look. My old heart rate monitor just gave up the ghost so I am shopping for a new monitor. Toying with getting the Fitbit Versa. Anyone want to wade in on what they are using? I am interested in hearing about what you think of your own gear.
  9. I want to cheer you on Mr_Theoo. Loosing weight is not easy. Feeling ill even a sniffle can knock us off course. Believe in yourself, keep an eye on your goal and you will get there.
  10. Visited my orthopaedic surgeon today and was advised that the recovery time on my hip replacement is going to be 18 months. No wonder when I asked her before the surgery if I could go back to running afterwards she looked me up and down and said, “No marathons!” So running is out and the interval training I did last week was a bad idea! Oops . I am 6 months post operative today and I rely heavily on cardio and resistance training for weight control. So ...looks like more time on the elliptical for me. I hate using the treadmill - first with the hip replacement impact is out. Second, as Robin Williams observed, it makes me feel like a hamster . On the plus side I managed not to gain any weight during the 6 months. On the negative do you think I can shed those last 5 to 7 pounds? I was at 145.8 this morning.
  11. Excellent motivation.
  12. Hi MattF - What is your goal? Personally I wanted to take care of my weight problem (yes ‘problem’ not ‘challenge’ - that only comes later after I came up with a plan to deal with the problem) by getting taller. Didn’t work.
  13. True story- this just happened this morning. My wife and I are sitting here with our morning coffee, reading and listening to the radio. The announcer says, “Today is the international day of the horse .” Wife: I didn’t know today is the day of the horse . I promise not to nag you today. While I am laughing the announcer says “It’s also ‘Be nice to someone day.’” Wife: “There you go,” she says. “You get two for one.” ROTFLMAO
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