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  1. It took me a week longer than expected but I did manage to peel off the 8 pounds I gained over Christmas. I blame the delay on the left over chocolate rum fruit cake. Somehow I have no problem with that.
  2. Alfriday101 made a recommendation you might want take a look at. The book is titled “Atomic Habits, An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones” by James Clear. I have read it and adopted the recommendations to help understand and curb my back sliding tendencies. It was either that or change my New Year’s Resolution from doing something for self-improvement to: I resolve to learn to live with my weaknesses. Good luck!
  3. I feel your pain and I can relate. It’s called the All Santa Diet: beer, burgers, beer, fries, beer, pizza, beer, donuts, beer, chips, beer, nachos, beer, stuffing, beer, cranberry sauce, beer, sweet potato pie, beer, muffins, beer, cake, beer, chocolates, beer, ice cream, beer, fruit cake, and if you get thirsty, have a beer! Personally I only gained 8 pounds from Dec 23 to Jan 2, but I will drop that by 14 Jan. I have found turning a keg into a six pack happens in the kitchen, not in the gym.
  4. Thanks for the sympathy Dalejbrass. As it happens I did do the research, and had an anterior surgery, but the stem misaligned when it was inserted into the femur. The result was that it had to be removed but when it couldn’t be extracted my surgeon held a consultation with another surgeon it was decided to cut the greater trochanter from the femur. This worked, but then the procedure regarding the stem has to be done again including reaming out more marrow, selecting aligning and inserting an even longer stem as part of what is now a revision surgery. What should have taken 45 minutes to an hour wound up stretching over 3+ hours. At least I was comfortable while I got to listen to all of this was going on. The joy of only using a spinal block for an anaesthetic meant I was awake for much of it. As for stretching, as an ardent gym rat stretching forms a routine but important part of my workout. I continue to modify and bring on new stretches to keep it fresh. Some of what I do are straight yoga poses, such as baby pose which I always do after push ups and blanks, but others are directly from my physio therapist and osteo therapist. I mentioned elsewhere that I also use the stretching routine recommended by the Super Speedstix as part of their warmup. If that’s not enough, I took a tip from another MGS thread on fitness and ordered a book on stretching for golfers! It arrives this Thursday and I will be very interested in seeing what more I can learn that is going to help. I am determined to walk the course again, and in closing I just want to say how impressed I am with the MGS community.
  5. I’m also 67 and a gym rat. I have not tried the Golf Digest program, but I have tried yoga, and I can recommend it based on my own experience. I would suggest avoiding hot yoga since there is an increased chance of injury, particularly if you are not an advanced practitioner. While I am not in a yoga program at the moment I do use a number of stretching exercises after working out to maintain flexibility. On days I am playing I skip the gym but always do a stretching routine that has several yoga based stretches included. I have tried not stretching before playing and my game suffers every time. Shots are shorter and accuracy is even worse. As a result I don’t begin to play better until the back 9. I stretch before I go to the course and then do a few more shoulder, back and arm stretches before the round. On the course I will do a few more stretches to stay flexible. I’ve found it pays to do these before I start to stiffen. If I start to seize up it’s already too late to really recover due to the increased number of stretches I would have to do to recover flexibility. Super speed golf has a very good stretching routine you can use on the course that you might want consider as well. You may have to try a few different programs to find what works for you. Since I am always looking for new ideas to keep my exercise routine fresh I am going to take a look at Tony@CIC’s recommendation. Good luck.
  6. Congrats to all selected! I am really curious about what the results will be, especially since I already bought 4 dozen Bridgestone Tour B X when they went on sale this fall, thanks to MGS’ ball test. When I read about this new tech on the forum I was both intrigued with the potential they might have while simultaneously being a bit bummed out that I might have 4 dozen balls that were not quite optimal for my game. Ah, the irony of it all. Read MGS in order to be well informed about equipment only to discover I’m still behind the curve. What would be really interesting would be to have El Tigre’s insider’s comments to compare with those of our own testers. I expect there would be very similar observations.
  7. First, I have been deeply moved by some of the stories of courage and redemption through golf I have read here. I am not someone who has found redemption and I apologize to you for what follows. I’m 67, and was raised by a hard man in a place and time famed for hard men. It has been said that I am the sarcastic type and have a difficult time with reality. 5 years ago and either from madness or under the influence of a strange drug Ed Cook invited my buddy Harv and I, both life long “motorcycling enthusiasts” to play golf. Damn you Ed, damn you. Neither of us had ever played before. Apart from one hole, Harv shot bogey golf on the back 9. I shot 216 but Ed would only count 12 strokes per hole. My actual score would have been much higher. We were hooked. Or screwed. You choose. Sometime later Harv’s young and lovely bride asked what two old bikers like us found so appealing in this old fat elitist white man’s game. In addition to being able to dress like a pimp, they served liquor on the course, you get to drink and drive with impunity, spit, swear, tell dirty jokes, pee in the woods, not wash your hands and beat things with clubs. What’s not to love? Golf is the perfect biker activity. BTW, I have taken 100 strokes off my game since that first round, broke 100 for the first time last year and intend to continue working to get my game into the 90’s this year, notwithstanding having been hit by a car, having a hip replaced last December, severing a bicep tendon last summer, having asthma, and type 2 diabetes. What’s life without a few challenges? I am a gear ‘ho but I’m in a 12 step recovery program. I’m stuck on that step where you apologize to everyone you have offended with your gear purchases, particularly the future ex. I will admit to having suffered a set back in my recovery since I am going for a fitting tomorrow for a new set of irons. Can you say Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal boys and girls? Who needs cocaine when there is golf gear to blow your wad on? Oh, the shame of it all I work full time at the Department of National Defence and have no intention of retiring. I go to the range more often than most people go to church, and Brooke Henderson makes me wish I could hit like a girl. Is that 200 words? Probably not. Love MGS, which has influenced but not selected everything in my bag, including the bag. What else do you need to know?
  8. Good on ya. Having taught sailing to people with disabilities I have a deep appreciation for the good you do.
  9. I am going to read this, and thanks for the recommendation. Modifying my own behaviour has been the biggest challenge in trying to change my life style.
  10. I can relate to the reduction in your playing time - I also had a hip replaced on 6 Dec 2018. The surgery didn’t go well and I am still using a cane. Tough getting a decent cardio workout when you can’t walk unassisted. I lost about 35 yards off of drives and fairways became erratically elusive. I am working on getting it back. Good for you for persevering. I intend to do the same.
  11. Give up Guinness? That’s a putt too far for me. The first 4 on your list, no problem, but giving up Guinness? I doubt if life would be worth living...
  12. I don’t know what impressed me more: loosing 20 pounds or taking 6 strokes off your handicap I am also in the lifestyle works diets fail camp on this topic. Well done
  13. I appreciate all of the comments above stemming from my previous post. I would note two things that no one commented on. I also did not choose the Most Wanted Driver from 2017. I tested Ping, Cobra and Calloway as well as the M1. At the time I expected to get the best results from the Ping driver, but such was not the case. As I have commented elsewhere, MGS testing has informed every decision I have made about what is in the bag (including the bag itself), but I have not defaulted to blindly purchasing the Most Wanted anything. This means the bulk of the comments above conform with my own practice. That said, I think the question remains valid. How much has actual performance changed year over year? Bearing in mind the changing dynamic of the test group, a head to head comparison with previous Most Wanted winners would still provide a valid club to club comparison in the current context of the test group. I think the results would make some very interesting reading for all of us Spies. This would also be of real value to the player wondering if there is genuine improvement worth investing in, and delivering value to the player is what MGS is all about. To everybody who responded, my genuine thanks for the input. You have validated my own support for human testing, which MGS has done amply, as well as my approach when considering new equipment.
  14. So for comparison sale, consider this: I bought a TM M2 driver when they were introduced in 2017. I have replaced the shaft and adjusted the length to my swing speed and stature. When tested by MGS in the Most Wanted Driver review it was not the number one club. I got it because I needed the forgiveness. The test reported total distance as 249.6, ball speed as 140.9 and accuracy as 18.4 yards. This last metric is now given as square yards, so I cannot relate it specifically to a square yard dispersion area. This year’s most wanted driver, Callaway’s Epic Flash had a total distance of only 240.6 yards and a ball speed of 135.92. That’s 9 yards less distance and 5 mph less ball speed 2 year’s later, and the comparison is not even the best in 2017 against what is the best in 2019. Sure the testers or their ability might have changed, but how are you going to know if buying the new club with poorer apparent metrics is superior if you don’t test head to head? This is the case for TMan-81’s suggestion.
  15. You might also check out The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore. It covers a wide range of fasting modalities and stresses the need to fit fasting around your life, and not to fit your life around fasting. I committed to a fairly rigorous 36 hour fasting schedule three times a week. I start after dinner on Sunday night, fast Tuesday through to breakfast on Wednesday. Repeat fasting through Thursday to breakfast Friday than again starting Friday after dinner. I started that regimen 21 Sept. On 14 October my doctor took me off my diabetes medication. This is just a test to see if I can keep my blood glucose under 5.9. I will assess again in 5 weeks to determine if a longer fast in the 4 to 5 day range is required to break through insulin resistance or if my current regime has done it. If so, I will reduce the fasting duration to 24 hours two or three times a week and adjust as required. I was Type 2 Diabetic for at least the last 7 years. Chalk one up for intermittent fasting.
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