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  1. For next year would a set of KZG blades work. @deejaid sold them to me I think they were from the early 90s if I remember right
  2. 12 plus no not normal 8 is normal with the kennel much dog came from she will the 2nd with a litter that large. Yea but the headache of feeding puppies every few hours and trying to get help feeding them when I'm at work I'm not looking forward to
  3. Went to the vet to find out a number of puppies and my freaking luck means I get to pay for a c-section because my dog is having over a dozen puppies
  4. Whenever you don't start a large forest fire it's always a success BTW congrats
  5. Drinking some PBR by my fire in the yard.... and I only had one beer so now it's time for some Basil Hayden
  6. Sorry to hear that Tony that is something I absolutely dread doing when the time comes
  7. I'm not married because I've said things like this it's probably why I'm still single
  8. That's a good way to get a divorce or at least your a$$ kicked
  9. Yea being a fireman means no beard I had an epic red beard before I got this job
  10. I grew this when I graduated my fire academy just for fun I want to go goofy this year and not just a normal kind of mustache
  11. Hahaha I get told by nurses very often I do not look good with a stache and I listen to them. But the donations that go out for Movember is for a good cause.
  12. Bringing back this old thread to see if anyone is doing it this year. I'm going for a goofy stache this year.
  13. I'm doing that this year just have to decide what kind of stache to grow I did that before I got the job I have now where I cannot have a beard I do miss it
  14. It came with the house not my style because it's plastic but it works for now. I had cream in my fridge which is odd and I used it just to get rid of it. I normally drink my coffee black.
  15. Making my morning coffee with this months selection Black Rifle sent me
  16. A country boy stopping chewing because someone told him to never gonna happen. I quit years ago because i got sick of buying a can a day
  17. Drinking an Arnold Palmer spiked
  18. I take the pike north and west the turnpike has their own road crews that plow constantly during snow storms and they each have 30 to 50 mile sections each so they keep it pretty clear. I'm not saying I have always had clear roads but they are typically better than just about all the other roads in the winter.
  19. Sorry bud they changed the title and everything you're a few days late to apply. Stay around and join the conversation it helps your chances of being selected to review things
  20. Yea the dad of the breeding I'm doing is a field trial dog along with doing the hunt tests we do. My dogs like duck hunting so I take advantage of it. They do some of the retrieves like they do in lab testing also. It creates a well rounded dog.
  21. I have my German Shorthair pointer and German Wirehair pointer. I do NAVHDA hunt tests which is a test that covers everything the Germans bred their dogs to do hunt waterfowl and upland birds
  22. Watch videos by Dudely
  23. I mainly hunt small game with my dogs because I do trials and training all summer long the hunting season is all fun no pressure for the dogs and I. I am hoping to get out with the bow at some point this year but it's not likely.
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