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  1. The science is nothing new multiple vaccines have been created through the science. I’ve been exposed to many many people with COVID since being vaccinated and I get tested weekly due to my job and always negative. I know multiple in my department who are the same and nothing.
  2. Started to ferment a pizza dough for this weekend. Doing a 24 hour room temp ferment then 2 days in the fridge. This is a no kneed dough so I just combine everything and let it do it’s thing.
  3. Happy bday gents. I know the wahoo said years ago that once he retired he was going to lose contact with not having a computer but I thought one of the guys down near him was trying to help him out with that.
  4. Wasn’t expecting that many clubs to be in the test but that should make this fun to see how it performs
  5. Had a great meal and sitting by a campfire with a Guinness now with an amazing girlfriend by my side. It’s a great night
  6. Thanks slightly over cooked the steak it was a medium not medium rare
  7. Cooked a ribeye steak and some veggies tonight with some shrimp
  8. No walking out with putters now jMike lol
  9. I think I’ll end up doing this I love this idea for when I finish my master bedroom
  10. Happy bday to a former mod who helped keep this place on track
  11. tommc23


    No they are different breeds. The white and liver is a German Shorthair pointer the black is a German Wirehair pointer
  12. Did pulled pork today for the guys on shift. Used Osmos honey chipotle rub and made a chipotle honey bbq sauce to go along with it. Cooked to 207 and pulled I normally pull at 200 but I left the house at 185* and let it ride in the off oven. Tastes good can’t wait to mix it with the sauce tonight I’ve made the sauce before with my homemade rub but I’m using this store rub up so I can use the shaker. Top photo was after I wrapped it ran out of charcoal quicker than normal so my bark didn’t get as set as normal but high winds and no insulation on the ol Smokey will cause that.
  13. Very happy to see Jordan win I always rooted for him even when he played poorly. After a few in contention it will do wonders for his morale after this win
  14. Where’s the practice green going? Congrats
  15. thanks Alan it’s not a good reason but I wish it was.
  16. I’ll wave as long as you’re not wearing your hat lol
  17. Family matters unable to do this
  18. tommc23


    I completely get it I really do
  19. Driving to Columbus for a day or two then back to pa
  20. I love aging mine I also mix things in my aging area of my humidor I put acids next to cohibas just to see how they change and I’ve been trying this for a few years it brings some unique flavors which is cool. Everything you said is pretty much perfect
  21. tommc23


    @bens197 I feel like the Sabres deserved to bet the flyers tonight. Your area has to be sick of this team so bad
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