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  1. Cooking cheesesteaks for the guys while working the engine today.
  2. The one cool thing about my job is getting paid to watch hockey games from ice side
  3. Certainly does! I’m always very suspicious of things like this.
  4. Well talked to a friend in Nebraska I’m meeting her to hunt there instead but same thing goes if you’re near Valentine, NE at the end of the month and hunt hit me up.
  5. For those looking to make your own pizza dough it’s freaking simple. 15grams salt, 525 grams flour, 10 grams fast acting yeast, and I used about 300 grams of 100* water. Let it sit all day and then put it in the pan and topped it! Quick and easy but delicious and simple. If you cold ferment it in the fridge over 3 days it actually tastes better than doing a quick same day dough.
  6. Hahaha I really like hot sauce
  7. Ben the crust on my homemade dough was perfect. It made for a delicious pie that’s for sure!
  8. No I just did chicken that I tossed in hot sauce and then put cheese on top of that then some more hot sauce on top of that. When it came out I added a little hot sauce and some blue cheese
  9. Man I realize most of my posts have been in here because I haven’t had time to golf. Made dough from scratch to make myself a nice Buffalo chicken pizza. Half sriracha and half Frank’s hot sauce
  10. Not sure if we have many guys in North Dakota here on the site. I haven’t look at the map in a while and I’m really not sure where to put this, shocker I know. If we do have guys in the ND area who hunt I’m heading that way in a few weeks to hunt some pheasant and maybe waterfowl. If I do and we have guys who hunt that are out that way reach out to me I’ll be spending 7-10 days hunting there with my dogs.
  11. Happy bday good sir
  12. Thanks guys it was tough going the dogs did well but it was tough. The kids had fun and the dogs enjoyed doing their jobs
  13. Driving over 2 hours today to do a youth pheasant hunt. I was contacted by a gentleman in need of help so I’m trying to help out kids who want to hunt. It’s also a great promotional tactic for the dog training organization I am a member of.
  14. It may sound counterintuitive but the more you move the better it is for your back. Sitting still just tightens things up trust me my back is a mess and I’m young.
  15. Happy birthday good sir
  16. I did not like walking in mine at all always gave me problems no matter what I did. I walk and carry when I play and I have worn FJ and Ecco. The FJ hyperflex is a nice light shoe to walk in.
  17. NY strip for dinner tonight
  18. Jasmine rice is the only rice I keep on hand!
  19. Made a nice chili today since it’s getting colder at night it’s soup time for me. Used stew meat from butcher box, black beans, ancho, chipotle, Chile arbol, and tomatoes. I toasted the dried peppers in the Dutch oven before I browned the beef chunks before I sautéed the onions in the beef fat. Added some garlic, tomato paste, then diced tomatoes to let that simmer while the toasted peppers sat in hot water. I added some chipotle in adobo sauce with the peppers in the water before blending for my flavor of the chili. Put the black beans and beef cubes back in to simmer then added salt, pepper, and cumin. It’s been simmering for 4 hours and the taste is just right so I pulled it off the heat. The cast iron Dutch oven will carry a lot of heat for a while so it will continue to cook for the next few hours until I eat it. Deciding if I want to cook rice or cornbread to go with it, any suggestions??
  20. That’s a shaft geez. I had the same issue when I carried a driver if I hit it high on the face my spin went up dramatically compared to hitting it closer to center
  21. Went to the local farm today for some veggies and they had their fresh apple cider. I love this stuff and looked forward to this all year after trying it last year for the first time. It is the perfect cider not too sweet and not overdone with the spices.
  22. Where on the face are you making contact? What shaft do you have in? Not like I’m going to help I’m just curious.
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