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  1. Cut the old water heater up screw taking it apart
  2. I’ll say the propane ones aren’t terrible I’ve used one for years but if you ever want to cold smoke they just aren’t good at it I can never get a cook below 200
  3. It is Rev I did a throw back Thursday instead of starting a new one
  4. Have a good thanksgiving everyone and for those like me who are working stay safe
  5. Yes they had to because the head of the whole thing got replaced and multiple heads of facilities got replaced due to issues
  6. The only time you’ll get a flavor change in a whiskey is if the bottle is under half full. It’s not like wine where it changes in the bottle. Ardbeg is a go to of mine when sitting at a campfire the peat just goes so well with campfire
  7. Happy birthday @Peaksy68
  8. Breaking out an old thread instead of starting a new one. Happy Veterans Day to all those who served or continue to serve
  9. Happy birthday to all those marines out there
  10. They used to do a lot more than they do now
  11. tommc23


    Made a steak I dried for a few days in the fridge like Alton Brown did years ago on Good Eats. Cooked up some small potatoes and roasted them then smashed them and cranked the heat on the stove to get a crispiness. First steak photo is before I put butter on it for the rest
  12. I could never get used to the light front ends of plastic tip darts like they use at some bars. I’m also very picky to darts I still throw the old wooden ones the best and could never find a metal one which I liked
  13. I will say I do not miss having a Facebook and haven’t had one for over 5 years. However there are things like this that I miss about it connecting with friends whom you don’t have their number and such
  14. Sorry if me reporting them constantly gets annoying
  15. I had a great week in Maine my youngest dog turned into an absolute phenom when it comes to grouse she was my best dog and my older dogs are good but she was a rockstar! It was cool to watch her grow throughout the week and now I’m back home cuddling with them on the couch. My friends and I had a great hunting trip and we saw an insane number of birds.
  16. It’s a pain in the butt to read through a weeks worth of posts here. I didn’t have cell service for most of the week and hunting was my vacation so I didn’t pay attention to the forum at all. I’m sure I’ll just skip a bunch of posts because dang a week plus is hard to read through
  17. Last shift finished off to Maine I go
  18. Dang Kenny I can see those veins from here in PA and I’m a measly medic lol
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