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  1. Love my ZX7’s, for such a thin top line they really are pretty easy to hit, enjoy. Mine 4-PW are matched with Vokey wedges and a PXG older driving 3 iron with a graphite design addi shaft.
  2. Yeah that’s a tough one, since you don’t know if you’ll get fitted for a shaft Titleist carries normally or if you need tip stiff? CC carries everything which is good and bad, most manufacturers don’t offer everything to the general public. My shafts were not available through Srixon, my old shafts were through PXG so I could order straight. CC charges more since you buy the heads separate from the shaft and pay retail fir each but they do pure the shaft which is nice and manufacturers don’t do that for non pros. CC can also be more precise in upright, manufacturers only do 1 degree changes, CC did .5 degree change since that’s what I needed. They also can match swing weights to your liking with ordering the heads separately, I know I like D4,D5. All things manufacturers don’t offer to non pros. The only downside, which is big, is I paid 2k for a set that is 1,200 with stock options from the manufacturer or big box store.
  3. With similar numbers to mine you’d be on the border of stiff to X, luckily KBS makes a bunch of shafts in S+. And Project X comes in 6.5 or you can tip stiff a regular S shaft. I used to play S400 for years, the slightly stiffer/heavier version of the S300. I’m getting older so I now like 120-125 grams better then 130-135. But dropping from a 125 gram slightly stout shaft to 95 gram slightly weak stiff shaft if your swinging that fast doesn’t sound right.
  4. If you’re new to golf, I’d recommend starting with adding a 5 wood and seeing how that works for you. Then if you hit it well, might want to try a 3 or 7 wood, if it’s just ok, then try a hybrid iron. But based on hitting your long iron poorly I’d try the 5 wood first. Not sure brand as a beginner will make a huge difference just choose a higher launching or more forgiving model by whichever brand you like better. You can go by the reviews or try hitting yourself but I presume you’re not consistent yet so hitting them may not give you an answer but more of which one you hit better that day at that time.
  5. Just so you’re aware, Bryson and DJ 7 iron carry average is just under 200 yards, total is right around 200. That would mean your swing speed with a 7 iron is 100mph plus and you should be in a tip stiff X stiff shaft. If 200 yards was overall because it was 7 iron with a 5 iron loft so you got 20 yards of roll, from under 5,000 revs and/or a decent angle of 42-45 I’d understand. But no way can you swing a light weight stiff shaft and hit a 7 iron 200 yards that’s more carry then most of the longest players on tour. The average tour player carries 173 yards with a mid 90’s club head speed and an X shaft. So either the numbers are off or that was a very bad fitting. I average 290 yards with my driver, play back tees, a 450 yard par 4 for myself is a driver, 8 or 9 iron, playing a 450 yard par 4, are you usually near the 150 yard marker or past it? If you can hit your 7 iron that far it would equate to a long drive, 320-340 yards, like a DJ or Bryson, which would mean driver wedge on a hole I’d be hitting driver, 8 or 9 iron. And I play S+ or X shafts. link to trackman pga stats: https://blog.trackmangolf.com/trackman-average-tour-stats/
  6. That’s pretty good distance from a 7 iron, was that carry or overall? I carry my 6 iron, 181 yards with 91mph swing speed, tour average for a 6 iron is 185 range with 93-94 mph swing speed. My 7 iron carry is 172 with a 90-91 mph swing speed. And I use S+ or X shafts in most of my clubs. I know the loft is stronger on your 7 iron verse my 7 iron since I play ZX7’s and the t200’s are 2 degrees stronger but still I would presume your swing speed would be near 90 mph if that’s carry distance and not overall. If it’s overall, doesn’t mean much, their could be a lot of roll involved with low spin numbers or low landing angle, too many variables. Trackman posts it’s pga tour stats if you want a reference for number before you go in for a fitting. Just don’t expect a fitter to magically make a club that gives you those numbers.
  7. I personally check out reviews of local fitters, I’ve alway had a good experience with Club Champion. Some local stores have “trained” employees that are “fitters” but being a previous D1 golfer then Nike/Buy.com tour player for a short bit I quickly realize how unknowledgeable many of these people are. Many of them don’t even know proper spin numbers or peak heights or decent angles, let alone how to read a hit plate or watch to see if the person hits the ball fairly solid or if they need another sticker and hit again. Anyone that can’t answer simple spec questions should not be fitting customers. I’d definitely look at reviews of local fitters.
  8. I’m also 6’4” but 185lbs. I don’t think the shaft necessarily is wrong just because of your driver shaft. Some people swing lighter weight shafts better and others heavier. If you feel unsure I’d definitely get a second opinion, hopefully they put you in a 1/2” long shaft and had you hit on a strike plate or sticker to see if you’re also upright. I’m typically with most brands, but brands do vary, my norm is 1 degree upright and 1/2” longer shafts with midsize grips for my larger hands. I personally prefer d4 to d5 weight combo for my 4 iron to wedges, with a minimum of a 120 grams shaft, current are KBS tour V tour spec S+, 125 grams. But my swing speed for 6 iron was 91 mph average, driver is usually 110 or just over. I’ve always had a good experience with club Champion employees knowing how to fit. Just don’t go in expecting a miracle, I usually look for the shaft/head combo with the best dispersion and then look at distance from there. For myself I like to see a spin rate of 5,900-6,300, peak height around 90-105 feet and a decent angle around 49%, Club Champion uses a 6 iron to fit, good luck.
  9. Shafts are personal, I love my Graphite Design shafts, in my driver, 3 wood and driving iron, I play KBS Tour V Tour spec S+ in my other irons. GD have a very nice feel to them, although they all have different profiles and that’s where a place like Club Champion can tell you which is best for your swing. With every Fujikura I tried I always hit the ball with a little tail, giving me a worse dispersion, higher spin numbers, but my brother loves his Ventus shaft. I’d wait to see what fits your swing.
  10. Funny, the importance of fitting, was ready to buy the p770’s or mp20 based on reviews. Club Champion fitted me, both those irons were a miss for me, p770 had a big dispersion, the mp20’s had the worst carry distance and too high a spin rate. Tried the Cobra, T100, ZX7, jpx forged and tour, Pxg 0311t and ping. First club the fitter choose for me the ZX7 was still the best dispersion and second longest with great spin numbers. I had no thought of even trying Srixon and was looking for a distance style players iron, which some how the ZX7 is just a players iron but went second furtherest after the p770. The p770 was averaging 1.4 yards more distance but was flying very high no matter which shaft I used and had a lower spin rate, 4,800-5,000 with a higher dispersion. The Mizuno’s all were the shortest irons I hit with a very high spin rate, 6 iron with 7,200-7,700 spin rate. While the ZX7 was 9-12 yards further then the Mixuno irons with a more normal 6,000-6,200 spin rate with my 6 iron. I guess the importance of fitting every well rated club doesn’t fit everyone the same.
  11. Around $700, if I break out a portion of the fitting for driver, did a driver plus iron fitting. Plus an upgrade shaft, my choice out of the three recommended shafts. One had no upgrade charge but had worse dispersion over the one I chose, probably a $150 savings though. I also bought a 3 wood, same shaft 10 grams heavier, irons and wedges. Only thing I kept was my putter, old Scotty Cameron I still love. Club Champion gave me the recommendations did not force or pressure me to buy from them direct over manufacturer or another store, got an email and print out with all my info. Both the shaft and clubs I bought and secondary options. Club Champion was cheaper on the upgrade shaft then buying direct from the manufacturer, thanks to them buying the head and shaft separately. With the irons they were slightly more expensive, turns out my shaft was not an upgrade fee with manufacturer and was $11 more a club with Club Champion. Although I need midsize grips and the manufacturer charged extra for those while club champion it was standard, grip upcharge with manufacturer was $9, so in the end only a $2 per club difference and $50 driver shaft savings(figure$75 of the fitting gets added back for the driver), then add back the total fitting fee $300, driver plus iron fitting or 3 hours time. Wound up doing irons, wedges, driver, 3 wood in 3 hours.
  12. I recently got back into golf after having kids, finally school aged and some time again. My last driver was Callaway X2 Hot Pro, which was from 2014. Decided to book a fitting at Club Champion, booking process disaster, fitting experience great. My club head speed was 105-108 on my old driver, new drivers I was 107-110, this swing speed 2mph increase was mostly from the new drivers having longer shafts. Ball speeds also increased, 140’s to over 150, almost 10 mph difference. Launch angle went down, my old driver averaged 12.9 even though it was an 8.5 degree driver. New driver averaged 11.2 with 9.5 degree loft. Old driver I had a spin rate average of 3,800, new driver 2,300. I will say the spin rate and launch angle did vary even with the same new head depending on the shaft I was using. Final shaft was a graphite design shaft, which gave me the most consistent numbers over the longest drives. The old driver, carry average was 253, new driver carry average 271, overall old 268, new 292. Picking up 24 yards, I will say my old Callaway driver was not an oversized head and the new low back weight with fitted shaft over off the rack recalling made a difference for me. Although the stock shaft on the new driver only made a 14 yard difference, so fitting was key for myself. The new driver has drastically lowered my dispersion, definitely much more forgiving for my near toe hits or low on the face hits I occasionally have over my old driver. The old driver had one out 12 hits over 290 yards, 294 total but also had two under 250 yards total, shortest 244, so a huge dispersion. The new driver had my shortest total at 276 and longest at 301, almost 20 yards better dispersion yard better dispersion in distance. Left to right the new driver had only a 2 yard better dispersion over my old driver. I’d recommend getting fitted.
  13. Looking at new drivers, not sure which I’ll try yet, just starting the search, any recommendations?
  14. I feel the same way, my driver is the one spot I might swap. My PXG driver is very accurate but averages 10-15 yards less then my Callaway. Which on some course I could use the length since I’m in my 40’s now and my driving average has dropped to 275-280, with the occasional 300 yard drive. While with the Callaway I can have many more 290 drives or even 300 plus yard drives but I hit many less fairways. Always searching for the perfect weapon. For me it’s my Scotty Cameron Teryllium.
  15. My whole bag currently is PXG minus my Scotty Cameron Copper Teryllium Putter I’ll probably never change. But my driver will occasionally change to a Callaway Epic Sub, the PXG is more accurate but the Callaway goes a little further.
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