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  1. Looking at new drivers, not sure which I’ll try yet, just starting the search, any recommendations?
  2. I feel the same way, my driver is the one spot I might swap. My PXG driver is very accurate but averages 10-15 yards less then my Callaway. Which on some course I could use the length since I’m in my 40’s now and my driving average has dropped to 275-280, with the occasional 300 yard drive. While with the Callaway I can have many more 290 drives or even 300 plus yard drives but I hit many less fairways. Always searching for the perfect weapon. For me it’s my Scotty Cameron Teryllium.
  3. My whole bag currently is PXG minus my Scotty Cameron Copper Teryllium Putter I’ll probably never change. But my driver will occasionally change to a Callaway Epic Sub, the PXG is more accurate but the Callaway goes a little further.
  4. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I’ve been playing golf for 30 years, my GHIN is 4.7, normal score 74-80. What do you love about golf? I’ve been addicted to golf since 8th grade, love that you can compete with others or just yourself and the course. Really fell in love with competing while playing D1 golf. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Was brought back onto MyGolfSpy to look at new clubs, what brought me to it last time as well. Wher
  5. Peter, Newburyport, Ma PXG 0811X 9 degree played at 10 with GD Tour adtp 6S Swing speed- 110 Test - 440 head GHIN handicap - 4.7
  6. Peter Massachusetts Callaway Epic with graphite design addi 6 S Yes I was fitted a couple years ago.
  7. Peter, Massachusetts Callaway Epic 9* Fujikura Atomos Blue Stiff 110 mph, 5.7 index Mizuno 9* with Fujikura Pro Shaft in Stiff
  8. Peter Massachusetts, Essex County, USA Do you use performance tracking? Old school, note book Do you use a gps watch? Yes, Garmin s6
  9. Titleist already offers vokey wedges with raw finish for 199 instead of 149 US.
  10. Sorry the modus had a 7 yard better dispersion over the kbs tour after 10 swings with each.
  11. I'm a bit confused, got fitted by a local oem rep recently, they suggest I use Nippon modus 120 in x flex. I've always used dg s400 and more recently as I turn 40 have switched to kbs tour in stiff. My swing speed is a little over 90 with kbs a 7 iron and flying about 170 yards, with 7,100-7,200 rev spin, dec angle 49-50 and 105-110 ft max height. With the modus x, my swing speed is about the same maybe 91 instead of 90, flying 170 yards, 6,700-6,800 rev, dec angle 46-47 and 90-96 feet of height. Which would you fit me for and is the modus really a half flex softer than kbs tour? Thanks a
  12. Just an FYI you can order raw wedges from vokey direct it's an upcharge but available.
  13. $500 Gift Card Give away. https://wn.nr/4SdyxF
  14. 1. Peter, West Newbury, Ma 2. 8.7 3. Driver- launcher hb 9* set to 10* FW- launcher hb 15* set to 14 launcher hb 18* Hybrid- launcher 22* Irons- CBX 5-PW Wedges- RTX-3 50*10, 56*08, 60*06 Putter- Elevado Ball- Srixon Z-star XV Also open to what the fitter finds better for me. Thanks
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