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  1. Would love to see how the T100s compare to my P760’s
  2. seeing as I bought the Epic Flash Sub Zero based off Mygolfspy.com's review I am excited to enter this and compare the two of them.
  3. I will definitely pick one of these up thanks for the heads up
  4. Just picked up a Odyssey Triple Track Double Wide with flow neck. I must say I love the triple track lines even though I game a Bridgestone TourB X. I am more of a feel putter and I like the lines for setting up to the ball correctly. It just suits my eye. I dont have great success when I use the lines on balls to align the putt. The feel off the face is as expected off the Odyssey. I am switching over from a mallet R-Line so distance control is my only concern at the moment. We'll see how it works out after a few rounds.
  5. I play the P760 which is essentially a combo set. I love the forgiveness on the top end. The scoring irons are just nuts on, with great workablity. If you haven't hit these irons, let me say they are just magical, and the sound they produce is heavenly.
  6. Joey H - Middletown, NJ I use Garmin Approach S20 GPS watch
  7. Joey / New Jersey Handicap 20.2 Have used practice putting mats only
  8. I just dealt with TM warranty on my M2 irons and the are great. I asked for the P790'S as a upgrade and they P760's! It was fairly painless process
  9. All in all it took about 24 days but that is because they screwed up and they are custom length clubs
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