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  1. I play the P760 which is essentially a combo set. I love the forgiveness on the top end. The scoring irons are just nuts on, with great workablity. If you haven't hit these irons, let me say they are just magical, and the sound they produce is heavenly.
  2. Joey H - Middletown, NJ I use Garmin Approach S20 GPS watch
  3. Joey / New Jersey Handicap 20.2 Have used practice putting mats only
  4. I just dealt with TM warranty on my M2 irons and the are great. I asked for the P790'S as a upgrade and they P760's! It was fairly painless process
  5. All in all it took about 24 days but that is because they screwed up and they are custom length clubs
  6. UPDATE to the update Well Taylormade screwed up and I am not getting the P790'S, they instead sent me the P760's,!!! Holy crap these are beautiful sexy little things. I will be doing a full review on them soon.
  7. Every 1/2" cut is -3 SW points ( reverse is also true) so a D3 becomes a D0, cutting a 1" becomes a C7 (huge effect on your swing) The shaft will feel minimally stiffer but you will definitely feel the SW difference. If you correct the SW with weight in the head and didn't tip trim it will greatly effect the way the shaft will play. You can butt trim an reduce grip weight to counteract the SW difference - 4 grams grip equals +1 SW Winn makes "lite" versions of DriTac grips that play at 23g and 25g which is 20 g lighter than most OEM grips which means you can cut about 3/4"from
  8. My 2017 M2 irons faces were caving in again. This was the second set I have recieved from Taylormade. I returned them to my local Dicks Sporting Goods for some help. They contacted Taylormade and the remedy this time was replacement with M6's! I have to say I was very disappointed in the quality of the M2 irons, even though I really liked the clubs, but Taylormade really impressed me by standing behind their product. In fact they made it more than right. Now should I keep these or trade in the M6 for P790'S **UPDATE So when I orginally brought in my M2 to Dicks to be warra
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