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  1. These just arrived Wednesday and are ready for Saturday 18. PXG 0211 3&4 hybrid both with Evenflow Riptide (non-CB) 80g 6.0s. Fitting and order June 29th in time for the great deal. Was planning on a 6/7 wood and 4 hybrid but the numbers were better, and I hit the 3 hybrid better, so that’s the order. Replaced some old Cobra amp cell set hybrids
  2. Order just arrived, in the nice black box instead of the crappy brown box my driver showed up in last year when they ran out of good boxes. They look nice. Playing 18 Saturday so should get a nice test.
  3. I took advantage at the top of the bag. Went to replace 3&4 hybrid figured to get a 7wood and 4 hybrid. Ended up with an 0211 3&4 hybrid with riptide shafts (non-cb). Great fitting, was for top of bag fit so he checked my driver first (PXG 0811 XR Aldila NV 65S cut down to 45”). After he fixed my season long open lead shoulder and tried a few setting tweaks he put it back where it was and I was consistently 10yds past trackman “optimized” distance for my swing, nice to see. NV was first shaft tried in woods and hybrids and was good for 3, bad for 7 and hybrids. I told him I was looking for carries of 215-220 and 200-205 both with some spin to stop as these will be for approach shots not tee. After 30 minutes of woods and hybrids. Final 3 hybrid numbers (5shot average) 217 carry 4650 spin. Final 4 hybrid numbers (5shot average again) 202 carry 5100 spin. Yeah, very happy with those results. Upgraded to CP2 wrap as the standard grip was spinning in my hands as it was 82 and 90% humidity. Final bill with shipping/taxes/fitting/grip up charge-$475. Got permission for a $600 budget so extra $125 for golf. I highly recommend for anyone looking at woods or hybrids. They have another sale going but not as good.
  4. - Kevin, Wyoming Mi - 100-104 - PXG 0811X gen2 @10.5 - Aldila NV (green) 65-S - I have never played Modus iron shafts, yet.
  5. As an update to the 4th pair in the pack. they didn’t last 2 rounds (21 holes) before the seam on the outside, heel, blew out. Gloves were comfortable, fit well, good price point, and had decent grip. But, the durability is an embarrassment. Bought 3 “premium” Bridgestone somethings. Fit just as well, leather is softer, better grip in normal, hot, cold, and rain. Best of all were on close out at local store for $6 instead of normal $30. Have 5 rounds on first pair and they show none of the usual heel wear from my grip and none of the seems show any stretching/fraying. I had high hopes for the K-sigs, I don’t care what the logo on my glove is, it went well with my PXG driver lol. But... the durability was so bad I just can’t recommend them.
  6. How you use a 3w makes a big difference. I had a 3&5 and ditched them both and went to a tour edge 4w. Was much easier to get airborne off the deck and worked well off the tee also just gave up about 10 yds with similar club head speed to what you had stated and added a lob wedge. I had bought “last years model” so paid $125 instead of $250. I did get fit for it so that added $75. But still less than any of the just released. Then either a hybrid or a 7w depending on gapping, ball flight, course(s) you usually play.
  7. Last year I ditched my 3 (15) and 5 (18) woods and replaced them with a 4w at 16.5. I struggled with the 3w off the deck and wanted a lob wedge in my bag. Got fitted for the 4w, big difference right there, probably lost 5-10 yds off the tee. But, gained 10 carry off the deck while total distance was only 5 yds less. I have a bigger gap between driver and 4w but the rest of the bag was able to tighten up which helped my scores and that is more important than losing some yards.
  8. My opinion only! I think the problem Bryson has when he talks to the media is that the people he hangs around with talk like he does. So most people feel he is talking down to them. I’ve been accused by many people of this (including my wife) and have spent the last 20 years trying to be more cognizant of it. My crew growing up went 2 mechanical engineers, masters in chemistry, pharmacy with Dr in nuclear pharmacy, and the last got into med school before deciding he wanted no part of that. Bryson has a degree in physics and from all appearances is a total nerd. Most of us nerds, hung out with other nerds, and are socially stunted. That was too long my apologies but couldn’t figure out how to say it different.
  9. I like them as they fit correctly, large for 8”. I have had problems with the seems blowing out. Of the 4 pack the 1st went about 12 rounds, 2nd didn’t finish 3, 3rd has gone 10 with no issues so far. Failure mode for me have been at the seams. However, they were at different points, inside of index finger and heel, so that suggests manufacturing issues vs a design issue. For $20 they are worth it as I tend to wear down gloves quickly anyways. Although if the 4th lasts less than 10 I may say not worth it. I usually wear out the heel area.
  10. Kevin, Wyoming Mi (weird I know) Cobra AmpCell G & S, Bettinardi Helix 60 58-10full(1st choice), 52-10mid (2nd choice), 62-6low(3rd choice)
  11. The nice thing is you have all the info and you can call a couple local places, or not so local, and see what they will quote for the same set up. While the 790 is on the higher end, that shaft is very reasonable.
  12. I did an iron fitting with Jackson at CC in January. Didn’t have me try a standard shaft either. I went to a local shop (MH) when they had Callaway in for demo day and they fit me in a no up charge shaft (they had the CC suggestion for comparison even). Paid $850 vs $1500 with identical numbers. They do a good job, but they are fans of the shaft up charge and my budget doesn’t support that. Good luck with the search
  13. I saw this probably too late to help. But, I had those you listed and the Maverik Pro which is What I ended up buying. I can’t remember which Mizuno I tried also, I think hot metal tour and the T200’s. hope it went well
  14. I got the CP2 wrap on my new irons (Maverik Pro’s) in January. Liked them so much I put it on my new driver (PXG gen 2 X) and after 2 rounds on the driver extremely happy. Whenever I replace the wedges they will have the CP2 wrap also. After hitting a couple shots with my irons during our indoor league, my friend is getting his irons re-gripped with the CP2’s also.
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