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  1. The navigator gyro features and downhill brake only work when using the remote. That's why it didn't work for you. Read how to pair your remote and it's the only way to really use one of these!
  2. I started on GEA and then gokfwrx and now here and the hackers paradise as well. I think they all have their roles and do different things well. I enjoy all of them because I love golf! This site has me elarn about new equipment and accessories and their great testing process. WRX has more information for instruction and tour and clubmaker type knowledge. THP also has some great reviews and good equipment conversation without needing to hit it 320 like on WRX
  3. Ended up returning them got a crazy deal on new z585. And traded some other stuff for zx7. Both have better spin numbers and the modus shafts in each work better. For now am going z585 and over time will work the zx7 into blended set.
  4. Have a CBX original 5 wood with Tensei blue 70 gram shaft that is great. Bought the CBX 119 4 wood with evenflow 65. Hasn't made it into the bag as I am hitting my Srixon F85 3 wood so well right now.As summer goes on might consider dropping the 3 and 5 for the 4 wood. Out a hybrid in for my 4 driving iron and free a spot for a higher lofted wedge (62 or 64) since the greens at my new club are so firm and fast. The exotics CBX woods are money in looks feel and performance.
  5. You are correct but didn't have them as they were at the gf club when I made the impulse buy seeing how good the irons looked and how well I hit them in the simulator against zx7 p70 and p770.
  6. First round with them today and was a bit disappointed. My swing was off but even on 3 good iron strikes I seemed to come 10 to 15 yards short of expected distance. Not at all what I saw on simulator. They show zero wear after a round not a scratch on the chrome and I love the look at address. Was sunny and the shiny chrome was not a distraction. Going back to golf shop and try them against the other contenders again. Wonder if hitting off a matt boosted the distance and launch compared to grass. This time will bring my previous gamers which I know how they hit so I have a better baseline. My demo when buying was against other competitors only.
  7. I hear what you say but disagree. The title of the article is most wanted. Not best performing for a select group of testers for which the results will differ if we repeat the test with another group of golfers. If some one does a acceptance experiment and gets data. Then retreats the experiment with slightly different conditions and the results change then the data is can not be extrapolated to a larger group. Maybe it would be better if the test had sub group results based on swing speed and handicap.
  8. I understand that which brings me to my point that the winner is arbitrary and friends more on the person using the club than the club.
  9. Yes 2 different years but same club. As I said that is why I think launch and skin data is more important than the winner. As it shows relative distances
  10. Ok so something doesn't smell right here. D7 forged is last year winner. Clearly beats the Cobra Forged Tec. This year the same 2 irons are in the same year and Covers wins over it. Guess what it means is that the data is not that useful as we are lead to believe. I think rather than winners and losers I think the real value in this test is looking at launch spin and relative distances as this way someone can decide on what to consider based on what fits their needs.
  11. Just got these irons after demoing them in the simulator. Truthfully they were an afterthought as my irons for years have been Srixon and cobra and was not getting on with the forged tecs I got last year thinking the hollow body players distance iron would elevate my game. Big mistake. They were great in the simulator but terrible for me on course and I didn't particularly like their head shape and offset. I was demoing the p770 p790 Zx7 to trade for my forged tecs. Tried the zx5 but they were essentially identical to my 565 Srixons that are 5 years old. Well was hitting them ok decided given limited inventory at golf stores these I looked at the rack at other contenders. Mizuno was out as the only stock they have did not have shafts I like and orders will take minimum 2 months. The Callaway's were crazy expensive. Walked back towards the simulator and saw the D7 forged. I remembered vaguely the 2020 MGS article but wasn't looking for irons when that came out. So I took the 7 iron down off the shelf and set it down. I was pleasantly surprised. The head was a bit bigger than the Srixons and TM I was demoing but the shape of the head looked exactly how I like irons. For me the 8 iron and PW shape are important as I find many manufacturers make irons that look good until the 7 but 9 through wedge they don't appeal to my eye. Perfect example are the Mizuno mp HMB. I came close to buying a used set until I put them at address and didn't like the look same as the forged tecs... These Wilson's look great like the Srixon and my old cobra amp forged irons. I also liked the fact the offset was not prominent like a lot of forgiving irons. So I had them tape up the 7 iron to hit with the other 3 . So the straightest were D7 forged. Longest D7 forged. spin rate, surprisingly the D7 forged was within 200 rpm of the p780 and zx7 and significantly more than p790. Launch angle was 17 to 20 and about same for all the irons. Feel was close to zx7 and p780 better than p790. Was able to hot cuts or draws though they were straight . I left the store with them. I think these irons really are unique in that they can appeal to a wide range of handicaps. The bigger head with tech to maintain ballspeed helps those handicappers up to the high teens. The shape of head lower offset and classic chrome look appeal to better player to low single digits say 3 hcp. They technically are a players distance iron given the lofts, but they feature GI and players features too. The offset numbers are lower than the zx7 which is what Koepka is playing except for maybe in the pw. Anyway will game them for first time tomorrow. Bit I'd they perform close to how they did in the simulator and given their looks these are try the most underrated irons going. Oh and the price was 350 to 550$ cheaper than the other irons I was considering. The $taper lite shafts fit me perfectly too. They were what were in the forged tecs.
  12. Any one else have issues with shots not getting picked up? Was great my first 15 rounds but now past 5 rounds-10 or more shots are being missed. Not sure if this is a hardware issue with the tags or the watch... Sent from my SM-N986W using Tapatalk
  13. I found a deal in the older Arcos sensors which don't require a subscription. Was about 149 US $ all in after taxes new. Debating returning the shotscope v3. I like having the smaller sensors and not working about battery. I like having a GPS watch. But... Even with l1 and l5 mode, there were times the GPS would be of by 5 to 10 yards and then 2 minutes later it would settle on the right yardage. It misses more shots than arccos and the analytics are very mediocre at the moment. Arccos shots gained is really an eye opener as you can see how you perform against any handicap level and helps you know what to work on. The app is also amazing for the cake GPS features That said what I don't like about arccos is the need to keep the device in front pocket running the whole time draining battery though I suppose the link would be one fix. Wish they would have released a watch to do what the link does and show yardage too. Would I hand into the shot scope hoping they implement shots gained as they seem to have indicated or switch back to the biker setup of the Archos but with better data. Sent from my SM-N970W using Tapatalk
  14. Does anybody know if shotscope intends to add some more statistical analysis? on the one hand I found it was quite good and Miss no shots today and therefore it was fairly easy to use except a few times I forgot to do my pin collection. however what I would like is some robust statistical analysis the way our coast does. Whether that be in strokes gained or whether that be in showing handicap performance by type of shot i e and driving handicap an approach handicap a short game handicap excetera. Right now we have access to statistics but it's up to us to really interpret those statistics and there is no way to compare it to see where we are categorically as far as handicaps are concerned. Sent from my SM-N970W using Tapatalk
  15. Hey there name is Mitchell Age 50 this September. This would be an awesome way to celebrate my upcoming birthday by reviewing this legendary name and beautiful set of irons. Am from Montreal Quebec Index is 6.2 Currently play Srixon z565 irons with stiff nspro 980gh shafts
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