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  1. Any one else have issues with shots not getting picked up? Was great my first 15 rounds but now past 5 rounds-10 or more shots are being missed. Not sure if this is a hardware issue with the tags or the watch... Sent from my SM-N986W using Tapatalk
  2. I found a deal in the older Arcos sensors which don't require a subscription. Was about 149 US $ all in after taxes new. Debating returning the shotscope v3. I like having the smaller sensors and not working about battery. I like having a GPS watch. But... Even with l1 and l5 mode, there were times the GPS would be of by 5 to 10 yards and then 2 minutes later it would settle on the right yardage. It misses more shots than arccos and the analytics are very mediocre at the moment. Arccos shots gained is really an eye opener as you can see how you perform against any handicap level and helps yo
  3. Does anybody know if shotscope intends to add some more statistical analysis? on the one hand I found it was quite good and Miss no shots today and therefore it was fairly easy to use except a few times I forgot to do my pin collection. however what I would like is some robust statistical analysis the way our coast does. Whether that be in strokes gained or whether that be in showing handicap performance by type of shot i e and driving handicap an approach handicap a short game handicap excetera. Right now we have access to statistics but it's up to us to really interpret those statistics an
  4. Hey there name is Mitchell Age 50 this September. This would be an awesome way to celebrate my upcoming birthday by reviewing this legendary name and beautiful set of irons. Am from Montreal Quebec Index is 6.2 Currently play Srixon z565 irons with stiff nspro 980gh shafts
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