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  1. I actually joined Iron Valley in Lebanon County, only $2975 for a no restrictions membership, can play anytime 7 days a week, multiple times a day.  I play 4 days during the week at 0630 (often it's just me) and can play evenings.  One of the perks of working from home in Manheim.  I can get at least 3 people on for only $30, weekends included.  Almost any time you want to play, I can play.  Let  me know if interested.

    1. PAgolfer2017


      Appreciate that! Will take you up on that! Haven't played the course in awhile. My summer hours are a little more flexible. Friday's and some vacation days sprinkled in. End of next week I'll reach out and see if we can figure out a time and day.

    2. Hitides04


      Sounds good

  2. Hello, I recently joined my first club, for several reasons, one of which was to be able to play rounds almost whenever I can/want;but, also to play rounds that do not take 5 hours and the chance to walk more often, as my wif has recently taken up golf and I can double down and combine our walks with 9-18 holes. Lebanon, PA - Iron Valley Golf Club Currently walk about 40% of the time; not money friends who want to walk. Current walk cart - Bag Boy Quad XL
  3. My name is Ray Shelley, been playing golf since I was young, grandfather was an avid golfer who shot his age multiple times. I started getting serious about my game 3 years ago after finally giving up softball (really wish it had been a few decades earlier!). Handicap was around 20, worked my ass off and am now in the single digits. There is rarely day, thank you indoor simulators, when I don't pick up my clubs and get some kind of work in. I guess there are worse addictions; but, my wife is not convinced right now. I reside in Lancaster County, PA and as soon as it gets above 38 no wind/45 wind, I'll be out every day working to get better. Always looking for some new blood to play with. I play so much, I need a revolving group of guys (or gals) to play. And yes, I will go out anytime alone early and get to my home office and get some work in before getting out again later in the day. Come on daylight savings time! If you are in the Southern, middle, SE of PA, MD, DE or Jersey, I'd love to play your course. This will be the first year as a club member since my long past father was a member of Lebanon CC. I play so much and like to play quick, their 2021 new member deal was too good to pass up. Lebanon is a Club Corp affiliate and being new to this CC thing, not exactly sure how it works. But, it looks like I have access to some incredible courses. Hope to see you out on the beautiful green grass that is tragically snow covered as I type.
  4. Callaway Mavrik price drops on drivers and fairway metals at World Wide Golf Shops
  5. PGA Tour Superstore has 50% off apparel and footwear. Golfdiscount.com has clearance on Puma apparel, all sorts of balls and clubs Van Heusen has 70% off apparel
  6. I am going on my 2nd "offseason" using a mat and net; and I recently purchased a Rapsodo MLM. Living in PA there are bad weather days when I hit balls in my garage and other days I pull my mat and net into my driveway. So I would be testing this mat indoors and outdoors using a net and my new Rapsodo NLM. I hit 100-200 balls every day and my Tri-turf mat purchased last year is already worn out and it was not a "realistic" feeling mat to begin with. It's more like hitting off the old green carpet on concrete slab at driving ranges that thankfully are becoming more and more in the rearview. PING G410 LST - ALTA CB S 55g PING G410 3 Fairway Metal - Mitsubishi Tensei Orange CK S 70g PXG 0211 4-GW - KBS Tour C-Taper S 120g PXG Gen2 0317X - 19 degree hybrid - KBSTour Hybrid Protoype S 85g Vokey SM8 SW/LW - Wedge Flex PXG - Gen2 Closer Putter VETERAN
  7. I have been looking to move from a player improvement iron to forged. as I feel my game is finally ready after 2 years of really hard work on my ball striking. Broke my swing down to the basics starting with my grip and slowly worked up to where I can actually move the ball some right to left, after years of playing only a high cut. These look like the perfect clubs to finally make the move! Ray/Manheim, PA GHIN HC: 10.3 Current Irons: Taylormade SIM Max 4-AW; Vokey SM7 Wedges 52/56/60
  8. Mine arrived just in time for my 2 hours simulator session tonight! Let's see how these bad boys fly!
  9. Ray Shelley, Manheim, PA USA Current Irons - 2017 Taylormade M2s Handicap - 14 7-Iron Carry - 185
  10. Tier 1 - Tiger Woods Tire 2 - Tony Finau Tier 3 - Ian Poulter Tier 4 - Gary Woodland Tier 5 - Jim Furyk Tie Breaker - (-11)
  11. Ray, Pennsylvania Titleist 915D3, Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana D+ 82 SS: 110 HC: 14.5 9.5 degree, Tensei CK Orange Stiff
  12. Please enter me in the Odyssey putter contest
  13. Tiger Woods Tommy Fleetwood Charley Hoffman Gary Woodland Charles Howell III Winner: -2
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