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  1. I prefer the longer thick plastic tees, but they're not cheap and I lose them too often. I'll stay with longer wood tees.
  2. Update...Tried the PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack with the M16 shaft. Heaviest putter ever! Just way too heavy.
  3. I have been playing and fitting customers with Recoil's for years. I am currently hitting Recoil SmacWraps, and I love UST products. However, try all major brands when you are fit and see what's best for you.
  4. Has anyone used PGX's new M16 putter shaft, and if so, your opinions.
  5. The big fitting companies, not big box stores, make their money on shafts you've never heard of. They are aftermarket, but not necessarily the "real" models from the manufacturers. Many are no better than the stock offerings, but an extra $300-$500 in the fitters pocket. My suggestion is to go to a PGA Pro at a golf shop or private course, and tell him what you'd like to buy and if he can assist you. At a big box store, where I worked, there is ZERO training, and I went to California & Arizona on my own $$$ to learn to fit. Most of those employees are told by the manager to sell sell sell, and move to the next customer. See a PGA Pro.
  6. Many putters do skid which is why I prefer real grass greens to synthetic. Another point...according to Callaway fitters at the Performance Center in Carlsbad, if you are off on your line by 2 degrees, you will miss the putt. A week before I was there a Callaway Champions Tour pro went thru the fitting center and was 3.5 degrees off. When he left he was .5 degrees off. They showed me his computer specs before and after and it was amazing that not only was his putter slightly off, his stance was too. If your aim is off, you're toast on the green.
  7. Excellent points. Our store sells thousands of putters/year, new and used, SAM is available for $50, but only a tiny percentage wants that actual fitting. But I can take an hour with a customer to help him decide which putter is best. Looking at his arc, trying putters of all arcs, weights, lengths, grips, it can be done. We can check up to 20' putts, but I concentrate on 6'. Amazing on how many 6' putts the pros miss! But one thing is in common with every putt...it's straight! And I want to see which putter gives that straight putt consistency. Lofts and lies are standard on most stock putters, but I have a master builder who can make adjustments, but that rarely happens. Drives me nuts when a person wants to buy a putter as a gift! I always recommend a gift card. I've been thru fittings with 6 manufacturers, so maybe I'm more aware of what to watch for, but I feel a buyer can do it if they take the time at a good pro shop, try many different putters on the green, and ask a fitter at that location for assistance.
  8. I fit but as far a putters go, what you need to know is the most comfortable length and grip, and most important, face balanced or toe hang. Everyone has an arc, some more than others. Drop a yardstick on the ground, place your putter in the center, and take a stroke back and forth. Watch your arc, then play around with putters at your local store to see what you like best. I've been fit with two different systems, and just playing with different models is just as good. The most important putts are 3-5 footers. Get a putter that works best for these lengths.
  9. What's funny is that Champion Tour players are playing and advertising TourEdge, but when I was a marshal at a tee box during a tournament, when they took the head cover off, it wasn't a TourEdge! Most were Ping G425.
  10. Just changed my woods and hybrids this week. Dropped my Ping G410 5W and 4-5-6H for G425 5W, 7W & 9W. I hit my G425 driver 230 yds for comparisons, and just couldn't get my 4H in the air. My 5H was OK and I never used the 6H, as I prefer my i500 6 iron. Off the tee I hit my 4H 185 yds, and off the ground I'm hitting the 7W 185 yds! The 9 is going 175 yds, with the 5W at 200 yds. Plus the height and soft landings are great. Glad I made the changes.
  11. Titleist TPI in Oceanside fit me with a TS2 driver & fairway and an actual Mitsubishi Diamana after market shaft. I brought my Ping G400MAX w/Ping Tour Shaft for comparisons, which they requested. I hit the Ping just as far and accurately as the Titleist. I did keep the shaft and it is now in my Ping G425MAX.
  12. It all depends on the experience of the fitter. I used SAM at Golf Galaxy, which is also used at Callaway in the Odyssey room in Carlsbad. Again, the experience of the fitter is crucial. Big Box Stores DO NOT train their employees except by 5 minute videos. You can't get fit by a "fitter" who was flipping burgers last week. I paid my way to the the manufacturers to learn to properly fit. But the best fitting I've ever seen is with the QuinTIC GOLF AND V1 SPORTS’ 4 CAMERA PUTTING SYSTEM at Bettinardi's Studio B in Chicago. I went thru the fitting for a custom Bettinardi and this system was amazing. It made the SAM look like a junior fitting system. I would also recommend being fit by a PGA Professional at the store or pro shop you visit, to be sure they know what their doing.
  13. CAREFUL! Upgraded shafts are not what the pro's hit. The Ventus shaft offered as an upgrade for either zero or a slight charge is NOT the Ventus shaft that costs $500+ used by pros. The name is the same but the shafts are different. Nothing wrong with an upgrade, but if you want a pro shaft you'll pay $500+.
  14. Traveling by plane next week. First, take all the heads off your woods if adjustable, and place them in the head covers and a pocket. I put head covers on the irons and place them facing the center, wrapping my towels around them. I have a Bag Boy t-750 and have never had an issue.
  15. I am certified to fit all the major brands, and have used SAM (Science and Motion) to fit putters. I have also been fit by SAM and at Bettinardi with a much more advanced fitting system. My personal bottom line...take your putter to a retail golf shop with a putting green in the putter area. Compare your putter to others you like, and putt 8-10 balls all from the same spot. If nothing better than your current Ping, keep the Ping. If there is another putter that works better for you, there you go. Remember, putters break and miraculously fix themselves after a period of time. I purchased an Odyssey that I made 12 straight putts in the store 15 years ago. Still have and use occasionally, when it works! Don't waste the money on putter fittings.
  16. They are off the website.
  17. I was an electronic rep and Sam's had one of our products. I checked the serial number and it was sold by a distributor and he was fired! You just don't violate your agreement without a penalty.
  18. Three suggestions. A Ping G410 or G425 (just went on sale) in a 4 or 5 hybrid. The 5 is easier to hit and you can adjust it down 1.5° to near a 4 hybrid. Or, what I just did, traded my 4-hybrid for a Ping G425MAX 7-wood. Much much easier to hit and will give me 185-190 yards. It will be perfect for the second shot on a par 5 and when I need close to 200 yds to the green.
  19. Just ordered a Ping G425MAX 7-Wood today. With the price drop I couldn't resist.
  20. I'm considering replacing my #4 Hybrid with a 7 wood. I had a Warbird Heavenwood and Divine Nine back in the 90's and loved them. Why I traded them is beyond me!
  21. I've had graphite for over 20 years, my last four sets Recoil. I had to go to graphite due to a lower arm and elbow issue. My current Ping i500's have the Recoil SmacWrap and they are incredible. Over 80% of my fittings for graphite were Recoil SmacWrap. I haven't found another graphite shaft to match it. Regarding weight, that can be causing issues with your body, and I suggest going from your current 98gm steel to a 75gm graphite. Big difference. I also suggest a soft grip, Winn, Lamkin Sonar+, which will also take the vibrations out. Adding inserts to dampen the vibration doesn't solve all your issues, especially weight.
  22. 50 degree gap is a better choice. Re lob, I have a 58 w/10 bounce. This works in sand with short shots, and hard & soft turf for full shots, which go 75 yds. Easy to skull so you need to understand it's capabilities.
  23. If it doesn't say VeloCore it's NOT a TRUE VENTUS. The real deal starts at $350 and that's not a "real" Ventus as a stock shaft...unless it is VeloCore.

    Taylormade TP5

    Good Grief!
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