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  1. I do agree with earlier comments that the quality of parts is a concern. That's why I built a couple demos in 6 iron and went to the range. Mostly through Hireko. Not a perfect assessment, but it helped me to make a decision that I'm happy with.
  2. Nice work. Keep us informed with your experience.
  3. Tour Exotics 9 Driver, Mitsubishi Diamana S, 9° Tour Exotics 3 CFG 3w, Aldila NFS 75 fairway, S Acer XS irons 4-PW. UST GraphiteIRON, S, Gap Mizuno JPX, Steel shaft. 52° Sand, King Cobra II, Steel Hybrids, Tour Exotics EX9, EX10, 3& 4 respectively both UST Recoil 670 S. I made the irons after testing several club heads. I frequently tinker with clubs and have been moving to graphite to counter some arthritic auto immune issues in my hands.
  4. Shawn M


    I found a few of those in high school and played them when Dad and I had our early morning rounds in the mid 70s. It was my way of deflecting his trash talk.
  5. I'm willing to test. I have a Never Compromise Sub Zero D3. Probably test #1 or #2 Shawn Mahoney. Rockford, MI
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