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  1. The 350SS mentioned to get this started was in my bag too and I miss it.
  2. I gave my son my Cobra Trusty Rusty tri-bounce gap wedge. I had a lot of confidence with that wedge and threw a lot of darts to the pin. I could probably borrow it out of his bag...but that might be bad form.
  3. I have a few. 5 Hybrids, 3w and Driver are Tour Edge Exotics Acer Irons from Hireko Golf that I assembled SW is Cobra GW is Mizuno Putter is Never Compromise If it feels good and gives you confidence, swing it.
  4. My, how these and other designs remind me of my Acushnet Finalist I was passed from my Dad.
  5. My nephew in Sweden is going to visit the States for an extended period of time next year. He is 12. Any suggestions on finding used left hand clubs? I've been watching eBay and a few common online resalers like 3Balls. Thanks in advance!
  6. I fiddled with several, including building one through Hireko, before settling on Tour Edge Exotics. Try try try
  7. I do agree with earlier comments that the quality of parts is a concern. That's why I built a couple demos in 6 iron and went to the range. Mostly through Hireko. Not a perfect assessment, but it helped me to make a decision that I'm happy with.
  8. Nice work. Keep us informed with your experience.
  9. Tour Exotics 9 Driver, Mitsubishi Diamana S, 9° Tour Exotics 3 CFG 3w, Aldila NFS 75 fairway, S Acer XS irons 4-PW. UST GraphiteIRON, S, Gap Mizuno JPX, Steel shaft. 52° Sand, King Cobra II, Steel Hybrids, Tour Exotics EX9, EX10, 3& 4 respectively both UST Recoil 670 S. I made the irons after testing several club heads. I frequently tinker with clubs and have been moving to graphite to counter some arthritic auto immune issues in my hands.
  10. Shawn M


    I found a few of those in high school and played them when Dad and I had our early morning rounds in the mid 70s. It was my way of deflecting his trash talk.
  11. I'm willing to test. I have a Never Compromise Sub Zero D3. Probably test #1 or #2 Shawn Mahoney. Rockford, MI
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