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  1. I too returned to golf after a long hiatus, and have found that a few lessons up front and a bunch of range time to get my feeling back was key. Since then, I've been playing my face off. I plan to take lessons as needed when I run up against a serious issue that I can't fix on the range. For me, playing with practice between is the best approach.



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  2. Golf is no longer ‘sitting on my hands' 1960ish country club entertainment. This has gone main stream. Found it refreshing hearing the banter


    Loved it

    I play at a local muni with construction workers and road crew guys swilling cheap whiskey and Busch Light tall cans, talking about each other's mothers and insulting each other's game. What we don't do is (a) talk (let alone yell) when someone is about to swing or putt, and above all (B) we don't talk poorly to strangers on the course. Nothing to do with country clubs or golf claps, everything to do with dignity and respect, especially around a sport that has espoused it longer than most.



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  3. I'm not known amongst my friends for proper behavior or appropriate speech, but one area I'm particular about is etiquette and not being a jerk on purpose.


    The gallery at Shinnecock was irritating, irresponsible, and idiotic. Most of the comments seemed to be self-satisfying and immature, and the timing of many were pretty outlandish. Good example was some dude yelling something stupid right as DJ approached his putt on 18.


    Given that social responsibility and adult behavior are no longer valued, should the rules be more specific to gallery behavior? I'd expect to be kicked out if I yelled something stupid at a golfer with the purpose of being offensive, or yelled anything during the 60 seconds before their shot. If you are on the course, you should operate under the same rules as if you would playing.



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  4. Great trip and wonderful photos. I'll be at Poppy Hills on Friday (live 1:30 away), so good to hear about conditions. I turn 40 next year and thinking of these courses except swap Quail Lodge for Pebble and add Black Horse - or just spend that $$$ on the Open at Pebble! How about food, wine or beer? Did you make it to Alvarado Street Brewing per chance?



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  5. I go to the one in Vegas for work events a fair bit - great time but not the same as hitting my clubs at a driving range. The clubs and balls don't lend themselves to being dialed in. Food is good.



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  6. Hello Community!


    I'm a new guy living in Nor Cal, but from So Cal originally. I just started golf about a year and a half ago. Trying to get into the teens with my handicap this year is a goal... but we'll see.


    Gotta focus working on two main areas to really cut strokes this year...


    1. Pitching and chipping...

    2. Putting...


    That is... among the laundry list of things...


    Loving this website though.





    Welcome from San Jose - where are you in NorCal?



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