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  1. I have a 48* set wedge, T150, and then Vokey 52* and 58* for me it’s whether the club will be used a lot in the short game. If it’s primarily a full swing club go set wedge, short game and more partial shots then Vokey. Specialty wedges generally spin more, and have better grinds for chipping and pitching.
  2. It all comes down to what fits you the best. Head, shaft, grip, lie. I just did a fitting, went T150, the P770’s took close 2nd with the I230’s a distant 3rd. I could have played good with any of them, T150 is great FWIW. I will say I am moving from the G425’s and the smaller more compact head is just better for my consistency, more sold shots, especially with mid and short irons. Thinking of adding a T200 at the long end.
  3. I’ve found that with some modern clothes I have gone from a large to XL. that being said FJ, works, Dunning and I have a couple of nice Jonnie-O shirts I bought in pro shops. These do tend to cost more.
  4. Ping-drivers and fairways. I like their irons too, but just ordered some Titleist. Love their bags. Great company. Titleist- wedges and irons for sure, could play any of their stuff. Die hard ProV fan mizuno-irons Odyssey makes great putters, been using the same one for almost 10 years I used to like Callaway fairways but they became too draw biased, I won’t even sniff the rest of Callaway stuff. I hate most of their iron designs, and the wedges just don’t look right to me. Haven’t played TM since since the Bubble shaft days. I did demo the p770 irons and liked them. PXG- no thanks, tried it and it didn’t work well for me.
  5. I did the pw, 50,54,58 for years, but recently switches to pw, 52,58. With 4 wedges one always seemed like the red headed step child.
  6. I worry more about short game performance. If I happen to have a bit of a gap between a couple of wedges it comes into play so rarely that I don’t worry about it. I’m also pretty good at taking a bit off of a longer wedge if need be to hit a yardage. I’d play a couple of rounds before I’d start bending.
  7. Lots of good advice here. The biggest thing that makes some rubber compounds slick is UV rays. This is especially true on many GP grips. I find Lamkins stay tacky much longer. Keep your grips out of the sunlight as much as possible, in your bag not laying on the ground when practicing, and clean them.
  8. 58 if I need height or spin. 52 if I want to hit it lower with less spin. PW if I want it to run out more or hit more of a chip. these are just general rules of thumb, the wind, lie, slope, course conditions all play into it. I also practice 3! different trajectories with each wedge.
  9. This is a personal preference conversation. I hit FW’s soooo much better, and I have tried multiple hybrids. I now am the proud owner of a 7 wood and 9 wood. Some people just do better with one over the other, I have been trying to use a 5 hybrid lately and still can’t get along with it.
  10. As someone who was about a 7 at the time, I shot 68 twice, and 69 once. . All times on a relatively short course par 70 or 71. I’m not a long hitter so my score tends to jump fairly quickly when it gets longer. I play one of these courses often in a 9 hole me s league, my cap is now 10, I often shoot between 38-41, every now and then around par.
  11. I get it if people want to protect a nice expensive set of forged irons. But if you’re putting covers on a set of 17-4 cast shovels then you have serious OCD issues. I’ve played Pings most of my life, with a few years of some Mizuno forging a thrown in, and purchasing a set of iron covers has never crossed my mind.
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