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  1. Alberto Inglewood, CA I walk about half the time. I use a CaddyTek CaddyCruiser One
  2. 1. Albert in Inglewood, CA 2. Yes, Garmin S20 and S60 3. GPS watch and laser rangefinder
  3. -Albert in Inglewood, CA -I practice putting twice a week for about an hour. I used to practice more but the courses out here have shutdown all of the practice greens due to covid19. -Right now I average about 1-2 three putts a round. Usually they are at the beginning of the round getting used to my stroke and the green speeds. Frankly, they used to be rare but now they're a guaranteed part of my round. -I'm really interested in practicing long putts. I have a putting setup at home that limits me to 10 footers and with social distancing measures at courses I have no real opportunity to practice long putts.
  4. Alberto/ California 9.5 Turner Burner Hybrid 19° A neutral ball flight that lands softly. I naturally draw the ball and hate hooking my hybrid but I have to setup for a draw since I can't hit the thing straight to save my life.
  5. Alberto from Inglewood, California 9.5 Ping G15 irons PTX Pro-Icon Combo
  6. The only hole-in-one/albatross I had was on a short par 4.I didn't see it but my teammates and opposing team did. So yeah, I feel cheated out of the celebration as it isn't as exciting to walk up to the green looking for your ball to then have a teammate casually tell you it went as it would have been to see it go in. Still cool though.
  7. I played Alondra GC (Torrance, CA) on Monday and the conditions weren't good (though it's a muni and the conditions aren't normally all that amazing). It seems as though no maintenance was done during the stay at home order. Though it was nice to see that people were largely adhering to social distancing guidelines and wearing masks, it would have been great if they had taken the time to aerate the course. How are conditions at your club and are people following the rules?
  8. Since people after me got badges, I figured I'd try this again. @GolfSpy MPR Hi! Please add the, Hole in 1 and Albatross badge. I also recently became a donor.
  9. Los Angeles, CA Sun Mountain 3.5 I've used a carry bag for a long time and I've tried to keep it as light as possible. Since I'm not really a spring chicken anymore I bought a push cart and I am now looking for a cool bag that'll hold everything I could possible need on a golf course. And of course I want it to look cool.
  10. Hi! Please add the, Hole in 1 and Albatross badge. I also recently became a donor.
  11. Yeah! I was 18 and it was a short par 4, 325 yards, with a small dogleg to the right. I just cut over the trees and it went into the hole! Definitely the best of both worlds
  12. Out with a 50 in with a 32. It was a roller coaster ride that day.
  13. Nailing a 3 wood perfectly onto a par 5 in two. That's the best. But really just hitting a shot exactly like you planned it amazing every single time.
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