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  1. I have one to use, they are fantastic. Better than I think sometimes. I ordered dots and now I realize it works really well without them. I am using it in my bk yard net and works great. I was on trackman all  winter and this is really good.

  2. Great idea. For me i really can't tell how a putter rolls . I can see the technical stuff how its suppose to roll but i have never used one and i have had lots  that i would say man that rolls well. Just me

  3. The sub zero is fairly new to me. I did hit it a lot on trackman this winter. Its really long

     I thought my m4 was but the callaway is 10carry and over 10 total. I dont swing it that fast 103 with a 3 wd but numbers are around 255 carry 275ish total. Low spin. 

  4. I bought pressure treated plywood, used 3m adhesive spray, to attach gym mats , then  fatigue mats attached same way, then  artificial turf stapled for easy replacement. This is 5x4 ft, then I have another piece same way 30in x 4ft with an indent for golf balls, You can see the mat on my Instagram TYORKE1  , maybe 150 in it and well worth it, I then  bought the same net as the value net from here and I have a mevo, net here friday . I have 50yrds cut in bk yard for small range

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  5. I should not say presenting , I want him to enjoy our tournament and maybe play in our singles portion, and then having a beer and talking tour stuff . Whatever works for him and yes he has agreed to do it beings it is  a local top am event  for him. Should be a great day

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