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  1. Nice . Im biased owners are buddies of Dormie. That looks good tho
  2. Epic flash sub zero rogue 60x. M6 pro orange 70s. Flash sub zero 3 wd. Handcrafted hzrdus red 6.5. M4 3 wd . Rogue 60tx. Taylor p760 3-pw. X100 tour. P790 2 iron hzrdus 6.5. 818 h1 hybrid . Vokey 50sm6 taylor milled 56 vokey 58 04 bent to 70 . Taylor spider tour. Or huntington beach blade. Pro v 1 black.
  3. We all should wear one. I get bad stuff burnt off every year.
  4. Yes. I have 2 bushnells but mostly use the watch in thru the week rds.
  5. I have the flash sub zero and an m4. M4 is easier to hit off a tee. The flash goes 10 full farther and sometimes more . Both are good.
  6. I was thinking expensive shafts would be spined wrong. I have a red going in a 3 wd. Anyone know the orientation. Thanks
  7. Thanks a pro giving me a crazy deal if i want one
  8. I have a new one 7.5x i want it for a 3 wd.standard tipping .5 or 1inch.
  9. 55yrs old. Plus cap. May have won somewhere around 70invitations 15-20 time provincial am mid and match play champion. Last person to not get in 2016 US SENIOR OPEN . Organize a top am event. My oldest was the youngest rules official on the planet. I do free club repair because my buddies don't pay. Full time chirper . Dont care what you shoot as long as you have fun. No fun no game with me.
  10. anyone put together a home made gravity fit program,
  11. Tim Yorke PEI Canada . 2018 warmed up in wet hail. Snowed 4 times . Down poured the rest. 60-70 k winds minus 3 celcius I won the amateur event with 78-75. Used sunice raingear and got soaked. . This was also my first tourny back from hip replacement. Headlines Triumphant return to win Avondale Open .
  12. Have not read all this but I do this allot. Make sure you have something to go over shaft and grip incase they blow and they can! I already know some grips will come off and some won't, dual cords are brutal they get stuck in the thumb area and thin grips are dangerous they can blow. start with solvent down the top put your safety device over it , use small amount of air and wiggle top of the grip and work down. I got cut in the wrist and leg once with one exploding. Be careful . Some grips are a breeze on and off with ease.
  13. thanks for posting, interesting
  14. has anyone found outdoor carpet capable of a home made build putting green. My buddy had yaught carpet in his basement and was mint, not sure what it would be like in the weather
  15. tim , kensington PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, Canada ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS watch? yes Which ones? garmin s3
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