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  1. I received my SIM2 Max yesterday evening. Tried it out on a simulator. Seems much more forgiving then the original SIM I had. I am very happy with it so far.
  2. Mauna Kea is an amazing course. I got a good deal on Teeoff and the course did not disappoint. Unfortunately, they weren't very busy and I had to play by myself, but was a very relaxing round. No one was in front of me and no one was behind me the whole round. Kona Country Club was nice as well and reasonable priced.
  3. Great photos, thank you. I am very curious to hit the regular and max versions. I've watched several youtube videos and there were some where the testers could not tell the difference between the two. With the current drivers, for me, the max is a much easier driver to hit.
  4. gman8966

    Sim 2.0

    The SIM2 drivers and woods were just announced today. You can check it out on TM's website. Looks interesting.
  5. The bends also make the putter release differently. Best way is to get fitted where you can try out all different styles.
  6. They also can ship everything you buy as well that way you don't have to worry about bringing it back with you on the car or plane or however you are traveling.
  7. What an awesome setup, looks like you did a great job. I have a GC2 setup in my barn and plan to add an enclosure with hitting screen and projector in the near future. I am jealous of your setup though!
  8. Double sided tape is the way to go for securing the putter, make sure you have a sturdy, rigid bench. For hand stamps, check Mcmaster-Carr. They will have many different sizes, fonts, etc. I would get stamps that are rated for around 28 - 36 Rockwell C hardness so they will work with any kind of putter material.
  9. Crazy someone posted this. I was literally just thinking of this earlier today. Guess I'll have to do this as well! The Velcro on my headcover is all but useless. I usually lose the headcover every few rounds and have to circle back.
  10. So I've had Superspeed for a while and have been doing it for about a year. When I started I couldn't break 150 mph ball speed with driver. Now I am right around 160. Much better, but I have an issue where I am much more conservative with the driver instead of just letting loose. I have a tendency to slide my hips forward with driver and tilt toward the target at the top of my backswing causing a very low launch angle, 5-9 degrees and over 3K backspin. With the Superspeed sticks, I rotate all the way through and stay back nicely like I should. A couple weeks ago I was taking some swings with m
  11. gman8966

    Autoflex Shaft

    I'm pretty interested in this shaft. Can't wait until MGS needs some testers.
  12. This 100%. No equipment will fix a bad swing. I know guys who use 10-15 year old clubs that are under 5 handicap.
  13. This is interesting. I've never been fitted for a putter. Bought a used Scotty off of ebay about 7 years ago and have been using that since. Seems like it works well, but now I think I may be missing out. Thanks for the info everyone.
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