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  1. One thing that others haven't mentioned is your glove. A new glove helps the grip stay stable in your hand so you aren't feeling like you have to clamp down on it. Also, I would check out Ben Hogan's five lessons book. There is a huge section on the grip, which gives a lot of great insights.
  2. I have a Foresight GC2 setup with the new software. It's really impressive. Right now I just hit into a hitting net and display on a TV, but hopefully this winter I can get a full bay setup with projector and hitting screen. I will go out in the evenings once the kids are asleep for hit for an hour or so. I find myself wanting to hit balls instead of wasting time watching TV or my phone.
  3. I dealt with Taylormade customer service earlier this year and could not be happier. I received quick responses from the same guy, they warrantied my SIM driver and replaced it for me.
  4. 100% get lessons. Best money you can spend.
  5. For simulator bays/enclosures, Carl's Place is a good option. https://www.carlofet.com/
  6. My brother recently was professionally fitted and ended up with a SIK putter, even after just recently purchasing a new Scotty Phantom 5.5. Since then he has been putting lights out, if he doesn't 1 putt I am surprised. I never realized putter fitting was so important, but this post reaffirms that. Thanks for the info.
  7. This is a good deal. I have a GC2 as well, it's a great unit. I didn't know Augusta National was a course on FR1, I am jealous!
  8. Cool! My brother did this a few years ago for Titleist. I believe he signed up directly through their website. Will be neat to see the results.
  9. That thing looks awesome. Well done.
  10. Thanks for the opportunity. Would love to test it versus my Leupold.
  11. Good morning all, I am in Marco Island until next Tuesday, the 20th. Wondering if anyone else is around this area and would like to get together for a round of golf at a nice course.
  12. Greg, Columbia City, IN 110 SIM2 max Ventus blue velocore, x stiff, 70g I have not Thanks for the opportunity.
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