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  1. Agree with cnosil, it's hard to say without more information. The aids I use the most are a mirror and/or tripod for my phone. You can see instant feedback from the mirror on your spine, club path, etc. Recording yourself and playing the video back in slow motion is extremely helpful as well.
  2. This looks very interesting, nice write up and thanks for the comparison images. I have a GC2 along with FSX2020 and use it just about every other day. It's been huge for my game, can't say enough how much knowledge and insight I have gained from having the ability to hit balls any time. If I'm sitting inside and think of something I want to try, I can go out in my barn and try it! If anyone is a serious golfer and on the fence, it is worth it. I saw they even offer financing now for their systems. I'm waiting to see if the upgrade goes on sale, that's when I'll probably snatch it up.
  3. I sent my clubs to Florida last year and didn't have an issue. I did however ship mine inside a club glove bag, which was inside of a box. That really stinks the original poster had the issue. Could probably take it to an alteration shop or send back to club glove and they would repair.
  4. Just picked up myself a new Scotty Cameron Phantom X5.5. Unfortunately it's rained the whole week here in beautiful Indiana and I haven't been able to test outside, only inside. Very excited for this, I had a Newport 2 previously.
  5. Very neat! I have a buddy who plays pro hockey in the minors but is a scratch golfer and uses a super old, beaten up putter and putts lights out.
  6. Not a bad idea to stay in and drink play gin, but yeah try out the wet towel, works great!
  7. I use a wet towel from my golf club and drape it over the cart next to my bag and also keep a dry towel on my bag. Wet towels remove everything from the clubs and the dry one gets your clubs dry so you are not hitting with wet clubs causing inconsistency.
  8. I had an Evenflow white and blue at one point on my driver and loved them both, they were very smooth. Eventually went in for a shaft fitting and went with the Ventus. It was well worth the cost. As others have said though, fitting is extremely important.
  9. I use a Masters navy blue marker I picked up a couple years ago at one of the practice rounds there. Almost lost it a couple times!
  10. gman8966


    Dang, I know how you feel man. I have an older Scotty and my kids got a hold of it one day without me knowing and put a small ding on the top, really stinks but reminds me of them every time I putt! Anyway, it needs polished out. Try a small amount of Brasso to polish the insert.
  11. If there's too much shaft lean, it absolutely will have a greater chance of getting stuck in the turf. I should have clarified, but I only use this method on short chip shots around the greens where if you hit it fat it won't matter much. There's a Phil Mickelson youtube video out there about chipping that's really good, very basic and easy to understand. I've shared with many friends and they said it was very helpful.
  12. Most of your weight on your front foot, forward press slightly with shaft to get the clubs leading edge down. Ball front of stance for high chip, back of stance for low chip. That was what helped me.
  13. These are some of the best looking irons I have ever seen. I can't wait until the next testing event at my local golf shop to try these out. Well done Titleist.
  14. One thing that others haven't mentioned is your glove. A new glove helps the grip stay stable in your hand so you aren't feeling like you have to clamp down on it. Also, I would check out Ben Hogan's five lessons book. There is a huge section on the grip, which gives a lot of great insights.
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