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  1. Thank you! It will be a great day, I only wish the weather were a little warmer to get out and play the sport we love.
  2. I just purchased the Harbour Town course for the Foresight golf sim. Can't wait to play it this weekend!
  3. Sounds about right. I have a few buddies who don't play golf often and come over to hit on my simulator. There are lots of dents in my steel roof in my barn. For some reason they always want to start out hitting driver with the tallest tee to get warmed up. haha!
  4. Coming from the manufacturing industry, having to make a new ball or even two different balls would cause the manufacturers to be forced to purchase new equipment, supplies, R&D, etc., which in turn would raise the price of golf balls. Prices are already through the roof as it is.
  5. It has certainly helped my putting this past season. I don't have any hard numbers, but was worth the time invested practicing with it.
  6. FWIW, I have had a Fiberbuilt grass series mat for 10 years and use it multiple times per week. The middle section is matted down some from tens of thousands of shots, but the rest is flawless. I have never had any pain using it. Fat shots don't go as far, like in real life. It's been a great mat. I'm going to get another insert on order for when I need it.
  7. Can't wait to see these reviews. These clubs look so clean!
  8. I recently picked up an Evnroll EV5.1 and love it. The ball seems to not come off the face as hot as my Scotty did, but the dispersion is tighter, so it’s a good trade off.
  9. The wooden rail comes with the perfect practice mat. I received it for Christmas a couple years ago and have been really happy with it.
  10. This will be my first review. Lately, my putting has been struggling and I’ve been researching aids. I stumbled upon this gem while digging into Cam Smith’s legendary putting skills. I kept hearing on TV about how his putts drop dead center. So, I splurged on this mirror, thinking, “Why not give my putting a much-needed makeover?” And guess what? It actually worked wonders! The Pro Path Putting Mirror offers a solution to the nuances of putting mechanics. Boasting the endorsement of PGA Tour Pros and expertly crafted by elite golf instructors, this mirror is designed to fine-tune every aspect of your putting stroke. It focuses on improving eye and shoulder alignment, as well as refining your backstroke and follow-through. One standout feature in my opinion is what they call, the ProPath Arc. It has been engineered to guide your putting stroke along the ideal path. It took me a while to get used to it. At first I noticed I was using my hands way too much and was all over the place. But after several sessions, I’m automatically using my shoulders for a much quieter stroke and my ball easily starts on the intended path. Once I had some familiarity with the mirror, I took it to my course and was blown away. I was draining 12 footers like they were nothing. Left to right, straight, right to left, didn’t matter. I had so much confidence. The Pro Path Putting Mirror is reversible, both left and right-handed golfers can use the same unit. It’s really easy to use. It has eye and shoulder alignment lines that further enhance its effectiveness by ensuring proper posture over the ball, a crucial aspect of a successful putting stroke. My tendency is to stand way too far back, so it was surprising how far I had to move up. The mirror came with a very nice black microfiber carrying pouch. The optional putting gates provide additional value. I didn’t purchase the gates, so I can’t vouch for those, but many touring pros use them during their warmup. An easy startup guide is included and simplifies the process of putting (no pun intended) the mirror into your training routine. In conclusion, the Back 2 Basics Golf Pro Path Putting Mirror has proven itself as a worthy investment for any golfer seeking to enhance their putting skills. I mean if Cam Smith uses it, good enough for me. Get ready to “Level Your Game Up”!
  11. I started entering maybe 8 or 9 years ago. I did get selected for a Monday practice round in 2019 and my brother and I went for the day. Was amazing to say the least. Anyway, this year was a major disappointment, I didn't receive an email saying the sign up was open. I have been so busy at work I completely forgot about it and missed the entire sign up period. Did anyone else not receive an email?
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