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  1. Mick - Eau Claire, WI This has always been a struggle. I've practiced on carpet, just to try to keep alignment/setup with limited success. I've tried several cheap mats with automatic ball return mechanism. Never had anything that was close enough to reality to be what I would consider "practice". At best, they could be classified as attempting to minimize the deterioration/rust buildup over the long winters in Northern Wisconsin. I play municipal courses almost exclusively. Some of them have surprisingly fast greens, but I probably should still go with the "slow" speed mat
  2. Location and Age - Eau Claire, WI - 49 Current Driver SS - 107 (after a long winter, was 115+ at my last club fitting) Rate your fitness level: above average Affirmation that you will see the entire program through: I will definitely see the entire program through, needing to report back on the results will be added motivation (not that that is needed!). Thanks for the opportunity!
  3. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I ended up ordering the Cobra F9 (for $229, I don't mind using last year's model for $200 less than the current version that may or may not be any better). It's supposed to get here on Friday, and golf courses here are opening the same day. Unfortunately, driving ranges are not allowed to open, so it will be tough to get a feel for it, and league starts on Monday. It looks like I'll be sticking with the RBZ Stage 2 for a little longer, unless the F9 manages to impress me in a very limited sample. Also, it's supposed to be under 50 degrees here Friday and Satu
  4. Can I get at Veteran and Broke 70 badge. I also donated, so I need to get the donor badge, I have the PayPal receipt number, but is that what I need to DM a moderator with to get that badge, or is there another form of verification that is needed? Thanks! Mick
  5. First Name: Mick City/State or Country: Eau Claire, Wisconsin Driver Swing Speed: 118 MPH Handicap: 7.8
  6. Any suggestions for wedges to replace my ancient Cleveland 588 RTGs? Probably going from 52/56/60 to 50/54/? Should I get the AP2 gap wedge to go with the rest of the irons, or something else? Thinking maybe Vokeys? Obviously, I haven't been in the wedge market for almost 30 years! I haven't played competetively since the late 90s and the grooves on the old 588 RTGs might not even be legal anymore! Thanks, Mick
  7. I can attest that it's true for the Titleist balls. I think I need to move to a warmer climate!
  8. Here's the scorecard for Ko'olau now. I'm pretty sure it's not the same as it was back in the mid 90s. Back then they advertised that it was built to be the toughest course in the world and that the slope rating on the card was the maximum allowed 155 (at that time, not sure if that's still true), but it was actually higher, but I don't remember the number. I think it's changed owners several times since then and I think they tamed it a little bit, but ti still looks like a beast! Thanks, Mick
  9. Thanks for the input! I'll keep that in mind. Thanks, Mick
  10. I talking about $300 for the driver, don't know if/when I'll replace the fairway/hybrids. I just ended up with 3 of the RBZs because I really liked the driver and found a good deal on the RBZ 3 and 4. Back when I was playing tournaments, I played an old TM Burner Plus (I think it was 7 or 8 degrees), and a TM Tour Spoon (13 deg), then the 2-pw DTRs, and my Cleveland 588 RTGs. That was my most successful setup. As you can tell, it's been hard for me to move too far away from that lineup. I tried a few other iron sets (Tommy Armour 855s - yuck!, Maxfli Revolution - meh, Cleveland CG1 - thought I
  11. If you look closely (but even then you might not be able to tell), I did take the plastic off the pitching wedge and hit it around the yard (the third full shot I hit with it hit the mailbox (my target) on the fly from 125 yards). Haven't been able to get out on the course with them yet. This virus stuff sucks! Can't wait to get out and hit the rest! I was planning to upgrade to the AP2 720 when they came out, but Titleist had other ideas. I decided to go with the last of the AP2s instead of going to the new T-series. Not sure if I would have gone with the T100 (or T100s), or the T200. This wa
  12. I'm fine playing previous years and used clubs, but I got burned by some fakes from China a while (10 years) back. Any recommendations for spotting/avoiding fakes, or is this not as much of a problem anymore?
  13. I've never played a Ping driver. I've used Taylor Made, Callaway, and Cleveland. I'm thinking I might try a Ping or Titleist this time! Thanks!
  14. I found that my ProV1 and V1x didn't perform as well after being exposed to extreme cold. They just felt "dead" after they sat in -20 garage, and never felt the same again. Lesson learned, don't leave them in the garage all winter. The ones that were in the basement didn't react the same way. Just found it interesting and thought I'd throw it out there.
  15. Looking forward to trying this soon! I've bounced around between V1, V1x, and AVX. I usually get them personalized, so I have to pick one for each season. Last year was AVX, year before was V1x, year before that was V1. This year I probably need to buy a sleeve of each and play them side-by-side to figure it out!
  16. Any recommendations for best value under $300 these days? I've been using my TaylorMade Rocketballs Stage 2 long enough! My swing speed is 118, and I'm trying to keep it on the course! Forgiveness/straightness is more important than length/distance. Thanks, Mick
  17. My wife and I have stayed and played at Fox Hills several times. It has 27 holes near the hotel and villas, and another 18 hole championship course on the property. IT's not a 5-star resort or anything, but a very decent place to stay and play for a VERY reasonable price. They have package deals that include the hotel stay and unlimited golf at all of their courses. I'd highly rate it for value, if you want to play lots of golf without playing the same thing over and over. The hotel is older, but functional. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I'd love to stay again this summer, if things
  18. I should add that my vote for the toughest course was for Ko'olau! Back in the mid-90s, you could put in a bet (I think it was $5) and you'd win a golf bag if you made par on 18, and a staff bag if you made a birdie! That was a tough hole (2 carries of over 200 yards from the Black tees (drive to first fairway, and from fairway to green....back and forth over a wide ravine). This is the course that you can see from the Pali Lookout (directly below).
  19. I played Ko'olau a few times in the mid-90s when I was stationed there on a submarine (USS Buffalo SSN-715)! Played twice from the tips! I think at that time they siad from back there there were at least 9 forced carries of over 200 yards! I broke 90 (as a 4 handicap) the time I played with the son of the club pro/director of golf! The Kaneohe Klipper is another nice course on Oahu for military folks, along with Leilahua (sp?). I played most at Hickam AFB and the Navy/Marine course. Hickam was not as crowded and very close to the Sub Base! Active duty E5/6 at Twilight was under $5.00!
  20. I'll be heading there for a short business trip once things clear up a bit. Hopefully I can find time for a least a quick nine. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  21. I feel like I'm getting old, but it's time to break down and get a push/pull cart since my back won't hold up for carrying 18 holes anymore. I'm looking for advice. 1.) Pros/cons on push vs pull? 2.) Best value for under $200? Requirements: Needs to be easy to fold/break down to put in trunk (play lots of different courses and need to take it with me!). Thoughts? Thanks! Mick
  22. More details (don't know if anyone will read this, and I'm sure nobody else will care!): My current handicap is 7.8 It's been as low as 2.1 and crept up to the 15 range when my kids were little, now I'm (painfully slowly) working my way back down. My driver swing speed is currently 118. That can be a blessing or a curse! If I can keep it on the course, the game is much easier! I've had multiple (2) rounds in the 60s with multiple penalty strokes...beyond frustrating! Looking forward to being able to come close to that again...this is the year (if they ever let us back on the courses)!
  23. Here's what's in my bag: Driver: Rocketballz RBZ Stage 2 9.5 degree Fujikura Rocketfuel 60 gram Stiff shaft 3-Wood: Roketballz RBZ Sage 2 Tour TS 13 degree Fujikura Rocketfuel 70 gram Stiff shaft Hybrid 4: Rocketballz Stage 2 4 hybrid 21 degree Fujikura Rocketfuel 65 gram Stiff shaft Iron: 2-iron Titleist DTR (Distance Through Research) (still in the bag - from 1990!) Irons: 3-PW Titleist AP2 718 (recently upgraded from AP2 710s) AMT White S300 shafts Wedges: Cleveland 588 Tour Action RTG 52, 56 and 60 degree Putter: Odyssey 2-Ball Fang with Superstroke 3.0
  24. How long have you been playing golf? 30 years What’s your handicap or normal score? Hovering around 80 What do you love about golf? Everything. Especially the feel of a well struck shot with any club. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Looking for information. Do you already know any other Spies? Not that I know of. Where are you from? Bloomer, Wisconsin. What is your home course? Bloomer Veteran's Memorial What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? The best is that there are lots of courses to play. Worst is the VERY short
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