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  1. We’ve all said that a time or two!
  2. Legally, no, but if you go by my other ID, yes.
  3. Don’t most good stories start with that?
  4. Welp, I’m officially scarred for life now. I’ll never be able to picture Blair or Lexi looking like anything other than this. Your wife is smart!
  5. No more aiming at the center of the green this week! It’s time to start firing at pins! It’s a shame this challenge didn’t start yesterday, as I hit a nice cut 8 iron from 150 to a foot. (Yes, I made the putt)
  6. Exactly, I’ve hit some great shots with the 8 iron and hybrid. I’ve got many more options now, which is always good.
  7. I’d agree that I need to plan my rounds a bit better. I’d also say I need to work on my proximity. It has also forced me to be more creative with different clubs around the green, and that I have more effective shots in the bag than what I normally play.
  8. No kidding!! I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out, but man that is gross!! Seriously, how can you even get that many different sized divots, spaced out that evenly, pointed in every freaking direction!
  9. Official Cobra SpeedZone Bag Review - GB13 Wow! I must say, after expecting an ultralight stand bag, receiving this beauty was an unexpected surprise! (Teaser: I ain’t complaining!) The SoeedZone bag is Cobra and Vessel’s attempt at combing the quality and professionalism of a staff bag with the everyday practicalities and necessary storage of a stand bag. Before this challenge, I was using a 5-way Callaway stand bag, that I’ve long since forgotten the name of, however it would be comparable to the Cobra Ultralight. I almost exclusively walk with a pushcart. Looks - 5/5 Stars Seriously, what did you expect here? This is the nicest stand bag I’ve ever seen. I’ve heard a lot of hype about Vessel bags, and in durability, looks, quality of construction, and pretty much everything else, they live up to the hype! I must say, for as bold of a color scheme as it it, it is still a VERY professional looking bag. I’d have no issue walking into a fancy, traditionalist club with this bag, which is a strong testament to the overall design. No little detail has been overlooked. From the embroidery, to the stamping, to the “snakeskin”, everything is absolutely flawless. Storage -4/5 Stars I’m a little surprised to see my fellow competitors (especially the walkers) give such low marks in this department. Being a frequent walker, I’m always striving to keep my bag as light as possible. Unfortunately, I like to pack heavy! However, I’ve had no issues fitting everything I need into my bag. The big side pocket comfortable holds 4 bottles of water, snacks, and a jacket. I also safely keep my phone, keys, and wallet in the mesh pouch sewn into the sidewall of this pocket. The two front pockets are perfect for balls and tees respectively. The other two side pockets comfortably fit sunscreen, bug spray, a change of socks, and other miscellaneous items. My biggest complaint is the lack of a pocket in which you stand store your glove without folding it. I like to store it perfectly flat, and it just doesn’t fit quite right anywhere. On Course Performance - 5/5 Stars The SpeedZone bag fits easily on my pushcart and stays locked in for the entire round with no shifting. One of my biggest complaints about my Callaway bag was that the legs didn’t lock in place, and would always be engaged while on the pushcart. That really bothered me, and I’m super happy the SZ legs lock in place. I’ve actually enjoyed the 4-way divider, it seems rather logical to me (at least for my current bag set up). While I understand the OCD desire for the 14-way divider, I always found getting clubs in and out of it was very difficult. I did carry my bag for one round during this challenge, and the straps were very comfortable. I still always use my pushcart, but if you like to carry your bag, you’ll be happy with the SZ straps and cushioning. Play it or Trade it - 5/5 Stars I’ve never seen a bag this nice let alone owned one. It makes my old bag look like a crappy child's toy. The SZ bag is exquisitely crafted, and absolutely beautiful. This bag seems very durable, and there is no doubt that I’ll be using this bag for a long time. Overall - 5/5 Stars It’s a wonderful bag. Cobra and Vessel have truly created something special. I’d like to see them continue to partner to create their bags in the future. This bag has excellent storage, works great on my pushcart, and looks freaking awesome!
  10. It was tough, I built my strategy around saving clubs for the par 3s and saving my wedges. I ended up with 3 mid iron tee shot/mid iron approach to the green holes just to kill the 5,6,7 irons. It was interesting, I was 130 out on a hole with a PW and 58° left, and a par 5 coming up. That’s the only time I’ve ever intentionally missed a green!
  11. This will be my submission for this week. I must say, this is a grueling format when you’re playing well, and absolute torture when you aren’t. For everything that failed me this week, I feel my strategy was pretty perfect. I just didn’t execute well. 68.6/128 rating and slope
  12. Teaser! Edit: well, you can see the total score... but that is still a nice highlight!
  13. Had a great range session with my driver today, which is a nice confidence boost, since in our skins game last weekend, I jacked 4 tee shots OB. (Still “only” shot 80 somehow) Anyway, it was a great help heading into my challenge round tomorrow.
  14. I’ll probably go old school with a pen and paper... I don’t need any more fiddling with my phone during a round than I already have with Arccos. Even cheating Boston teams are still gonna suck this year.
  15. Congrats @Peaksy68! Enjoy your swag! I’ve been looking forward to this challenge since I first heard about it. The last two weeks have really gotten my creativity up to par for this week. Just as long as I don’t end up having to chip with a 4 iron... I’ll be okay. Now, who wants to challenge me this week?!?
  16. Glad to hear your test was negative. Dang I’m jealous! That looks like one beautiful course! I certainly had that tendency with the hybrids, especially on the partial swings. If I had to pinpoint a cause, I would say we were decelerating through impact, causing us to shut the face down to the left.
  17. I’d probably go with the chrome. While the black is very nice, the chrome is wearing much more evenly. Hell, the way I played today, the driver should’ve never been given a spot in the bag. That’s a really good question. I’d be happy with a 3H, 8 iron, 50°, and putter. Next would probably be my 58°. After that, every other shot I need *could* be produced by one of those clubs. This week showed me how much I still need my irons.
  18. Official MIM Wedges Review - GB13 When you think of Cobra, the last thing you probably think about is wedges. Not to spoil anything, but I’m about to tell you why you’re wrong. I orded the MIM wedges in 50°, 54°, and 58° with Stiff KBS Tour 105s. Just like my irons, I was originally fit into Modus3 105s (backordered), and was told these would be a great replacement. Previously, I was using PING Glide 1.0 52° and 58° wedges. I loved those wedges for a long time, however they were starting to wear out when I was selected for this contest. Looks- 4/5 Stars I received the 50° and 58° in the chrome finish and the 54° in black finish, which are both stunning, and have now been affectionately nicknamed, my “zebras”. (Yes I know I’m weird.) Joking aside, these wedges are super classic at address, and just slick overall. My only (minute) complaint, like @daviddvm is about the scalloped back. It just isn’t my taste, however, after using these wedges, I would NOT advise Cobra to get rid of it. It’s functionality is superb. Sound & Feel- 5/5 Stars The MIM wedges get their name from what Cobra calls Metal Injection Molding, a process which, “results in a more even grain structure than forged and cast wedges and the softest feel the industry’s ever seen.” I’d say this statement is pretty darn accurate. They feel soft, yet produce a very solid sounding strike. They definitely sound and feel much better than my old PINGs. Basic Characteristics- 5/5 Stars Everything about these wedges fit my game well. I ordered the versatile grind for all three wedges, and am very happy with that choice. I’m able to hit every shot I want to around the green, from flops to bump and runs. The scalloped back definitely is effective in lowering the leading edge, resulting in less thin open-faced shots. The spin rates I’ve been seeing have been perfect. I’m not sucking the ball back, but to be honest, my ideal shot hits and sticks pretty much where it landed. In my opinion, amateurs spinning shots back (or trying to) leads to a lot of trouble. On-Course Performance- 5/5 Stars In case you can’t tell yet, I’m loving these wedges. They’re consistent, easy to hit, forgiving around the green, and sound and feel wonderful. My average distance to the pin on chip shots has gone down by 4 feet, and my full swing proximity has gotten better as well. These wedges just work for me. Play it or Trade it- 5/5 Stars Let me think about this for a second... PLAY IT!! These are my favorite clubs that Cobra sent us. I can’t really say I miss my Glides, even when they weren’t worn out, I don’t know if they were ever this good. Overall- 5/5 Stars Consistent? Solid feel? Easy to use? Complaints? I’m not sure why Cobra wedges get overlooked, but I can guarantee you that these will be in the bag for a long time, and Cobra will be top of the list when the time comes to replace them. I don’t have bad word to say about them, and believe me, I’ve tried to find something. Cobra has pulled off absolutely amazing wedges.
  19. I thought about trying to thin wedges, but figured that would be even harder to control than the bunts. Luckily there isn’t much forced carry on the par 3s, if there was, I’d have to adjust my strategy. This was the only par three that I didn’t hit hybrid (long is dead), tried to jump on a 50° and it turned into a layup... 68.6/128
  20. Lots of soft feathered hybrids, and an accidental layup . The par 3s were so difficult, I only hit 3/7 greens but my play was to always leave the easiest up and down, since I couldn’t control the distance as well. Oh, and 2 back to back chip ins help too. Here is the write-up I did of my course earlier in the thread.
  21. It’s a shame you didn’t get out this week, I’d have looked forward to your challenge. That said, while I didn’t shoot a personal best today, it was probably the best round I’ve ever played. I’m so thrilled to be done with this challenge, I absolutely hate not having my irons. It just makes it such a challenge on approach shots and par 3s... and my course has 7 par 3s.
  22. That’s a super nice round mate! Glad the jumbo grips are working out for ya, and dang was your putter on fire. We’ll see what game I bring tomorrow, but that’s gonna be tough to top!
  23. My wedge review will likely go up tomorrow, but I will concur with the quick wear. I don’t mind the black wearing off (I like the little contact spot), but in general, it isn’t the most durable black finish. I’m personally not familiar with QPQ, so I’m not sure where it ranks in the black finish hierarchy.
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