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  1. How about least shots during a round? Seems like a fair way to make your pick... oh and yeah, I shot a personal best this morning. Pick the hot hand Fix!
  2. Obviously. But he’d probably be playing non-conforming clubs with shaved faces. And build sand castles in the bunkers like Reed. Trading one washed-up star for another. Bravo Bill!!
  3. Oh, you aren’t backing a loser, I can tell you that much. I don’t fare well in a popularity contest. People always hate the talented young gun. As for the trash talk, I’m usually asleep for another 2 hours! I just happen to have an early tee time.
  4. Not even creative enough to come up with your own response there @CalvesLikeChesson, you had to copy @cuethesubmarines response. How sad!!
  5. I’m pretty sure all of my fellow competitors didn’t get their hashtags quite right. I think they should be: @B.Boston #cuethesubmarines cause he’ll be diving down this leaderboard @daviddvm #TeamCobraFifth @edingc #CalvesLikeChesson @Headhammer #headcase cause we all know he won’t be able to get out of his own head. And obviously my #VenomSpitter was dead on...
  6. I fear, that like most men, you might be overestimating your own length.
  7. Did Brady and Belichick teach you how to lie for personal gain?
  8. At least 3 or 4, weather permitting... until I get arrested at least...
  9. Yep!! I’m okay being unaware of what happens in the “real world”. That’ll come soon enough.
  10. Sadly, I know no one... . . . maybe that means... I’M THE GUY!
  11. As I said earlier, I won’t bribe anyone, that’s purely @B.Boston and @edingc‘s game. All of my followers have been earned honorably. You’ll vote for me because I had the best intro, and will win.
  12. I don’t think so, I was fit for the driver +1° with the draw setting, and my first round EVERYTHING went left. I changed it back to just +1° with no draw setting on the second hole of my second round. First swing was a 335 yard bomb. I’m loving the driver and woods (even the hybrid!) so far! The irons are shorter and flatter than what I had been playing so there has been a bit of an adjustment needed there. So far my strikes have been much better and more consistent with shorter clubs, however, my accuracy isn’t quite where I want it yet.
  13. Ahh, yes the rangefinder on the course does adjusted distances for your shot, however those adjustments aren’t figured into your “how far you hit the club” distances. Right?
  14. Are you sure? This six iron on hole 6 was playing significantly longer than the actual yardage (about 180), yet it shows the actual yardage I hit it on the club chart.
  15. It doesn’t factor that into play for the club distances. I can’t answer why it doesn’t, it should I’m my opinion. Nonetheless, you are correct, the law of averages will give you a proper average in the end. Usually after about 5-7 rounds.
  16. Aren’t you two like the same person?
  17. Welcome to the team, Meme Master!! I’ll certainly enjoy having another certified #VenomSpitter with me.
  18. That’s the biggest load of BS I’ve ever seen. Just look at the first post in this thread (after the intros). That doesn’t seem so modest to me.
  19. I take it that you’ve decided against joining the winning team? Sure, great move on your part. Rooting for anyone else will be like rooting for the Pats this year.
  20. Well, that’s a pleasant surprise!! Welcome to the winning team Bucky! Yeah, I really didn’t get up and down from there.
  21. But you counted to five, you need to counteth to three. Not four, and not to two, except to proceedeth to three.
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