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  1. So this has me thinking (tinkering) again about an optional shaft for the G400. Since it's the SFT model that is similar in nominal loft to the other HL models, maybe a different shaft might help? The other bonus would be that I could try it on my 5w. Looking at my data in the prior post, any shafts come to mind that would pair well with the PING?
  2. Did I mention "billable hours" previously??
  3. I tried following this thread... without much success. Regarding the spikes question, I just picked up a pair of these on clearance which will be my first experience with soft spikes. My other shoes are all the non remove/replace nubby style. If I don't like theses plastic spikes, I might try removing them and just use the nubs.
  4. Oddly enough my G400 and the G425 felt the "deadest" (best word I can think of) amongst all tested. I've never considered myself very discerning when it comes to "club feel" but I definitely noticed it yesterday. I'm not sure how much of that is the face material vs. shaft ... likely a little of both?
  5. Hey, we operate on a data driven, sound ROI decision tree around here. Besides, I need to keep some some Gear Ho cash available for that hand-me-down G3
  6. Sebastian Munoz shoots his second "60" of the season... nicely done . But, as hot a start as it is, two 64's are in behind him and there are some still playing who look like they could get close. It's looking like Craig Ranch is going to get sliced up faster than a stick of pepperoni on 2 for 1 pizza night. And JT... what up with the Van Rooyen leggings
  7. Yes he does. I've talked with him twice during my new iron and shaft journey. He calls me back on a Sunday after being out with the family.... WHAT???.... who does that? Digging that studio set-up!! Also love his comment "golf's all about how good you miss it" .
  8. As I mentioned in my "How'd You Play" post yesterday, I ended my round racing from #18 over to the PING, Callaway, & Taylormade fitting tents on the driving range. I had no idea they were scheduled to be there and was elated they were. I was thinking my best opportunity to test products was going to be while over in WA for the PNW Spy Meet-up.... which is next month !!!! Anyway, first up was Callaway and the Rogue series, which unlike the Epic series, now offers a 3HL. Not sure what LM system they were using, but it was a small device on a stand and linked through their iPad. I'd not seen it before and should have asked but didn't. My baseline with the G400 was 172 carry (range balls). We started with the Rogue Max ST Max HL (16.5*) and the Tensei Blue 65R and it produced similar slight fade ball flight and trajectory with a avg carry of 176. We also tried the ST MaxD (similar draw bias as the G400 SFT) with the stock PX Cypher 50 but it wasn't any longer and was tending to balloon shots. Last, we tried the ST LS in both the 14.5* and 16.5* and the Tensei Blue. No further distance on the HL but the 14.5* produced the longest carry of 189... but I couldn't repeat it. I then moved to the PING booth and, using Trackman, my G400 baseline was 174 carry. We tried the G425 Max (nominal 14.5*) and SFT (nominal 16*) with the Alta CB in both stiff and regular. Both the Max and SFT were within a yard of each other at 177. For an experiment, he put a 44 inch shaft (don't recall model) on the Max and it did get a couple right at 180 but dispersion started to suffer. While waiting for the TM folks to finish up with another customer, we had a great discussion about PING, the fitters history with them and the recent complications the company went through from the pandemic. He shared some interesting info about the Solheim family and their operating philosophy. Last was the TM booth and the Stealth's. Their TM has my baseline at 173 carry. We tried the Stealth 3HL first with the stock Ventus Red. I must say, it felt good... quite a different feel and sound. It was getting an average carry of 175. We then tried the Stealth Plus (15*) with the V-Steel sole plate and the PX Haz Smoke Red shaft. Feel wise, this one stood out. It was noticeably heavier, more solid feeling much like the G400. My first handful of shot were all carbon copies of each other, carrying 178 and bouncing up to the 200 yard marker. Now completely swung out, I drank a bottle of water and debated on taking advantage of the small discount that was being offered by the OEM's and the club pro. But my willpower won out and I chose to wait. Ultimately, none of the options were yielding more than ~5 yards over my gamer. What I did find is that both the TM and, to a lesser degree, the Callaway felt better off the face than the PING. I also like the feel of both the Ventus and PX shafts.... a bit more so than the Tensei Blue. Lastly, the HL models were producing the most consistent shot patterns... which is pretty spot on with the advice a number of you have been providing . My next test is going to be to get some SC200 data with set my 3w loft to (17*) and then put it's shaft on my 5w (18* & 19*) to see what that yields. I did a similar test while in AZ but it was pretty windy and worth a redo. If the modified 5w can match the 3w with more consistent strike/ball flight, I'll then look into... hell, I don't really know... swing speed training comes to mind .
  9. Yes, along with the Champions, Korn Ferry, Collegiate, and LPGA. The quality of golfers and shot making on all of them are rarified air and, while the PGA Tour is great, I don't find watching the other venues to be a letdown in the least.
  10. I decided to sneak in another round yesterday between weather systems. I played Beaverhead GC solo as my playing partner called just as I arrived to say he had to head up I15 towards Butte because his son's car had flatlined... as in went stone dead from 80 mph . So, I played a 2 ball format and pitted a Srixon Q-Star against a TP5. I started off with a bogey and DB but had two birdies on that same hole from the other tee box... this game ceases to amaze and amuse me . Q-Star 44/41, TP5 43/44. Overall, ball striking was a little lackluster... some gems mixed in with ho-hummers. I had several drives with both balls hit well and on nearly identical ball flight. They were within a yard of one another but the Q-Star was the lead dog. On approaches, they played similar leaving me with that consistent result of wondering if there truly is a ball that best fits my game . Chris @Thin2win says there is and maybe we'll have a chance during the PNW Meet-up to find one. Anyway, the golf Gods were good to me as, while hitting my approaches into #18, I noticed 3 tents on the driving range. Are they setting up for a BBQ (which they sometimes do)? Nope... those are OEM tents... as in Callaway, PING, and Taylormade!! Seeing that only one guy was hitting, I hastily putted out and made a bee-line for them. I've been shopping for a 3w with the hopes of getting some additional gap between my G400 5w and 3w. If you care to know what I found out, head over to the "3 Wood Options" thread.
  11. You rate them based on how they perform. If you haven't done so and have the means to do so, do yourself a BIG favor and get fitted - by someone that is competent and brand agnostic. I can tell you from my two iron fitting experiences over the past 4 years that some irons and shafts will love your swing and some won't. A couple I really wanted to work (loved their look) didn't and a couple I wouldn't have expected did. Also, while most say the choice in iron had is more than 50% of the equation, don't underestimate shaft choice... this was what surprised me the most. Good luck and have fun.
  12. Absolutely fantastic Rob and a HUGE THANKS to you and the folks at Titleist & Vokey for the prizes!!
  13. I've heard of any such rumblings, but what about Euro and Asian Tour players who might find this league attractive?
  14. It seems LIV's (and PGA players) best chance at breaking Monahan's choke-hold is winning the antitrust argument. Now that Monahan has formally exercised his (as some are pointing out) inconsistent decision on exemption requests, I suspect we will soon hear that a lawsuit has been filed... presuming that the courts agree it has sufficient basis. Greg Norman LIV Golf PGA Tour Legal Implications Antitrust Law – Sportico.com
  15. I was referring to what you would have paid for a driver/fw's fitting.
  16. Oh boy, here we go. You're "free agents" but not really. I see a boat load of billable hours by a fleet of attorneys in my fuzzy crystal ball. As this sabre rattling ensues we're likely going to get a peek into contract specifics that we'd otherwise never know about. I'll take the refillable tub but pass on the butter . Line in the sand: PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan has denied players permission to play on LIV Golf tour (yahoo.com) And, if that weren't enough of a kick in the willy, Jay sent Greg another shot across the bow. Greg Norman denied special exemption to play 2022 Open Championship (golf.com)
  17. To fans and fantasy league players who have soured on him recently, Team Mickelson has a message in their new theme song. I'm now heading over to the FTx available players pool before the opportunity passes
  18. We shall see. They have some pretty cool extracurricular stuff around the main events and, with the various format changes, it may catch the interest of many more players. At the very least, I suspect the PGA will start looking at similar changes beyond bigger purses and PIP (which has become a bit of a joke to everyone but Tiger).
  19. If I can access it, I'll definitely watch it. Like Brian, I find this whole storyline pretty interesting and would love to get more behind the scenes info. The Shark Tour is for real.
  20. I'm glad to see him back and really hope he does well. The odds of a repeat are next to nothing but I'm a Phil fan and will be rooting for him. The PGA should pair him with Rory and Tiger on Thursday... the remaining 14 patrons not following that group will have the entire place to themselves . As for the Shark Tour, it is not going away anytime soon, IMO, and he isn't the only one that will be requesting a LWOP. I personally think this tour is going to stir up the stuff before it dies down, if it ever does. I also suspect a lot more players are remaining silent but seriously considering that tour in a wait and see mode.
  21. This is a storyline I frequently hear from league players. For some, winning is that important to them. I also suspect the amount of "handicap massaging" runs way deeper and wider than we'd like to think. That in of itself makes the handicap system unfair. I plan to join the men's league when we relocate to AZ, primarily to meet folks and get regular scheduled play, but a part of me dosen't want the handicap and bull-puckey that goes with it.
  22. Congratulations! Celebrate the occasion with a plane ticket to Spokane Int'l Airport, where one of us will pick you up and haul you around to the various tracks of frustration and horror @Kenny Bhas lined up for the 4th Annual PNW Spy Meet-up.
  23. Tony and Chris simply mention that as something many, many have brought up as a way to reduce average distance... not that the USGA is proposing it. Yes, I realize that the USGA does not govern course set-up but they and the PGA could certainly influence event hosts to do so. It's pretty well documented that fairway height has, in Tony's words" has gone from "shag to berber" over the decades. Settings on the mowers involves WAY LESS churn and consternation than equipment roll-backs or lengthening courses where that is even possible. The fans love bombs and bombs they will still get... just a little shorter to satisfy this magic max average distance target. And, when the players start eclipsing that target through physical training and technique, just adjust the mowers again.
  24. I'm sure some tweaks like that would work, particularly with a group that is pretty well established.
  25. Nice review! At first glance, the face view and, to a lesser extent, top down profile looks really similar to my G400's. I think these "morph's" are pretty ingenious actually; trying to leverage the best of and throttle the worst of two club types. Curious, for comparison with mine, what is your driver or 3w swing speed?
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