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  1. OK, the Podcast title/question... umm, no as there is no way any of this makes its way to amateur golf. Average carry distances of 220 ish yards does not threaten the vast majority of courses around the globe. As such, I solely view this whole issue/debate as it relates to professional golf. Tony's analogy of the local rule being fine for play and not for equipment is good. Would pros effectively need a bag (or three) simply for the chance that any particular event host decides to employ an equipment bifurcation rule?... sure sounds like that would be the case. How many of you think a tour event host is going to be "the one" who employs an equipment local rule? They also bring up the $64,000 question as to why non equipment based options aren't being employed first... grass cut height... HELLO. Hats off to PING and Titleist for making their comments to proposed CT and MOI changes public . I'd love to read them if anyone knows how to access them? Honestly, I think the USGA/R&A have kind of dug themselves a hole on this distance subject and they just keep digging.... and we all know the axiom regarding digging .
  2. I don't Dave. I seem to recall having linked it in another handicap related thread a couple years ago but maybe not. Our AZ group had been playing a handicap skins event at Yuma CC and most of us felt like it was heavily sandbagged as the same several players were marching up to the bar to collect booty. Among the 8 or so of us that played in the event, we did take a few prizes, but it seemed like a pattern had emerged. Just for grins, I started looking into the subject and found the article/study - but never saved it.
  3. That's interesting given how much shaft mfg.'s advertise both launch and spin characteristics of their products. So if a dozen different shafts were tested using a swing robot on any given head, you doubt their would be much difference in launch and spin? My fitter didn't get that chance with the Steelfiber... I just handed it back to him and said "next please" .
  4. I just realized I forgot to make a pick for this weeks event... can't even follow my own reminder . How come nobody is picking Will Z lately?
  5. The tour now moves west to McKinney, TX for the ATT Byron Nelson. This event has raised/donated over $167M to charity since its 1968 debut... pretty cool! TPC Craig Ranch is a Tom Weiskopf designed course and considered the most challenging test of golf in Texas. It was Tom's hope that the course would eventually be selected to host this namesake event - which it will at least for the next 4 years. The field includes last years winner K.H. Lee along with a healthy handful of the top 20. The weather forecast looks much better than the slop-fest at Wells Fargo and I'm sure the players will love that. Not really sure who to pick on this one but think (hope) Brooks decides it's time to hoist some hardware. With the PGA Championship just around the corner, there a number of "big name" players who haven't really played to form, that are no doubt wanting to get things rolling downhill. Don't forget to make your pick for this weeks winner https://runmypools.com/JRMPNWWF. Good luck!
  6. Congratulations Max Homa!!!
  7. I read a really thorough statistical study on this whole handicap and various games. The bottom-line was that, presuming accurate indexes are in play, high handicaps had better odds of bringing home the bacon. I think @revkevnailed it with the handicap system wasn't intended for games like skins. It's much like a mid to high handicap player odds against a scratch golfer on KP's from 160+ yard par 3's... the odds are not in their favor.
  8. I don't mind pocket change, fun stuff, but "real money" and systems that can (are) gamed just tends to sour it for me too. We even have one hole at Las Barancas (#15) where the tee shot that finds the lowest elevation in the fairway wins .25 I have no idea who thought that one up, but it is kind of fun.
  9. I've been doing some research of late as part of my search for a longer 3 wood. Reading through various threads, blogs, and articles, one sub topic really stands out ... shafts. It seems there is more churn and debate about shafts than any other component in golf equipment. Perhaps that has much to do with the fact that industry standards do not exist to define shaft attributes, and that a good many "almost the real deal" shafts are offered by OEM's which can cause lots of confusion. Fujikara's Ventus a good recent example. Add to this the other debate as to just how important (or not) the shaft is versus the head, and it's no wonder so many discussions end up off in the weeds with no consensus. My recent fitting experiences really opened my eyes to the value of a competent fitting process and that both heads and shafts make a difference. Some were very subtle, others very obvious. I'm curious what the forum thinks about shafts vs. heads and their relative importance to each other. For the sake of the poll and discussion, let's say we're talking about more discriminate players - those that delve into the details and don't just buy straight off the rack with little or no research into the decision. So, the archer aside, which contributes most to the club performance?
  10. This course and conditions are kicking the fields butts. Just at a glance, it appears well over half are at and will finish over par. And poor Aaron Baddeley... he was able to rack up more swings in 2 days than either Taylor Moore and Michael Thompson used in 4 days . The Tommy Fleetwood look just isn't working, I think Aaron seriously needs to cut the hair, maybe even a Koepka-like color change, and mix things up a bit .
  11. Likewise for me. With the exception of playing "Wolf" for a dime a hole and .25 for birdies and fewest putts, my experience has been that once real money gets involved, the pissing matches ensue and I have no interest in that. In our AZ Wolf games, we kind of have a handicap in that several of us cannot choose each other as partners and several have the option to move to the senior tees if they choose. It seems to work out well with the same dimes and quarters being pass back n' forth all season long. I know, because I purposely marked a few . @B_R_A_D_Y, not really sure what to say about your question other than I more often hear folks complain about "handicap systems" not being fair than being fair. Those winning more often than not will say the "system is fair" and those that are losing more often, won't. Ideally, a really fair system would distribute the money evenly over a period of time... but then some say "what's the point"?
  12. The try it for $25 program sounds pretty cool. Particularly if you have or have access too a higher end LM. This also explains why I see so many eBay listings from Global Golf . The $175 is about what you'd have spent at a driver fitting but that comes with the expertise of someone helping with shaft selections. On the other hand, being able to put candidates into play on the course is of value. I'm currently in a "3 Wood Hunting" mode and will check this out. I'm curious to know what would have been your second choice to the Stealth? Have fun with the new boomer .
  13. Well, I would have hoped my True Spec fitter would have suggested this path if he felt a 3w should not be in my quiver. I feel pretty confident there is a 3 wood + shaft combination out there that will outperform the G400 SFT. Unless he cooked the books on the TSi2/Diamana Thump, theirs at least one.
  14. It was just outed that they used yellow balls... the mystery explained .
  15. We've discussed this before under the "MGS Hit Squad Tester Profile" discussion, but here is a perfect example of where having that data as part of the review would be so very beneficial. Being able to see how testers who have base swing profiles like mine hit any given club would be HUGE. I get not having 20+ handicap, inconsistent strikers not test baby blades, but 3 woods? How about this as a discussion topic on an upcoming No Putts Given podcast? Michael @GolfSpy MPR, do you have any input on podcast topics?
  16. Keegan's post round interview was telling about conditions... "I used my 7i from 140 yards" . And Jason Day posting a 79... ouch .
  17. Definitely back with that young buck... makes me swing out of my shoes .
  18. Good points and to be clear, I am talking about the shorter par 5's or those that are downhill and with prevailing tail winds. I guess my whole thing with this thread is my feeling like I should have more carry spread between a 16* and 19* wood. Most times I feel like I absolutely coin the 3w off the tee only to find it barely out 200 yards. Conversely, I'll sometimes thin it off the deck and get 220 yards. The former is what started me wondering about a lower trajectory, lower spin shaft vs. the Alta CB .
  19. That is interesting. Perhaps it's the flat profile as compared to the TS2? I think that's what turned me onto the PING. I had been bagging a Callaway Warbird 3w (don't even recall it's loft). It was no problem off a tee but a bit less so off the fairway. One of the guys in AZ gamed the G30 3w and 5w and had me try the 3w a few times. It was a HUGE shift in reliability. Oh, I can still mishit any club in the bag anytime, but my confidence with the G400's is very high. Good point on the MGS MW Data but I suspect even if higher ss testers were parsed out, it would probably follow the same trend.
  20. Yup, it seems I'm stuck in the muck. I almost always play white tees and find total yardage between 5700-6100 manageable; that is to say well struck shots on the majority of holes are reachable in regulation. Yeah, age-wise, I'm on the downhill side of gaining swing/ball speed and my left shoulder history has left me with the decision not to attempt swing speed training... at least to flat out levels. Going back through the latest MGS Most Wanted FW's, I do note that the SFT models are among the shortest hitting, so while they do help reduce right side misses, looks to be a at cost.
  21. Kenny at some yet TBD point (or two, or three) during rounds at the PNW Meet-up... "where the hell is my 3w?" . I just looked at these and there are a slew of options. I thought you were making a play on words with the "Heavenwood" but they do have such a thing. What loft do you have?
  22. I'm able to reliably launch the G400 3w off the deck but just want more carry. These are my baseline numbers during the TrueSpec fitting (off the mat). We did the fairway after the irons and driver segments and I may have started to run out of gas as we spent lots of time on irons which was my primary focus. In play, based on my Shotscope yardage, I'm seeing closer to 190 total distance but hoping to find something that will get me 200+. Here is what the TSi2 and Thump yielded I would have loved to test my 5w at the fitting but they did not have the correct adapters and we ran short of time (another customer waiting). Again, based on my Shotscope data during rounds, I'm seeing about 175-180 total distance with the G400 5w. When I put the 3w shaft on the 5w, and tested it at the range using my SC200, I picked up about 4 yards. Do you play a 3w length shaft on your 5w? I do agree the 5w is easier to launch but that's not getting me past the 200 yard mark... which would help me reach a few of the shorter par 5's in two and long par 4's in regulation.
  23. Having lived in Puget Sound for 30 years I played in "the soup" but opted not to as much as possible. The only times I've injured myself playing golf is playing in the rain; wrenched my back losing my footing on a swing, and broke my left ring finger on a punch out 4i when my grip slipped. Considering how little they pay me to play this game, no thanks.
  24. I'm leaning toward one of the M series or maybe the SIM2 MAX 3HL (16.5*). I'm also thinking that having the adjustability of the M3 might be the better choice being that I'm in the "blind tinker mode"... thoughts on that? I've been watching for a G400 Stretch as I do like the look and profile of the PING's. This was the bummer side of my TS fitting in that they did not have the right adapter for the G400 and I couldn't see how the Diamana Thump or other shafts may have improved numbers. TrueSpec fitting yielded the TSi2 15* with the Diamana Thump 65... but I wasn't ready to drop $500+.
  25. Lots of wet areas for sure. I'd venture to say there aren't many courses that would even be playable after 2 inches of rain. Almost every shot off the deck is a splash... yuck. I personally hate playing in rain .
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