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  1. 56’ Ping Glide, for lob, bunkers, and crisp stopping on a dime chips. If I need to run, I use my stock PW or 9 iron, depending on Lin , conditions and length.
  2. Question: when testing different clubs, what stops you (maybe you already do it) from fitting the same shaft for every different head that is fitted for the tester? For instance given the importance of the shaft, if every head was fitted with the same shaft, the only variable (other than the person) would the performance of the head? I can see this would be easier for Drivers?
  3. I have have had many a pair of golf shoes, followed Covey’s many recommendations over the years. These ranged from Puma ignite, FJ’s, Ecco, Royal Albatross and others. but blow me down if I didn’t find the most comfortable pair of non spiked shoes ever, the G/Fore double Boa Perforated G/DRIVE, boy oh boy are these comfortable, great fit with the Boa system, and cushioned, played on a wet course and they held their own. Has anyone one else tried these, with similar results?
  4. I have been following your posts about moving the CG higher, which makes a lot of sense, then you show us this. While delivering performance, lots of work to improve the looks, before I would consider putting this in my bag.
  5. Keen to hear from anyone that has benefited, or not from signing up to Bo Watson’s / Shannon Shuskey golfing improvement training? In The Zone…
  6. In Australia Wilson irons are not sold in the large box stores, (we only have 3 in Western Australia). Before hunting down a local Wilson reseller, who has been using the D7 irons and who is keen to bag the D9. Especially after such a glowing MGS write up on both models. Keen to hear from you?
  7. I admit that at times I am a bit slow, and in this case when it comes to strokes gained. I, like you are not a great putter, but lately overall are getting better, 3 putts significantly reducing or in many games eliminated. My yardstick in putting is my total putts. If I have more than 32 it’s a bad day, anything between 29 and 31 is good, and under 29, is a fantastic day. Crosshanded, better at reducing my tendency to swing with my hands, and using a Callaway hickory shafted putter.
  8. Hi All, I have bought and sold and given away many purchases over the years, each time when buying thinking that I would take my game to the next level but in fact I found that they really didn’t make any difference to my game scoring. That is until recently where I put in my bag two new clubs. A Sirxon ZX 3wood and Ping G425 #3 Hybrid. Omg these two clubs have turned my game around. Not being a long hitter, with a tendency to pull these clubs using Cobra’s, Titliest and Muzino 3 woods and hybrids, I am hitting them longer and straighter, hitting more greens or at least close enough to get up and down. And doing it with ease. I cannot say how pleased I am to have these in my bag. What’s worked for you…
  9. It’s an interesting question, I am using an ER2Evnroll and I love it, but I also have 3 other putters. Two of them Scotties, one of which I have just customized. Yet I am not sure when they will see daylight on a course. Could another of my putters really be as good as the ER2? Maybe but I am a little scared to try it. Before the ER2 I was absolutely up for trailing new putters, but not now. So maybe these others are the start of my collection? collect away…
  10. Just advised by a local stockiest of golf gear, that Titleist ball stocks are low, with limited availability. Down under stockiest.
  11. I do like reading all this, loft, gaping, distance, stopping power, and shafts but! It would seem to me that the real winner is getting fitted, and then practice, practice and practice some more, so you know how far each club goes plus or minus a yard or two, and bring home the bacon.
  12. This popped into my inbox this morning, and along with the typical pages and pages of blurb that is associated with this type of selling, which I detest, here is their claim to fame. https://www.autopilotgolf.com/lp/autopilot/atp-driver-159/?a_aid=ngf&a_cid=24d6efb5&data1=ngf-atp-072621 According to the test by 8 men, we have the latest and best driver on the market. Okay enough from me, MGS, over to you.
  13. Love your set up, very cool. Putter especially nice.
  14. While I really enjoy all the content on MGS, I have hated all the ads popping up. They distorted the reading of the reviews, and became a real annoyance to me. I wasn’t aware of a fix (not that tech savvy) , but a fix there is. So I have down loaded a new search browser called Duck Duck along with Firefox, and for the first time in years I was able to read a complete review ( Callaway Chrome Ball) AD FREE. it was a liberating experience I can tell you.
  15. Cobra Giving Poor Head Team MGS and everyone, I have recently joined a Facebook cobra group, as I am playing some great Cobra irons. What I have been really surprised to see is the number of reported failures with their driver head. It’s cracking and falling apart. Now what I don’t know is this just a Cobra driver issue or does it happen to other drivers as well. Cobra is replacing these, and boy oh boy these clubs sizzle, but what is it that has the head falling apart on new clubs, quality control , Welding, glue?.. apprecite any thoughts on why and if it also happens with other manufacturers?
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