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  1. Take some time analyzing these two putting paths. Top picture is a severe in-to-out path, while the bottom is severe out-to-in path. Notice that relative to the face the ball is darn near to 90°coming off the face regardless of path. Do your own tests. But I share this to help your putting practice, control the face 1st, worry about path 2nd. You'll make more putts keeping the face on line guaranteed.
  2. I had a full rupture back on August 24th and surgery on the 3rd of September. Definitely listen to your doctor. Not sure your height and weight. I'm 5'-9" at 135lbs. Once they let me walk in the boot I was on my feet as long as I could tolerate it. I would ice it nearly every night to keep the swelling down. Push yourself in physical therapy, pain is good, but listen to your body. Your tolerance to the pain will gradually increase. If you're in pain take a break, then try pushing again. Hang in there buddy, it's not fun. Be patient, and again listen to your body, last thing you want is to re-injure it. But you'll look back in 5-8 months and think it was a blur.
  3. Not for me, I still use mine as the gap between my hybrids and my driver. The course set up helps answer this question too. Consider the pros change their bag around weekly based on the yardages they want into each green. So, maybe for your home course your 3wd isn't necessary, or dead as you said. Change courses and you may find your driver is dead and 3wd is your distance of choice off the tee. Or maybe change tees on your current course and you'll find the hybrids dead and 3wd becomes the club of choice on your 2nd shot into par 5's.
  4. I just received my first S-Grind and wedge June of last year and started delving into the various grinds on the market. Which grind do you use on your wedges and why? Noticeable benefits for the various shots you play?
  5. Those short towels don't make it easier to dry off after hitting your ball out of the pond LOL.
  6. As a perfectionist 5 hcp, "Good Drive" means within 5 yards of my aim point and desired landing zone. "Great Drive" is exactly as intended. "That'll Play" means preferably in the short grass with line of flight to the hole with no need for any tricky on custom stance, trajectory, purposeful hook/slice, or some miraculous striping the ball through some made up hole in the branches of ill placed trees.
  7. Flightscope Mevo launch monitor or the Garmin G80 if $500 is the limit. Got fitted for the Ping G410 driver too, it's in that price range. Merry Christmas everyone, stay healthy.
  8. I'm 12 weeks post surgery from a full Achilles Tendon rupture. Physical therapy is going well; finally out of the walking boot and in a shoe with a graduated wedge (5/8" for 2wks, 1/2" for 2wks, 1/4" for 2wks). 4 more weeks until the wedges are gone. I have a good therapist who knows my golf goals. But looking for anyone else who has been through this and the best stretches and strength training once the doctor releases me to go 110%. Thank you in advance.
  9. Ross from Terre Haute, IN I have a narrow hitting net that has pipes in the ground that I slide the net pipes into. Then have to pull the cable tight and wrap the rope around a cleat. Takes around 10 minutes to set up and another 10 to take down. If the size is small enough and deployment is quick to set up and take down I could use this in my front room over the winter. If this is more of a permanent net design then I'll bow out and let someone else test this as well. Do you use any sort of LM with one? No I do not. I want one though... does a Launch Monitor come with the net ?
  10. Assuming the group in front of you isn't waiting on someone in front of them, and they won't let you play through, and the round counts towards your handicap or course record...there's always the option of putting it in there back pocket. I always make sure it's done safe if I find myself in that position. Play ready golf, and as soon as they get off the green hit the approach shot. As soon as they are out of range hit the tee shot. Call me a liar, but I try to passify the situation by saying something like "wow, that was the shot of my life, never thought I could hit it that far". Eventually they'll either get the drift you're waiting on them, let you join, you're close enough to ask to play through, or the rare occasion of them being angry and yell for hitting into them. I've only been yelled at once in 30 years, the rest of the time it starts a decent conversation or very friendly apology for not letting me play through earlier.
  11. Instead of using an alignment stick next to the club you can slide a pool noodle over the alignment stick so you don't smack your club on the stick. But this is a decent drill. I even saw Bryson simply put two head covers on the ground beside the ball. Narrow spacing for tighter control, wider spacing for beginner. The goal is for the club to pass through the club head covers without hitting them. Have you ever videoed your swing? If you're over the top you are losing swing plane. A lot of people I've held with this have an issue with early extension too.
  12. Very true. I'm not trying to argue that being closer to green doesn't help lower my score. I've driven greens and 4-putted. If I can't putt then doesn't matter how long I hit it in the game of golf. My point to the question was would I take length over being able to knock it in the hole in 2 strokes vs 3. Look up the average length of the first putt between pros vs ams, my source is a little loose; AimPoint creator. The take away from what I was trying to express is the make percent of pros vs ams from 15ft, 10ft, 5ft. We (ams) have some work to do on the greens over the driver.
  13. How long is the course? if I'm on a 6,000-6,500 yd course, 260 of the tee is perfectly adequate. Allow me a made up statistic that 70% of the game is played from 150yds and in... so if I 3 putt my score suffers whether I put it in the green side bunker of the tee, or stripped the fairway and have 50yds left. What separates the pros from amateurs is primarily number of putts. In short, I'll take zero 3 putts over 300yd drives any day.
  14. As a perfectionist it comes naturally. Sure the love of the game helps immensely, but on the days I want to throw my clubs away I somehow hit that one shot that give me a high and then I start thinking surely if I did it once I could do it again. That motivates me more than my goals of winning tournaments.
  15. If you are serious about the game then it's time to get good/best equipment you can afford. Even severely budget conscious players can find used deals. My last set of irons i tried out between 5-15 sets (lost count) at a golf shop into a simulator. Then ebay hooked me up with a $850 set for $350. I never buy current model drivers for $550, wait till next year, same driver that never sold will be $200-ish. However you upgrade, you will see the difference in your shot consistency psychologically, and physically when you jump from budget clubs to name brand. As for fitting. It can be a slippery slope. I don't want to scare you away from it, just caution you. If you are in the middle of swing changes i strongly recommend waiting to get fitted. Unless of course you have money to burn on new shafts once your new swing changes become consistent. I've played stock shafts for 30 years and am a 5hcp with 3 little boys that kill my ability to be scratch. My point in bringing this up...a lesson will help your score more than custom equipment. I've beat plenty of guys who had the best custom gear with my name brand stock equipment. If you don't know how use the tool it really doesn't matter how good you look. Sorry for that soap box. In conclusion, get to store or demo day, try several sets, pay attention to your dispersion and distance. The longer clubs tend to have more dispersion. So you may not want the clubs you hit the furthest. Get the ones that give you the best dispersion and the best distance. And be patient, you may love the clubs...take your notes, and then go shopping for best deal on the clubs you chose.
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