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  1. Very true. I'm not trying to argue that being closer to green doesn't help lower my score. I've driven greens and 4-putted. If I can't putt then doesn't matter how long I hit it in the game of golf. My point to the question was would I take length over being able to knock it in the hole in 2 strokes vs 3. Look up the average length of the first putt between pros vs ams, my source is a little loose; AimPoint creator. The take away from what I was trying to express is the make percent of pros vs ams from 15ft, 10ft, 5ft. We (ams) have some work to do on the greens over the driver.
  2. How long is the course? if I'm on a 6,000-6,500 yd course, 260 of the tee is perfectly adequate. Allow me a made up statistic that 70% of the game is played from 150yds and in... so if I 3 putt my score suffers whether I put it in the green side bunker of the tee, or stripped the fairway and have 50yds left. What separates the pros from amateurs is primarily number of putts. In short, I'll take zero 3 putts over 300yd drives any day.
  3. As a perfectionist it comes naturally. Sure the love of the game helps immensely, but on the days I want to throw my clubs away I somehow hit that one shot that give me a high and then I start thinking surely if I did it once I could do it again. That motivates me more than my goals of winning tournaments.
  4. If you are serious about the game then it's time to get good/best equipment you can afford. Even severely budget conscious players can find used deals. My last set of irons i tried out between 5-15 sets (lost count) at a golf shop into a simulator. Then ebay hooked me up with a $850 set for $350. I never buy current model drivers for $550, wait till next year, same driver that never sold will be $200-ish. However you upgrade, you will see the difference in your shot consistency psychologically, and physically when you jump from budget clubs to name brand. As for fitting. It can be a sli
  5. Ross, Terre Haute, IN RH 5.0hcp First: 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff Second: 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff Currently play the Hogan Apex hybrid 2h (17yrs old, but still has pop in it)
  6. There are several videos out there that try to discuss this, but I felt this guy did a fairly thorough job. It's the challenge of the equipment's reaction to the temperature which other videos may test better than this one. But the biggest factor to consider. When you are playing in the winter with 30 layers on and can't feel your hands, air density and compression rates are the least of your distance woes. And conversely when you could get out in the sauna the air is thinner and your arms, back, and legs turn into rubber which magically translates into gorilla power.
  7. Ross Terre Haute, IN 5.0 Callaway Mack Daddy 56 degree Titleist Vokey 60 degree The raw wedge has a fantastic look to it. In the high sun I have issues with the sun reflections that can blind me LOL. This matte finish looks it would dull that reflection adequately. I would want a good spin rate on the wedges for the one hop and stop shot.
  8. Chip or pitches to elevated greens to allow the ball to land soft but will release like a chip. And definitely use it for my flop shots. If in a greenside bunker with a tucked pin I have been known to use the 60 degree to get the ball to come out higher, land softer, and spin more than my 56.
  9. I've always tried to swing from the shoulders and eliminate the wrists. I was on a reinvention of my putting stroke this summer. Made some fantastic headway too with my stroke as well as using AimPoint system for green reading. As for how I answered the original post I was trying to give the readers a swing thought to help their putting. I hope that's what came across. Thanks for your feedback and comments.
  10. My thought is whatever posture that allows my shoulders to swing fully and keeps my wrists square preferably 2 inches before and after the hitting zone. I listen for the "skip" of the ball. It should be quiet! If I hear the skip I know I have too much backspin. If the ball pops up I know I hit down on the ball or "scooped" the ball. Another thought is whether I swing with the left arm and support/guide with the right? Or do I swing with the right arm and support/guide with the left? I find my answer to this question by watching if I pull or push. Watch the video at this link for the
  11. Typically I do just because a better course has better condition. Playing a goat ranch generally doesn't have good lies tee-to-green and the greens don't roll as true as a better course. Sure, a better course generally has a higher rating and slope. But when you can put the club to ball cleanly in a manicured fairway and then you can trust the ball will roll on the line you rolled, your score should reflect appropriately.
  12. Ross Martin Terre Haute, IN 20yr old Clevland Launcher, 9 degree, stiff stock shaft standard lie. Club fitting shows i should be using a 10.5 degree loft. 5 handicap Swing speed 105-110 TSi3
  13. Trying to decide between the SC500 and the Flightscope Mevo. Win my vote by allowing me to test your gear.
  14. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Been playing for 30 yrs now. I'm an unpracticed 5 handicap. Gotta love having a career and 3 small boys. Usually shoot around 78 anymore, in my glory days I was averaging 75. What do you love about golf? Hard to put into words why I love the game. It is a drug that keeps me coming back, it's a need to play better. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Played with a guy while on vacation that mentioned this site. Been reading and watching YouTube from MyGolfSpy ev
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