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  1. If they're slowing their swing down then it is them manipulating the swing. If a person swings a 60gr shaft with the same effort they swing a 70gr shaft the 60gr shaft will move faster. A 70gr may give them added control and may yield longer and more consistent drives but that's due to consistency and efficiency, not speed.
  2. SC is still living off of a name he created in the 90s and early 2000s. I got my first and only in 2008 and rolled it for 10 years. It was great, I'll never have another. SC isn't producing anything better than anyone in 2022 and he's still charging more. As far as touring pros go (especially your top 50 in the world), the putters they're using and the putters we have available to us aren't the same. That goes for every piece of equipment. Even when custom fit, your putter isn't getting the attention to detail that their putters are getting.
  3. Your wedges are flat, not to standard but in relation to your irons.
  4. If you have smaller gaps between your driver, 3w, 5w, 3i/h, and 4i/h than you do your wedges you're just wrong. Tight gapping in your irons and wedges allows for more precision with distance control where you need it. 4° gaps is the way to go. The only gap where I would consider 6° is between my SW and my LW and that's because my LW is strictly used around the greens, it is never used as an approach club.
  5. I treat my 48° and 52° wedges like 10 and 11 irons, I have what would equate an F grind on them. My Sand wedge has less bounce (a product of our local sand situation) but it mostly gets used as a 12 iron. My lob wedge has almost no bounce and is incredibly utilitarian around the green but is mostly useless when used for full shots (it'll dig to China). Bounce selection should match the manner in which you play the club and the turf conditions you typically play. Something a lot of people overlook on wedges is the shaft selection. I run KBS Tour V X-Flex in my irons but I use DG X-100 in my 48° & 52° wedges, I've run X-100 in my 56 but I've also ran S-400 and seem to prefer it and I run an S-400 in my 60°. Shaft selection in your wedges can really help you tune in your ball flight and spin. I choose the X100 shafts because they give me a lower trajectory with adequate spin to stop the ball but not so much that I over spin the ball back. The S-400 stafts are heavier and aid in "feel"
  6. in my experience An "X" in the same weight class and in the same make and model line as a Stiff shaft always seems to yield more consistency for a player regardless of their swing speed. People get hung up on swing speed and it's only one element. Tempo, transitions, and delivery through impact all matter. I've not seen anyone with a swing speed and 100 hit an X badly, I've seen plenty of them hit a Stiff flex all over the course and I've also seen guys with 110+ hit a Stiff well. The best thing you can do is try them out, and preferably on the course.
  7. You will swing a heavier shaft slower but it may help you produce a more consistent swing. You should play the shaft weight that helps you stay on plain and make consistent swings. I want the lightest shaft that accomplishes this goal.
  8. I'm RH and Left Eye dominant. A few observations I've made over the years: little to no offset is preferred and I need the ball position at or forward of my left eye if I'm going to start a putt in the right direction. Also, I am a non-linear putter (as most of us are even though we will always try to be linear at some point)
  9. Nah, I want to make putts. I've never seen an accomplished putter who constantly changed putters. If it's something you enjoy good on ya, but you can't be consistent with a different putter every few weeks.
  10. I know it's been A couple of months since you posted this but I just saw it. I started playing them last summer and they're awesome. I played a Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro irons from 2003-2009ish when I blended them with Hogan Apex blades. I played the Hogan's until 2018 when I decided to go to Titleist 718 AP2s. The AP2s were ok but I never really loved them. I missed the look and feel of the blade. When I came across Ballistic I bought the 7 iron demo (it was a fresh head that nobody had hit) and I built the club the way I wanted it. It didn't take long before I knew I was buying them all. They feel amazing, in fact, I believe they feel better than my Hogan's ever did. I put KBS Tour V 120X shafts in them and they launch so easy and they never felt punishing. I get excellent shot stopping spin into greens but I never over spun the ball. I play the Pro-V1. Furthermore, when I want the ball to go straight it goes straight and when I want to curve it, oh boy can I curve it. I love these irons. If you're on the fence, get the 7 iron and test it out. I've had friends who thought they couldn't hit a blade hit them and loved how they felt.
  11. My swing speed is on the lower end of the X spectrum but I still run X driver thru gap wedge and S400 in sand and lob wedges. I get plenty of launch and spin and I prefer a strong stable feel in a shaft, if I can feel the shaft flex I can't work with it.
  12. For anyone who has played standard Dynamic Gold's as well as the DG 120 and or the AMT white, what differences and similarities have you noticed? I've been playing the DG X100 and have no complaints on performance but they can feel a bit heavy. I'm considering going to a lighter version and would love some insight.
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