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  1. One of my favorite golf courses in the world..I would drive a long way to play at the Old Works again!!
  2. Just 180 miles yesterday round trip to play at Tucson National. The 1230 tee time made for a long day by the time we got home. It was worth the drive.
  3. Played the Catalina Course this week and found it to be in very nice condition leading up to Fall golf. It is an older layout, plenty of water, dog leg holes both ways and nicely tree lined. Bunkers were in very good condition..deep and lots of soft sand. Fairways appear to be a mix of Bermuda and some bent-grass. Greens are Bermuda. Nice elevation changes on the golf course with a few shots to elevated greens. Overall a pleasant experience. As Tucson cools now into the fall this should be a fun golf course for the rest of the fall and winter.
  4. Thanks..it has been a long time trying..putting turns out to be the key for me!
  5. Interesting thread. Broke 100 after playing two years..age 13 Broke 90 two years later..age 15 Broke 80 after playing on and off for 20 years..after finally getting rid of a terrible slice. I broke 70 today..57 years after I started playing golf. I had been close many times..but today was just different. I was in the zone all day..it really could have been a 65 if a couple of lip out putts would have fallen.
  6. May I have the Broke 70 badge please. Birdies on 17 and a chip in birdie on 18 today to shoot my first 69. !! Thanks Jerry
  7. This is hilarious. Definitely an inside look into how an engineer thinks! Just a word of advice..don't ever let your wife find out about the "wife" mode!!
  8. Jerry/ Sierra Vista, AZ 7 Mizuno JPX 919 Hotmetal
  9. I also have just begun this odyssey of super speed..and in my humble opinion..let the final result be the judge. Are you hitting the ball further than you were when you started? If so, then it is working for you. If you are not hitting it further, then you need to consider other options. Lets face it..the idea is to hit the little white thing further than when we started.
  10. Tony Finau if he can put four rounds together...finally.
  11. This is great advice. When I was in the middle of my 10,000 putts last winter I was having similar issues. I found that trying to reduce the number of variables (work on one change at a time) was very helpful. In particular the shortening of the back stroke was instrumental in getting face angle under better control. As cnosil said..you have just started and not beating yourself up is very important. If you keep at it you will see improvement..it is slower than you expect, but it will happen.
  12. My CC fitting was a good experience. The SAMS putt lab information was very interesting. The putter that I ended up with was less useful once I got it on the course. I think that a putter fitting on a 12 foot mat is not as useful as being able to do a fitting on the putting green. Since my CC fitting I have found a fitter that does his work on the putting green. Fewer choices, some older equipment, but much better results for me.
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