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  1. My approach is this: I go to the range before my tee time. I hit 10 balls with a 9 iron, 10 balls with a 5 iron and 10 with the driver. I chip/pitch 10 balls then finish with 10 putts of various lengths. I then take that game (warts and all) to the course. No trying to fix anything, no working on anything..just see how I am hitting the ball and then go play golf. If I cannot hit the draw on this particular day..forget about it..hit what you got and enjoy a day on the golf course.
  2. Had the choice of playing 18 with friends or watching the last two hours of the Masters. We had a great day..sunny, 75 degrees and no wind. I did not play all that well, but it sure was a great day on the golf course with friends. I would not trade that for all of the TV coverage of any golf tournament.
  3. Good on you..I hope that you find the time to work on that swing. I think that you will find that with a bit of extra time to walk, work out a little and groove that swing..you can play better than you ever imagined. Good Luck
  4. Ping Eye 2 guy for 10 years..then got fitted for a set of G30s. Longer, higher and with the same ability to work the ball. It was a no brainer for me. Hitting an 8 iron to an elevated green (G30) is a lot easier than hitting the Ping Eye 7 iron. I made the switch and have loved the difference it has made in my game. The G30s are not as pretty though :(
  5. Congrats testers. I look forward to hearing the good and bad.
  6. Jerry/ Arizona Index 5.8 / Swing Speed 93MPH Ping G400 Sub Zero
  7. Good news on the "lost" club. The local superintendent came to the rescue the next day and used a piece of their gear to extract the club. So, even though the player had to play without for just under half a round, at least he got the club back.
  8. Today on the back nine..a fellow golfer tried to hit a shot from a rocky, sandy lie. He hit the top of the ball with a 9 iron and in the process he let go of the club which flew 15 feet or so into a Cholla cactus. Now this is no ordinary cactus. It is about 10 feet tall and spreads out over an area roughly 30 feet by 40 feet. The club disappeared into the morass. The question on everyone's mind was how long could he search for the club..and could he replace it if he did not find it (we finally saw the club, but could not recover it). Any rules gurus out there with some help?
  9. I love my Canon 5D MK3. I have managed to travel to some pretty cool places and the camera is always at my side.
  10. I played with the Saturday group yesterday and was surprised that leaving the pin in the cup has really taken hold. Nearly all of the groups reported that the new normal is just leaving the pin in for all putts. I cannot say that more putts are being made, but I think that there is less time spent by each group on the greens...and that is a good thing.
  11. I have played two rounds with the new rules and my first impression is that leaving the pin in for most putts makes it better for me. If the pin is leaning toward my arrival path, I removed the pin, otherwise I have left it in for all putts..short or long. I find that having something in the middle of the cup ( the pin) gives me a spot to focus on..ie..try to roll the putt to the right side of the pin as an aiming point rather than just trying to hit the cup. I admit that it might just be my imagination, but time will tell as I have been tracking my putting stats for several years.
  12. Lipstick red!! I love that and will start calling it that! HA! As for the motivation..our local golf pro had a Titleist driver painted bright yellow and it was beautiful. With all of the Ping drivers being the same old dull black, I figured "what the heck"? So I found a guy in California that does this kind of work and sent it to him..this is the result. The shaft wrap is rattlesnake skin (shaftwraps.com) in Tucson. I refer to it as the "Red Rattler". I too was a bit concerned that it might be distracting, but oh no..it is just a really red Ping driver that I hit very well. In fact I hit 12 of 15 fairways with it today!!!
  13. This is my Ping G400. It is not your normal run of the mill driver however. First it is rather colorful. It also has a snake skin shaft cover. The shaft is a senior flex standard, but shortened by 1 inch. I have been using it now for 5 months. I am hitting the ball the same distance, but ball flight is slightly lower and slightly right to left. I can hit a fade with it, but it requires some effort.
  14. Yes, Here in SIerra Vista we are at 4600 ft elevation. The snow formed east and we ended up with nearly 7 inches on the golf course. It will take a couple of days for it to melt and dry out ..just in time for another round. We usually get a snow once or twice each winter, but not this much all at once. Usually snow and melt in the same day and go play golf...today it is go walk the dog and watch him act crazy in the snow (he has never seen snow). By Friday it is supposed to be in the 60s and that is WAAAAY better!
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