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  1. I had an ace a few years ago..it was very exciting. I have shot 70 as my lowest score. I have done it twice..71-72 several times. I want to shoot 69 so bad that I can taste it. At my age, I have to hope that it is coming in the next year or two. My game is still pretty good, but time is not on my side. So..I have decided that this winter I am going to get professional help with my putting since I think that saving a couple of strokes on a good round will make the difference.
  2. Amen to that..I don't get anywhere near that Cholla..I swear that it jumps or flies.
  3. We see Coyotes, Javalina, and the occasional Rattlesnake here in Southern Arizona...but the lakes are usually safe!
  4. Found one..this posting can be deleted.
  5. Looking for a Scotty Cameron Futura 5W. Right Handed.
  6. I get to the golf course very early on Sunday (I work there). What impresses me most is watching the grounds crew raking, mowing and getting the course ready for the Sunday morning golfers. It is very serene at 0500 (or earlier in the summer) when these guys arrive to work their magic.
  7. I have reduced the length of my g400 to 44". It has resulted in a 5-10 yard reduction in distance, slightly lower ball flight and 1 additional fairway hit per 18 holes over the last 6 months. I keep very detailed statistics on driving and putting. Now I have gone the other direction and replaced the shortened shaft with a 47 1/2 inch shaft. Results are still out, but it appears that distance has increased 12-20 yards and fairways hit have remained the same..so far. The big difference is that I am hitting 9 irons instead of 7 irons..resulting in more greens in regulation and a small increase in birdies. I have been surprised that the number of fairways hit have remained constant..surprised but pleased because it has made a big difference in the number of greens in regulation. Time will tell on this experiment.
  8. Jerry Arizona 4.5 Ping G30 162 Yards
  9. Welcome back. Take care of the shoulder and when you are healed up..come on down to Sierra Vista and we will play a round of golf at Pueblo Del Sol..on me.
  10. Man o Man..go buy a lottery ticket quick. That is a great piece of luck
  11. Congratulations testers. I know that you will make us proud.
  12. Jerry / Arizona 5.4 Scotty Cameron Newport 2
  13. I could not agree more. I have also played and tested balls over the last couple of years. I finally settled on the chrome soft because I liked the distance-spin performance. That does not mean that it is the longest ball that I have played, but overall (for me) it is the best performing ball when I take into consideration distance, spin, and feel. I think that the MSG Ball Test is a good place to start..but I think that taking the time to try several good quality balls over a season will yield better results.
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