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  1. Sierra Vista, AZ 5.2 Hand Drawn 180 degrees Callaway Chromesoft ---JH---- 7 yungkory, Nunfa0, Shankster and 4 others reacted to this Quote
  2. Pebble Beach last summer. Standing with my caddie and discussing the fact that you can hit it as far left as you like..right..not so much. Trip of a lifetime and (IMO) worth every penny.
  3. I started at the Lighted Nine golf course and driving range in 1960 at the ripe old age of 10. Picked balls by hand on the driving range in exchange for golf privileges and a penny a ball. My dad cut some of his old clubs down for me and showed me how to hold the club..go get em tiger. I guess that means that I have been playing for 60 years..minus a couple of tours in places where they either did not have golf courses or I did not have clubs. Like one of the other posters..I am satisfied with my game and the opportunities that golf has provided. I might add that many golfing partners have come and gone..but none of them is forgotten and they are all appreciated.
  4. Man, that is one ugly putter. I don't think that I would let my other clubs associate with that thing. My putter has to look good!
  5. This is a great topic. I have spent the winter using a Blast Motion sensor on my various putters. I also had a Sams Putt Lab session. I have hit north of 10,000 putts this winter and spring. I know that rotation change is a very hot topic and it gets a lot of attention. I have evaluated face balanced putters, slight toe balanced putters and blades with lots of toe hang. I have had multiple putting lessons from multiple instructors..everything from Aimpoint to ..you get it. With all of that said...I am not an expert. My putting has improved this winter. I am convinced that the success that I am experiencing is due to two things. 1. Get fitted for a putter. Sams putt lab would be my first choice. The amount of information that you get is amazing..study it and then try several putters that are recommended. When you are trying those putters concentrate on your normal stroke. Do not try to change your stroke unless you know that you have a poor putting stroke. If you do have a poor stroke, plan on several months of work to correct it. 2. Once you decide on a putter..practice...a lot. Missing on one side is not that difficult of a problem to correct. If you have a two way miss..it is probably not going to be corrected with a putter change..you need help with your stroke. I love this crazy game!!!
  6. I really should mention that this has been a lot of fun. It was really frustrating at first. Hitting lots of putts but progress was really slow. Then changing putters, changing stances, changing grips ..trying all kinds of things. The best part has been having the time and the patience to try different things and gear. All of those questions that you have about whether this is the big "thing" that makes the difference..it is fun to try so many different things. Not being afraid to try a claw grip..or a See More putter..this has been really liberating. I should also mention that I have been watching the guys at the club that are good putters. We have two or three that regularly make lots of birdie putts. At first glace they do not seem to have a lot in common..but in watching them closely, they do have a couple of habits in common. They all look at their putts from at least 3 different angles. From behind the ball, behind the hole and from the low side. They all have fairly short strokes. They keep their back strokes short enough that they have to accelerate into the putt. Deceleration is death. I have been playing golf for a long time and it occurs to me that I should have done this 30 years ago. I think that it would have made my game better long ago. Hindsight is 2020 I guess. Thanks for following along. I hope that it has been entertaining.
  7. The spider did take a bit of getting used to. Mostly I have had to adjust my setup on down hill putts. The spider is very easy to drag the rear part of the putter on downhill putts..other than that..it was an easy adjustment.
  8. I am finished. This project took longer that I expected, but it is finally finished. I am happy with the result..better stroke and a better understanding of what goes into making a good putting stroke. Now when I miss a putt, I know if I misread it or if I just did not hit a good stroke. This summer (if we get to play) will be a good test of the stroke and my green reading ability. For now..I will continue to hit practice putts on the mat until we can get back out and play.
  9. Update to 10,000 putts. 9,595 as of today. The local golf courses are still open and the greens are beginning to recover from winter and aeration. I have made one additional change to the stroke. I have shortened the back swing by about a third. It has affected my timing somewhat, but I am working on that. What the back swing change has improved is the putts inside 8 feet. I am getting the ball started on the line better and am not suffering from deceleration as much. It is taking some concentration to make the change, but that is also a good thing. As per the blast swing analyzer my tempo is steady at 1.8 to 1 and rotation change is constant in the .3 to .4 degrees open range. The back swing change did not seem to change those numbers dramatically. Strokes gained putting is slowly getting better. With all of the variables involved in this process, it is difficult to say if it is a result of all of the practice or one of the other changes..no matter as long as it is improving. I will post one more time. Looking forward to being finished now..ready to play more golf and practice a little less.
  10. I remember that day..I actually worked at the golf course that day..it was nuts!
  11. Thank you..well said.
  12. Update to 10,000 putts. Now getting close to the end of this adventure. With the 100 putts that I hit today, I am at 8,610 putts. The stroke is good. More importantly, it is consistent. My green reading skills are beginning to get better as well..just in time for aerification on our club course . It is all good..I can use the time to work on a few other things. An interesting note..I have finally settled on a Taylormade Spider putter. I have fiddled with the weights and finally settled on a bit heavier putter head. It seems to help me get the longer putts to the hole more consistently. During this process, I have tried two different Scotty Camerons, a Bettinardi, two Odysseys, a Ping and two different Taylormades. The spider is a pretty well used putter that I bought from a fellow at the club for $75. I guess that the lesson there is that the price of the putter has little or nothing to do with the final result..find one that works and be happy with it. I took some advice from one of the people that replied to this a while back..I am keeping track of strokes gained (or lost), putting. The trend is getting better and I had a day last week when I had a +2.4 strokes gained putting. Most of the time it is +- 1 stroke, which I think is pretty good..but the +2.4 was a good day with the flat stick..no real long putts, but lots of good solid putts and no mistakes. Maybe one or two more updates before this is finished.
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