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  1. Also living in Arizona and playing on a couple of golf courses that have really nasty desert rough. Many of the guys carry their "desert club". It is an extra club and usually a 5 iron or maybe a 7 iron that they use to get back on the grass. I have a brand new set of Mizuno irons. No way am I going to hit a new club off of the gravel/dirt/caliche that we have for "native rough". Unless I am playing in a tournament I carry that extra club. When I play in a tournament I replace a new 7 iron with an old 7 iron. Keeps everyone happy and legal..mostly.
  2. It is used but just like new. Scotty Newport Select 2.5 Right Hand and 34 inches. Currently has a Superstroke grip installed, but comes with the original grip and orginal headcover. The photos tell the story..it is pristine. You pay actual shipping from 85650
  3. Taylormade Ardmore 3 Right handed and 34 inches. Original grip is in perfect condition as is the rest of the putter. Weight kit included.
  4. Mizuno MCRAFT right handed putter. Flow neck style 34 inches. Weight kit is included as is the original putter grip and headcover. NO bag chatter or extra marks on this one.
  5. Bettinardi Studio Stock #3 in pristine condition. It currently has a Super Stroke 2.0 grip installed, but comes with the original Bettinardi grip (blue). There is no bag chatter on this one. Right hand and 34 inches.
  6. Very nice SIK Pro Armlock Putter for sale. This plays 40 inches and is in 9.5 condition. The head and shaft are near perfect. The Sik Jumbo Max grip is a 9, with just a bit of discoloration where my hands and arm have touched it. Headcover is perfect. This has been used on the golf course a total of 6 rounds..and a bit of practice on the putting green. $350 and shipping from 85650
  7. I stopped swearing on the golf course a couple of years ago. I was playing in a group and I missed a short putt. Called myself a couple of bad names etc.. I really did not think too much of it at the time. After the round was over one of the older players in the group pulled me aside and asked me if I had any idea how my little temper tantrum affected the rest of the group. He explained to me that I was playing a game with other people and that my attitude, demeanor and language had an effect on the game of the others. To be honest, I had not thought of it that way. Now..I try to rememb
  8. The Kay Jewelers one just about made me spit my morning coffee through my nose!! Priceless.
  9. Good eye. Yes the Sik is a recent addition and I am working on getting it dialed in. Face angle seems easy enough..right now I am struggling with speed just a little. I think that it is just a bit lighter than my Odyssey and that has a lot to do with lag putting...but I am getting there!
  10. It can be very challenging some days. I can usually get 12-13 in a row before my attention wanders just a little and then I will miss 2-3 in a row before I get refocused.
  11. This is my set up for winter putting practice. We get a lot of playable days here in the winter, but also some cold and windy days. The Wellput mat is 10 feet long and has a 1 inch wide and 48 inch long piece of flat steel in the hitting area. The two aim sticks on each side of the steel provide visual cues to help in putter head path. I usually hit 50 putts per training session then take a break and hit 25 more after a cup of hot tea! . Last winter was a good training winter. I hit just over 10,000 putts and settled a lot of questions about path, face angle, stance and most impor
  12. Yep..me too..Batcaddy R4X and it is a real pleasure to follow it around the course.
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