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  1. Every person has different swing characteristics and wouldn't rely on another person's experiences to transfer to your swing. Trial and error with different shafts and clubheads is the best way to get optimal launch conditions. Good club fitters can use their knowledge and experience to find the right shafts and club heads to give you optimal driver launch conditions.
  2. Clubhead speed is essentially the same between the two shafts. Launch angle is in a great range with the stiff shaft @ 12 to 13 degrees. Spin in the 2500 range, which is much better with the stiff shaft. Angle of Attack is negative, which could be improved with lessons or more forward ball position. Positive AOA with the driver generates more carry distance. Understanding where you generally hit the ball on the clubface can help with understanding your swing. Much improved numbers with the stiff shaft. If the dispersion patterns are tighter, just a little better AOA will dramatically increase distance. Nice work.
  3. What is the website you are using to track your strokes gained putting stats? Please share with us, so we can all experience some your putting magic, or not?
  4. Stan Utley is Charles Barkley's current instructor. I am annotating here. But, in his first lesson with Chuck, Stan asked him how many voices are talking to you before you hit your shot? Depending on the person, simplicity can be a good thing.
  5. Joe - Potomac, Maryland 10.9 Handicap, Driver Swing Speed 97-105 mph Current Driver: Cobra, King LTD Epic Flash Sub Zero
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