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  1. I'm basically indifferent to brands. I have seven different brands of clubs in my bag right now - ranging from the usual big names to obscure/defunct old component brands. I build and modify my own clubs (adjusting lengths, SW, etc...), do my own shaft and grip work, and typically buy used, I have very little need to interact with a customer support department from any club manufacturer. So that is a non-factor and in any case, I've never had a club fail me from a defect perspective. I'm pretty sure I could be happy with pretty much any mainstream-ish brand as long as it was fit reasonably close to my normal specs.
  2. The new version of the classic Crosslines are still my favorite grip. The logo has changed, and I think the white paint fill has changed as it seems to age to a different patina, but overall, they're still my grip of choice. I don't notice a difference in feel, certainly not the point where I notice it at all on course. The only way I can tell is when I look at the grip. They also last a long time without getting too slick. I always thought this was one of the biggest advantages of the Crossline over the Tour Velvet.
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