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  1. Reesedw

    Club building newbie

    It's a great hobby, I have built 10 clubs, re-gripped a bunch, and replaced a couple of shafts for friends.. I got started through Golfsmith, which no longer exists. Just watched their Videos and jumped in.. I built a driver one day on lunch at work.. yes a 1/2 hour lunch.. I worked Graveyard had lunch about 3:00am. using Aircraft epoxy. and Tee'd off at 7:30 am.. worked great...
  2. Reesedw

    Photography thread

    Golf and photography are as expensive as you want to make it.. My camera and lenses are about 10 years old and still take amazing pictures..
  3. Reesedw

    Photography thread

    For those of you interested here is Gamble Sands Signature hole..
  4. Reesedw

    Photography thread

    Here are a couple of mine.. been doing it as hobby for about 12 years now.
  5. Reesedw

    2019 Ping Golf Bags

    I have a 2 yr old Ping Traverse and LOVE it... I went blk on blk.. got it at the end of the season paid $139.. Had I not gotten a Cobra Bag last year it would still be in play.. get the Blk and heather... won't get as dirty as fast..
  6. Reformed? really, I'm not buying it.. it's only January.. the season hasn't even started yet.. I'll give it 2 months.. LOL
  7. Reesedw

    Hello from Upstate SC

    Welcome from the PNW.. Make yourself at home..
  8. Reesedw

    New from SC

    @lungbusterWelcome from the PNW, make yourself at home.. There are other hunter around, also..
  9. Reesedw

    Bridgestone e12 golf balls

    SO the e6 will be all new, and the e12 will be the new version of last years e6 soft/speed? Basically???
  10. Reesedw

    Bridgestone e12 golf balls

    Ok, so they ARE keeping the e6 in the line up.. Are they Going to stay like they are now e6 soft and e6 speed, at the lower price point, or are they changing the ball all together?? @Golfspy_CG2 come on Brother, I love e6 soft, butt if it's being changed all together, is the e12 comparable??? I know you have played them both..
  11. Reesedw

    Favorite Golf Snarks?

    Here's one we use when someone hit a short drive. " Well your that will make your approach a little harder". After someone bombs a great drive and then craps the bed.. " That was a hell of a Drive"...
  12. Reesedw

    I've Got A Stinking Suspicion

    Maybe he got La!d.. he was now able to swing freely.. LOL
  13. Reesedw

    How do you measure a successful score?

    Success Golfing is subject to a multitude of variables for each person, and perspective. I have shot upper 80's and had a great and successful day, i have also shot low 80's and success was not in the discussion afterwards. Each one of us has to decide that for themselves. A cold rainy day might produce a upper 80's round. and be very successful. and a beautiful fall day might be unsuccessful with a low 80's round.. But being able to play golf and enjoy what brings us all here is great in itself...
  14. Reesedw

    2019 Starting Bag

    Alright, I'll be the guy who calls it.. Rob will keep this bag all year, But will use one of the other 5-6 he has and swap out clubs when he finds that Shiny new penny.. He is not going to change his Ho'ish way's can't be done.. Just like @Jmikecpa can't pass up a putter.. Rob will always create a reason, And I'm sure He'll do it under the guise that he is doing for us... Uh Huh...