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  1. I have been very forunate since joinng MGS. With being said I let most people try my club review clubs and have give out sleeves of balls to atrangers. Has anyone bought a product solely because of me, I do not know. I do know that several people have told me they love this or that and will be looking at a club, brand or ball in the future. Played with two guys a couple of weeks ago and 1 asked to try my Cobra F8+ driver. He was playing a Titleist not sure which one. But he hit them both and love the Cobra. Get to the fairway and his two balls were 2 feet from each other and he was adamant he's going to look into a new driver. Mind you he was fit for his and not mine.. So I do think we influence people we interact with.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Congrats guys I look forward to following along
  3. I agree 100%, All I am saying is he is in year 2 lets not make him a hall of famer yet. Cam Newton also did things most cannot do and his inability to stay healthy might be his downfall. All I am saying is let's see what happens in the next 3-5 years. A lot can happen, and often does in the NFL.
  4. Seahawks played a great game last night, it is very clear the Legion of Boom is a thing of the past. But like I said yesterday the only area that really concerns me is the secondary. On display last night was one of the best passers in the league. DangeRuss did things very few can do, both from the pocket and improvising. As well as possibly the Best line backing trio in the NFL, who played amazing also.. Yes, Patrick Mahomes is great. Doing things very few can do. But this is year 2 ( as a starter) , not year 8, or 10, or 14, or 18.. So let's not Anoint him just quite yet. Let's see how he holds up over the long haul.. "Go Hawks"..... Russell Wilson..
  5. As a lifelong 'Hawks fan and a proud 12.. I do not think they have the secondary to be a real threat. That being said they can beat the Rams, but it will be a fight. Go 'Hawks...
  6. Welcome @CGERICKE22, make yourself at home..
  7. Very nicely Done, @revkev, What a great set-up..
  8. Congrats guys play well..
  9. Ok good, it's not just me.. I thought I might be the only crazy one here that changes balls, Brands, numbers or some combination of all to improve his game..
  10. Played Sat and played really poorly on the front.. So bad that I had a couple of beers (I normally do not drink while I play). I decided,, for what ever reason it was the balls, Yeah I know... I switched balls Immediately started playing better birdied 1st hole, and was 4 over through 8 on the back 9. Not just Number or such completely different ball.. Sometimes little things seem to work.. I know it's psychological but hey whatever works, right..
  11. Well played yesterday and had a WTF, round went out in 50 and had several holes where the ball barely went 100 yds off the tee... WTF. Mind you I shot an 80 here two weeks ago.. also had a 500 yds par 5 that took 5 to get on... shoot me now.. I started having beer by the 4th hole and I might have 1 at the turn of the end is all.. SWMBO birdies 9, omg I can't hit the ball and she's making birdies.. make the turn I birdies 10, bogie 11 par 12. I'm 4 over when we get to 18 just birdied 17 when I crap the bed again.. par 3 over a gully and take a 7.. I shoot a 92 back 9 was good less 1 hole but I have not played that bad in a while.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. David, Washington State Hdcp 16 Cobra F8 7iron distance 165 Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Very cool.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. Wow you guys did a great Job. Congrats to @Bucky CC, well played all summer. @robertson153, I read your final thoughts and felt the same way as you. It is way more than get new clubs and play.. you guys all put a lot into it and it shows.. @Nunfa0, your in NZ so you playing left handed is the same as the rest Playing Rt above the equator.. LOL well played.. It has been a pleasure following along..
  15. Congrats guys you have All done an amazing job. Cobra and Arccos should be proud.
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