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  1. Congrats.enjoy your retirement and golf as much as you can or want to.. SWMBO is a fee years older than me and say I have to work til I'm 65 to keep her in the lifestyle I have given her... damn did I mess this ip.. lol. Go enjoy your time and go kill it. . Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. It clearly shows with proper technique you can achieve greater distance.. LOL
  3. David Reese, Monroe, WA, and 30+ per year Twitter: @GolfCrazyWA Instagram@ GolfcrazyWA 15 and 100 Cobra F8+ driver and Fairway, F8 Hybrids (3h, 4h), F8 Irons (5-G), King Blck wedges (58*, 58*) Cobra F9 Identical set-up.
  4. Some one explain this to me.. 2 weeks ago we were getting another dose of snow. Yesterday we hit a record high for the month of March, 79* registered at Sea-Tac airport. And Today is the first day of spring.. Yeah i'm at a loss. And Poor @Kenny B on the hot side of the state is barely reaching 60*..
  5. You know funny you mention it.. I have a sleeve of them.. They are not terrible, they are one of the worst balls i have ever played. Terrible would be an upgrade.. LOL Think Top Flite, You know the one $10.99 a dozen, yeah Now go three or four steps lower.. NOT playing them again, I was worried I might cave in my driver..
  6. Glad you had a great fitting experience.. And it is understood that not everyone can or will pony up top dollars for a club, and I'm glad the fitter worked with you to find a acceptable alternative.. That tells me your Fitter understands that also..
  7. I am so ready for mid 70's weather.. I still have snow in the shady parts of the yard and by Monday or Tuesday We are supposed to be pushing 70.. WTH. This winter has been crazy Seattle got the most snow in 30 years and below normal temps for a couple of months and now we will be above normal.. Just stabilize the temps and let me play golf.. PLEASE...
  8. Congrats. You all are going to do great.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. Oh yeah, it was faster than a friend of mines 486 when he got it.. A friend of mine who has made a career out of IT and working on Supercomputers used to come over just to play on it, at the time he had just an 8088... Or the first Real mobile phone the star-trek inspired Motorola Flip phone.. Now we were cooking with gas...
  10. Stock it comes as a D2. And the Weights have not been changed just moved to the low spin configuration. it plays at 45.25" and I have started gripping down a little for better dispersion.
  11. TI99-4a here also.. Once I bought my own, I went All out and got a 386-40 with 120 mg hard drive 4 mgs of RAM, a 3.5 and 5.25 floppy drives and a SVGA monitor.. about $1500.. God i was living good.. LOL
  12. As part of the #cobraconnectchallenge last year I ordered My F8+ with the Project X Hzrdus Red 75g shaft, I put the same shaft in my F8+ 3wd also... It allowed me to increase my avg. distance off the tee to 261 with a long of 301, and I hit several 3wds off the deck in the 255-260 range, with accuracy. Just my thoughts, I shot my lowest score ever (78) hitting 12 for 12 Fairways and 13 of 18 GIRs. It works well FOR me..
  13. I am with @fozcycle I already play full bag less putter from Cobra After the #cobraconnectchallenge and have played the best golf of my life.. And yes I would LOVE to go head to head with the F'9 with my current F8's to see if they indeed are better across the board..
  14. Alright @fozcycle are you getting rid of the F8? What's the deal? are you just seeing the shiny penny??
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