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  1. Welcome to the forum. I'm Dave and I'm from Monroe..
  2. I would love to play Black rock I heard it's gorgeous, and better than Coeur D' Alene resort, oh yeah and Private. Elway is a member, He used to be a regular at Coeur D' Alene. but then bought into Black rock..
  3. @KRISWITHAK, your pictures, is that Black Rock?? We ( my best friend, FIL, and His BF) have taken a guys trip to Coeur D' Alene 4-5 times now.. We will usually play either a Spokane course or Circling Raven.. Have played Qualchan, Esmerelda, and Indian Canyon.. Great courses and fairly priced.
  4. Welcome Davina. I'm Dave from Monroe Been playing a little over 20 years got started on a weekend racing. started playing more seriously about 15 yrs ago. played in a league for about 10 years but a job change made that go away.. Still play between 25-40 rounds a year.. Again Welcome.
  5. The Mrs. is going Bat-crap crazy, So nothing new there.. I'm still working 10+ hours a day as we are considered ESSENTIAL.. So yeah things are going peachy.. Got in 1 round last weekend, the social distancing thing is not a problem for my golf game.. I was all over the course.. Stay well everyone..
  6. Played Sat. got out with the Mrs. and grandkids. Holy cow I played like crap on the front, lost 2 balls both I would have found if I wasn't herding cats... trying to keep track of 4 balls when a long shot was usually less then 100yds.. and plugged and sanded greens, BUT had a great time.. the Back 9 was much better even with the sanded greens. Went 47/43, not counting 2 lost balls that I'm pretty sure I just walked past while looking for kids balls.. so a 90 on plugged and sanded greens for the 1st round of the year.. I'm ok with that..
  7. Congrats guys. Start the season off right. What a great group...
  8. The 9 hole close by the house is open just limiting number of people in clubhouse at a time.. And I live in Washington state go figure.. LOL
  9. Everywhere needs to dry out.. lol.. Looks like I might get to play a little this weekend, we'll see how it goes..
  10. You are going to have a good month coming up.. Weather reports Warmer than usual April to may for us..
  11. @dlow206, how is the course? I've been waiting for things to defrost and dry out a bit.. Go figure it's been raining on the weekends but not during the week. It's been so bad that at Echo Falls driving range if you hit anything in the air it just sticks and splats when it hits..
  12. @dlow206, I just got caught up.. Your doing a great job.. My $.02 say you need to get out and play, that will give you a realistic idea of how you play. Work on things but get comfortable playing not just hitting the Range.. Do not get me wrong hitting the range is great, but you also need to hit off fairways, out of the rough, and off the tees.. ON the range you hit balls without a playing rhythm. On the course you hit a shot go to the ball. decide what to play, hit a shot.. on the range you hit 3-4 shots before you would hit your second on the course.. I have been to the range twice and played on a simulator 3 times since Xmas.. I want to hit the course...
  13. @jrshields3, What a great write up. As someone who struggles with wedges.. The tip about trying to hit the ground with the trailing edge sounds intriguing to me.. I will be trying that tip for sure.. thanks
  14. @Wedgie, Pretty sure he was using a non-conforming ball.. I mean you saw them being pulled from a briefcase in the parking lot from a guy in a suit and dark glasses right?? I mean really how did he beat a legend like you... he had to be cheating.. LOL.. Sorry to hear it At least it was a 20 footer on the last hole and not something like losing 4 and 3..
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