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  1. WOW, some of you are WAY to healthy.. For me it at least 1 20oz, Mountain Dew usually 2 to start with and a handful of Ibuprofen. Couple of Candy bars in the bag, Reese's or M & M's.. A beer at the turn if I feel up to it or another Pop.. then after the round a greasy burger, French dip, or something like that, and a beer or two.. Usually Corona's.. SWMBO understands... LOL Yeah right..
  2. I had cracked the head on my driver and one of the guys in my league asked if wanted to buy his Taylor made R9 super Tri. He bought it and could hit it a mile but not sure which direction it would go.. SO i give it a try and like the driver hit it well.. Then he tells me it has 2 range sessions and 1 full round on it.. He tells me $200 at the time the club brand new was still going for over $300. SO i buy it.. about 3 weeks later at league he yells at me to come over to his car. He hands me the matching 3wd, says it goes with the driver.. the 3 wd was in my bag until last year and the driver up until I bought my Ping G30 LST.. so it was a VERY good buy..
  3. Thanks everyone, After the MGS ball test I hope i do these balls justice.. thanks again..
  4. Boom, Mike drop.. I called that one.. Also I never let the cat out of the bag about the number of rounds you got in.. then again no one has asked..
  5. OMG.. you just got suckered in.... New Zealand is to Australia what Canada is to the US. Kind of an annoyance but fun to party with... Canada is America lite, Same basic lifestyle just not quite as good.. Let me guess down under you were left handed also??
  6. Glad the Arccos is working great for you guys.. I had to take my phone out of the case and turn it backwards to work the best and it still would miss a few shots around, mostly putts though.. the caddie worked good when I remembered to use it. For the record I'm not choosing sides like other people, @Wedgie, I'm rooting for all of you to do great.. I will heckle, laugh at, and generally make fun of all of you equally.. And the way I see it @Nunfa0, is Rt handed.. since he's under the equator that means he upside down and Lh makes now Rt handed, or am i way off the mark.. HAHAHA and @robertson153 Blake just cause Arccos registered the one drive you hit off the cart path down wind does not mean you will driving like that all year long.. Come back to earth... You by default will be @fozcycle choice to win.. that whole UK connection thing.. Seriously killing it if the caddie is giving you Driver, 6I for that hole.. nice work..
  7. I am soo sorry Josh, that hurts to read about.. You might be letting 1 thing compound into several things.. the cracked driver makes you nervous, you get frustrated and start forcing the issues, because of that your putting starts to go, and it just keeps on going.. take a day step back and regroup.. You got this, go hit some half wedges to gain confidence, and work yourself back to a full practice.. We are all rooting and following you.. Now go kick some ass..
  8. Great Job KC.. Stay focused and Play YOUR game and you'll do fine..
  9. I have had 2 putters in 22 years. First was cheap putter bought for under $20 at Fred Meyer cause my starter set did not have one. then in about 2000 I built a Snake Eyes Viper SSI and have had it in the bag since. I also have a Ping B60 that was given to me as well as a Ping Anser, never gamed either one.. both are in great shape, the B60 I had polished and paint filled bright green for my wife but she didn't want to switch.. Oh well...
  10. Reesedw

    Glass Putter

    For me it has great sentiment but not practical. I happened to see it the other day and the thought brought me to this thread. Its beautiful but staying in the closet maybe on the wall later..
  11. Reesedw

    Glass Putter

    Has anyone ever seen one, played one, or own one.. I received mine as a graduation gift when I graduated college a few years ago. it just sits in the closet, I don't want Kids to play with it, If you know what i mean.. If you have not seen them go to https://www.glassputter.com/ and check them out.. Thoughts?
  12. Great set-up.. AS soon as the snow melts and storms are gone you'll be all set..
  13. Went out Fri morning after work with SWMBO.. I played a horrible round.. Had a great time with the Mrs.. Who played really well.. we only played 9 at local 9 hole course about 15 min from the house. I had one of those days where the decent shots were sandwiched between crap and garbage.. I played K-Sig's new ball.. OK I understand that feel does not indicate performance holy crap they felt bad.. somewhere between a Mojo and a Pinnacle... they did seem to spin and stop nicely, but damn they feel bad..
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