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  1. @artful_golferFantastic write up. I wish I could chip in the house.. Also what a great ball return system you have..
  2. @B.Boston, Congrats. you did a great job.. @daviddvm, @GB13, @edingc, @Headhammer You all did a great job, It was another great year. Now that this is over What stays and what goes? I am sure you all have had a chance to reevaluate your set-ups... Spill it..
  3. @tony@CIC, it has been a couple of years for me, but I think 2 things 1) contacting Arccos and letting them know whats going on and they might have a way to do it. 2) but also the way it works you would need to keep her phone on you while you play and also she would have to do the same. unless the two of you don't play together that might be an issue.. I think you'll need to get a new phone, I know some guys bought a older Iphone solely for that purpose and it worked fine.. Check with @HardcoreLooper, I think he did that..
  4. Personal best for 9 holes, period. you did not play 18 that day. What you did days later is a different round of golf. Not trying to rain on your round, that is a great round and congratulations. but you asked if what you did days ago, and what you did yesterday count as breaking 80. I say NO, you shot even par on 9. If I played a week ago and had 3 birdies on holes 1-3 then came back today and had birdies on 4-6 and parred 7-9 between the two days does that mean i shot 6 under for a round? You played a great 9 holes, lucky or not. No one can take that from you. You shot par on th
  5. When I was in a golf league we had a standing rule, Any ball that is lost in the fairway or everyone agrees of where the ball should be (Plugged, in the leaves, ect ) and is not findableas long as everyone agrees this is where the ball should be, Free drop, within reason. if you slice it into the next county your screwed, but if it lands just off the fairway, in the fairway( yours) then drop and play on. Living in the Pacific NorthWet It is not uncommon in spring or fall for balls to plug in the middle of the fairway and not be found, or in the leaves.. the key is everyone has to agree, and i
  6. OK, It's been crazy the last week or so but I did get out last weekend. Played with SWMBO and had a great day. SWMBO shot a personal best 92 breaking 100 for the 1st time.. I was very proud of her.. Moving on to the Wedge.. I was more impressed with this wedge. I hit several shots that saved par and a couple that gave me birdies.. I hit a 40 yd chip that landed 2 ft past the hole 1 hopped and stopped within 3 inches of it's ball mark.. Nothing really spun back, but 3-4 that one hopped landed and came back an inch or two which was very confidence building.. I was able to throw the ball in
  7. @B.Boston, @daviddvm, @Headhammer, @edingc, And @GB13.. You all have done an outstanding job, Kudos to you all.. Clearly it is a 2 horse race to the Finish unless someone can pull a rabbit out of their Hat.. I like others have not followed along as much as in the past, but I'm a little disappointed in the lack of smack talk from our resident smack talker @GB13.. the level of BS from him has clearly dropped off, is that a product of humility?? Hmmmm Any way you all have done great, @B.Boston and @daviddvm nice Summer..
  8. facetious, I shot a 84 they all had to be close to 100's yet they would all wait at each ball and all would watch it then talk about it then go to the next ball.. My grandson who was playing only his 2nd real round had to wait on a few occasions since He might hit into them and his longest Drive was 164.. Not that I have any issues with them playing and playing poorly we've all done it.. but please play ready golf or at least ask us if wanted to play through.
  9. I would say it is the way I hit the ball. I have never really gotten much spin except, the rare occasion. My old wedges are Cobra King Black that are 2 yrs old with about 30 rounds on them and a handful of range sessions.. so they are still in good shape.. I just don't hit wedges to create a ton of spin..
  10. I played a full round Sunday with my Grandson and had a great day. 1st time I really got to us these on the course.. As someone who normally does not get a lot of stop on my wedges these wedges created some problems for me. typically play short of the flag and let the ball release, well that did not happen. I left several shots Shorter than I wanted.. On a couple of full shots the Ball went NOWHERE.. literally, No where.. this 1st shot was a full 58* from about 70yds into the 1st green. As you can see it slammed on the Brakes. this was to about 15ft. missed the birdie, but made par.
  11. Had a great Day out with my grandson yesterday, this is only his 2nd real golf experience.. we had a good time.. I tweaked my back on fri at work so was a little stiff but felt OK when we tee'd off. Put the Cleveland Zipcore wedge into play on the 1st hole. Stuck it to about 15 feet, when I say stuck it I mean stuck it. moved a putter length from the ball mark.. Par... played the front 9 good we had to wait for a group of tour pro's throughout the whole round... by about 9 the back started stiffening up while having to wait.. shot a front 9, 38. Had a long wait on 10 and got stiff, proceeded t
  12. I noticed the exact same thing, not quite as far on the toe, when I took them to the range the first time.. They definatly have a different feel about them.. that might be causing the strike location to be off...
  13. Got in some range work over the weekend.. Actually 2 range sessions. I am not noticing, any huge distance gains, maybe 2-3 yards, but what I am noticing, is much higher ball flight on the same shots.. As best as I can tell from the naked eye it's 10-15 ft higher on well struck shots, with slightly longer distances.. The other major notice for me is that I think do to the extra weight I feel late as I come through the ball. Not like I am stuck but just slightly behind, kinda out of timing.. I should be getting in some on course work this weekend, and hopefully get a better feel for the club and
  14. Then clearly they have been in the water too long.... LOL
  15. Heck I am not even Trying to get a close up of the moon, Just the moon within a landscape picture.. they never seem to come out decent.. Here are a couple of my pictures..
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