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  1. When I was fit for my driver the same head, different shaft created significant results. the first shaft had a 3-5 yrds more distance but the Shaft I went with Cut the dispersion almost in half. Will it keep me from having the outliers? NO, but will it give me the best chance to keep the ball in the fairway or 1st cut? Most definitely. Knowing I do not have a perfect swing, lets me make my swing (which is repeatable) and lets the driver keep the dispersion smaller allowing me at least a chance to find the fairway. As a 12ish Handicap you know your swing. And a good fitting will help you find the right combination to make YOUR swing work the best for you... Good luck..
  2. @fozcycle, My condolences. YOU are a true gentleman, and if he's your friend then he must have also been one. I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayer to you and His Family..
  3. The only thing I wished would have happened was the elderly gentleman would have whooped his a$$..
  4. Not really 1 favorite but several that I like to watch.. Freddie, Tiger, Phil, Jordan, Bubba, Rickie, John Daly, Tony Finau, DJ. And of Course Jack and Arnie... Who can't I stand, that is easy. Patrick Reed, Vijay, Colin Montgomerie, Ernie Els.. for some reason they annoy the Sh!p out of me.. And Brandel Chamblee what a Douche...
  5. @GSwag, Seattle not being much of a Road Team is a misnomer. Seattle Went 7-1 on the road this year. Listening to Seattle Sports Radio And Players and Coaches told some of the media they are ready fro Philly and Want to get San Francisco in the 2nd Round.. Pete Carrol Stated he did not see the PI call in the End zone as he was trying to figure out the next play. Even the Broadcast said it was clearly Pass Interference in the end zone on 3rd down.. Which would have given Seattle the ball on the 1 and to Marshawn.. And....... Touchdoooooown Seahawks...
  6. Is 40* to cold? I think it's all perspective. Living outside of Seattle, with 40* comes moisture for us, that makes it feel even colder. And if I didn't play in the moisture (Rain, Drizzle, and occasionally light snow) Hell I might only play twice a year ( it is Seattle).. But If I lived in the Southern half of the country i.e. California, Florida, Arizona, 40 would be WAY to cold, Heck 50 would almost be too cold.. But then again people on her from Florida talk about it being to hot @revkev, and @fozcycle.. only once has It been to hot up here. When I got off the course the thermometer in my truck showed 117 in the shade. that was on the east side not the Wet side of Washington. I learned along time ago, If I didn't like the rain and cold I would not be doing outdoor activites moat of the year living here.. Once the Temps dip below 35ish it is starting to get there, do to frost delays, frozen traps, the feeling like your hitting rocks even while using a Super soft ball..
  7. As someone who also has participated in Multiple reviews, and Follow along on most (not all). I think collectively we do an amazing job of being open, honest and most of all transparent in our assessment of products. I agree IF we could get mostly clubs and balls before release or at the very least as soon as announced than our opinions and concerns would be more helpful and useful to all looking to spend their hard earned money and these days a lot of it.. I also agree that some of the reviews tend to get long winded (mine included). As a tester I want to get as much information out as possible to allow my review to be useful, yet sometimes we get carried away trying to get too much info, including fluff.. Possibly Streamline the template for reviews to help keep it to just the facts and have specific points to include with less subjectivity.. Yet have an area for subjective responses.. If your a 5 hndcp you probably want/need different thoughts then a 18 hndcp and vice versa. Just my thoughts..
  8. 2019 for me personally was good, not great. I mid year change of jobs kind of put a damper on some golf and personal life. Luckily I found a great job that I love with a lot less stress. So for that I am thankful. 2020 I plan to get in more rounds with my wife and Father in law ( he makes me drink beer and Golf.. Man I love him.. LOL), at 82 not sure how much longer he'll be able to play, Daughter is at the age where we are more a pain than a blessing.. Granddaughter has said she would like more golf so that is a huge positive. With my bag staying the same ( unless it doesn't ) I should be good to go for some more great rounds.. Shot in the 80's most of the year with only a couple in the low to mid 90's ( too much beer).. My goal for 2020 is not to go over 89, and break into the 70's again. How am I going to do that you ask? Play par 3 courses... Nah, focus on my contact. when I'm having a bad round or hole I tend to get a little free and hit fat shot. that is how I head into 2020..
  9. This is what I love about this site, or at least one of the things. @BIG STU you truly are a gentleman and a scholar.. As life goes this reaffirms my faith in humanity.. You just made me smile.. Thank you..
  10. Russell Wilson is definitely the League MVP so far.. Jadeveon Clowney is a BEAST... @Sluggo42 on the local Sports talk radio here ( Seattle ) we get to here Mike Holmgren. He thought it was the best game of the season. Tyler locket will be ready for the Nov 24th game against Philly.. Gooooo HAAAAWWWWWKKKKKSSSSS......
  11. Congrats Rev. That is awesome. Your congregation clearly thinks highly of you.. as do we.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. Guy's I'm glad to see that you guys are keeping "most" of your Cobra's in the bag.. I have never played more consistent golf in my life than I have with my Cobra's. I did not feel I played as much this year as in the past, but still got in 22 rounds from May through Sept. and I only went over 90 twice. Once involved several adult beverages.. so that doesn't count right??? Anyhow I still love every Cobra club in my bag. Combined with the Srixon Z-star I have not even thought about changes to my set-up.. Weellllll maybe a little...
  13. That is a killer set-up.. I love the fact you have YOUR best set-up and it's not brand specific or all brand new.. Play well my friend..
  14. I have been very forunate since joinng MGS. With being said I let most people try my club review clubs and have give out sleeves of balls to atrangers. Has anyone bought a product solely because of me, I do not know. I do know that several people have told me they love this or that and will be looking at a club, brand or ball in the future. Played with two guys a couple of weeks ago and 1 asked to try my Cobra F8+ driver. He was playing a Titleist not sure which one. But he hit them both and love the Cobra. Get to the fairway and his two balls were 2 feet from each other and he was adamant he's going to look into a new driver. Mind you he was fit for his and not mine.. So I do think we influence people we interact with.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  15. Congrats guys I look forward to following along
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