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  1. This was the advice Harry gave me (if you haven't returned your already!):
  2. Jeff Louisville, KY Walk 100% of rounds (~80% push, ~20% carry) Clicgear 4.0 Thanks for the opportunity to be considered!
  3. Interesting. I haven't heard of these before. They're a bit pricey but maybe worth a shot...
  4. Hey all - I recently got a pair of these as a birthday gift (https://www.adidas.com/us/tour360-xt-sl-2.0-spikeless-golf-shoes/EG4871.html). They're gorgeous shoes and with the boost footbed are really comfortable except for one MAJOR issue. I've worn them for a few rounds (45 holes total) and each time they've given me terrible blisters on my heels (both feet). I walk, so a blister here or there isn't unexpected nor the end of the world, but after 6 or 7 holes these are basically unwearable. Anyone else have any experience with this?
  5. I got fitted into EvenFlow White on both Driver and 3W (and love both) but interestingly my driver is 10g heavier (85) than my 3W (75). Seems like this is the opposite of conventional wisdom/normal recommendations so I thought it was interesting. I guess it puts some wonky swingweights at the top of my bag
  6. I've switched to this ball as a result of the study Tony did and I have no plans to switch back. I had bounced around playing ProV1s, ProV1xs, BXs and BXSs - I have a high swing speed (109-115) and am generally a high spin player so I know I need to be in a firmer ball, but value control on my short irons and wedges. So it's been a balancing act of trying to find the right fit for me game. The -ProV1x is the perfect fit for my game. With the spinny/high launch balls I would spin back 9 Irons and less up to 20 feet or more (pending green undulations obviously). With low launch/low spin balls I'd have trouble controlling distance and getting balls to react how I'd like them to. With the higher launch of the Left Dash I don't need as much spin to control my approaches into the green. Instead of spinning everything back I've gotten to more of a one hop & stop or one hop & spin back a few feet which is ideal (for me anyway). Anyway - really thrilled to be able to put this ball into play and I don't see any changes coming on that front. To that end - anyone want a fresh box of Bridgetone BXS (non-Tiger) balls?!
  7. Out of curiosity - why do you play ProV1X? I have a very different swing but very similar metrics to you (~112 head speed, I used to average 3700 RPM). I switched to a TS4 (I think a TSi4 seems like it might be ideal for you AND me) and that cut about 900 RPM off my drives. I also switched to the ProV1x Left Dash (-ProV1X) which has cut another couple hundred RPM off. The Left Dash gives me the high ball flight I like but spin more akin to an AVX (less than a traditional ProV1) and that's been really huge for me. You might also notice a big difference in approach shots. I used to spin back wedges and even like a 9I 15 feet or so, not it's more like a one hop and stop or shorter spin back which is massive.
  8. Jeff Long / Louisville iPhone 11 & iPad Pro 2nd Gen Testing Outdoors No Net I'd love to do this test. I actually was one of the first to test Rapsodo's original baseball technology (https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/30750/pitching-backward-reviewing-rapsodo/) so it'd be fun to compare that experience to their golf product!
  9. I love this one club fitting question. I mentioned this to Harry on Twitter, but I ended up asking to hit 7 (Demo) for many sets (I think I hit 4 brands, 8 models) and then 9 AND 5 off the wall (taped up) for the top 4 models to build my set. I ended up going with a split set P760s and P790s, and wouldn't have landed on that without hitting the 9 as well as the 7 and 5. The other option was T100 & T200 for what it's worth.
  10. It's working out ok for me (ignore the crappy PW - I had a really fluffy lie in the first cut)!
  11. First Name: Jeff City, State: Louisville, KY Current Driver in Play: Titleist TS4 Handicap: 12.6 Swing Speed: 109 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3 Would love to see how these compare to my current TS driver :).
  12. 1. Jeff from Louisville, KY 2. During the winter I really don't practice putting. If it warms up enough I'll go to the green at a local course but I don't have any carpet in my house and don't have any training/practice mats. 3. When I was a kid I used to spend hours putting on my dad's old (1990s) putting mat with the faux green grass and plastic ramp. Other than that, I've got none. 4. I would like the medium speed, if selected. I'd love to be selected for this one - I have been perusing the birdieball site for months now and am intrigued by their proprietary surface. Thanks for the consideration!
  13. Yeah, it's a scratch for sure. I've seen some folks have said car touch up paint or even nail polish. Not sure what to do
  14. Hey all - I was battling the driver yips a week or two ago and it resulted in many frustrating range sessions. On one swing a dirty ball and crappy swing resulted in some damage. Not worried about the face scratches but would love to fix the paint issue. Any ideas/recommendations?
  15. Building on this - I wish one of the coaches I've worked with in the past had the PlaneMate. I bought one myself and it's been a massive change in my swing path. Since many amateurs have issues with coming over the top and getting the club into the slot on the downswing, the PlaneMate would likely get a lot of use. https://www.tourstriker.com/product/planemate/ Also, the video protocols from Martin Chuck and David Woods that go with it are a great example of how to simplify technical concepts into something any golfer can understand.
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