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  1. Same age as you. Have severe arthritis in hands. Could not complete a round due to hand pain. Went for a fitting 5 years ago and hit a lot of shafts. Clear winner was Aerotech Steelfibres i95 in stiff. Gave me the reduced vibration I needed with the feel of steel. Can play now without hand pain, accuracy is much improved and index is half of what it was. My SS for 6 iron is upper 80s. Will play these shafts as long as they are made
  2. Have always played a “buttercup fade”. Nicklaus hit a fade. Grew up watching Nicklaus
  3. Been playing for 51 years. Have witnessed 7 holes-in-one, and 2 albatrosses. Have personally had zero of both!
  4. Steve/ Las Vegas 6.5 index Volkey SM5 Lower flighted “Hop and Stop”
  5. Play GP Tour Wrap 2G Jumbo +2 for about 2 years. Real help on arthritic hands, less grip pressure, less pain, better play, less shock. Best equipment choice I’ve made in 50 years of playing. Hands measure 8.75 and 4.25
  6. I feel your pain. Many places have “big and tall” but really should be just “big”. Pants start at 44 waist and stop at 32” inseam. I need 42” waist and 36” inseam. Need 12” inseam on shorts—not made, Shirts never long enough to tuck. Not many XLT options. UA has some tall sizes and their regular sizes are a bit longer. Would really like to find pants/ shirts long enough under $100, but seems like a pipe dream 6’8” 250 not a golfer bod I guess
  7. Steve Barrett, Las Vegas Catherine, age 12 left handed Topflite Junior SGI Teen LEFTY Catherine is into STEM classes and wants to be an astrophysicist. Maybe first golfer on Mars? BTW—she calls her driver “Thunder Kitty”
  8. Steve Barrett Las Vegas Never used rangefinder. Currently use Grint GPS
  9. I use what I call my 50/50 practice. 50 putts from 4-10 ft, followed by 50 range balls split about 20 wedges, 10 7 iron, 10 5 iron, 5 fairway metals, 5 drivers, followed by 50 chips, and finish with 50 30 ft putts. Usually twice a week. Tweak the numbers if I am working on something particular. Takes about 75-90 minutes
  10. Just a question for the group. I am 6’8” with large hands. My clubs are 1” long, 1* upright with Jumbo+2 grips and stiff shafts. My problem is that trying new tech/clubs is difficult because stock and most fitting options do not have grip and/or lie options. Maybe some length options. When I need new equipment, I spring for full van fitting with those options, but many times would just like to see. I am sure there are a lot of NAS(Not Average Size) players are on here. Taller, shorter, injured, aging, large hands, small hands. What do you find, and how do you adapt?
  11. Steve. Las Vegas, Nv Swing speed 97 Current ball. Pro V 1 and Snell MTB Played Snell MTB for last 20 rounds
  12. Steve/Nevada Odyssey Metal X-1 Right hand have used blade putters for 50 years and would like to find a mallet style that works without sky high price point
  13. Layout and design was mine, but it is a two stage automotive paint with clear, so I left it to pros for application
  14. The player: Current gamer - PoV1 Handicap or Ave score - 6 7 iron carry distance with current ball - 150 Trajectory - high Putter - Odyssey metalX-1 The ball: Name of ball- Snell MTB 2018  Distance - 5-7 yards more Trajectory - a bit lower Spin - stops on proper strike, some release Feel - firm Durability (1 round) - like new Rating - Gamer First, I am a Titliest guy through the bag Have played 12 rounds with MTB. A bit longer, a bit less spin than PoV1. Played ProV1 for 10 years(60 round/year). Snell compares very favorably for $20/ dozen less and is what I play now. A well struck short iron stops, mid/long iron releases 6 ft. Pro V1 would have backed up 3, and stopped on longer irons, so I am good with that for price. I do not lose many balls and I have retired a few after 3 rounds that still look good. It is difficult for me to distinguish between the two. For $5/ dz less, would probably stay ProV— for $22/dz less, Snell’s my ball
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