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  1. I don't really listen or care what other players say about their drive lengths. It all comes down to the correct score on the card. When I hear guys say, "I hit that drive XXX yards", I just smile and nod. I rely heavily on my laser to give me the yardage to my target. My concern is where am I going to hit the drive to give me the best chance of getting on the green in regulation so I have a birdie putt. The internet is full of Long Drive Champions.
  2. Drumdog

    Fast Play

    If he was that upset, then he knew he was taking too long and was trying to deflect....
  3. Cool trailer and video. I used to build semi trailers back in the day and watching the construction phase of the video brought back some good memories.
  4. Relax, have fun with it, keep your expectations realistic, make new friends(and probably an enemy or 2), but above all, have fun with it.
  5. Congrats guys, very interested in your thoughts on these.
  6. Bill Mills - Liberty Lake, Washington - 60 Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope 5Ghin - 102mph Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons, Callaway Epic driver Single length Thanks for the opportunity !
  7. Eastern Washington(state) where I live has some of the best value for courses that I have ever played. I've been on several trips to play golf over the years and my location is just pretty hard to beat. Most of the public courses around here are under $40 and the conditions are usually very good. There are a couple of higher end spendy options but those are destination courses and always in good condition as well.
  8. The wife and I are going to take a week vacation and head for San Diego. We want to go to a 3 day golf school in that area to improve our games and celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We attended the Kapalua Golf Academy for a 3 day school to celebrate our 5th anniversary and it really helped us both and was a lot of fun. Does anyone have suggestions or recommendations for a school in the SD area? I am not looking to break the bank on this trip....just sayin' Thanks!
  9. I agree with Kenny here, whole heartedly. I had a friend that had shoulder surgery and even though the surgeon told him not to golf for 5 months, he started hitting balls after 3. Big mistake. Now his shoulder clicks and hurts on almost every full swing shot. I had both of my shoulders done over the last 4 years. I followed the doctors orders explicitly and almost doubled up on the rehab reps. No issues whatsoever with either shoulder. When I was released to golf, I posted scores and yes, they were a bit higher than before the surgeries, but it all normalizes in the end.
  10. I used to use a line on my ball for a few years, but gave it up several years ago and here's why. 1. My stroke is not a straight back and straight through 2. I was never quite sure that I had the line pointed in the exact spot I needed to hit so that hurt my confidence 3. Since I wasn't confident the line was correctly pointed, I would step back at times and realign it which took too much time I gave up the line and place the ball so there are no markings at all on top. I have become a pretty darn good putter since then.
  11. Name/Home State - Bill - Washington State Current Putter - Taylormade Ghost Spider ONE sentence that describes Bettinardi putters... Classic beauty with unparalleled performance make Bettinardi putters the standard that all others are judged by.
  12. 1. Your first name and home state or province. -US and Canada eligible Bill - Washington State 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed 5.0 Ghin - 102 3. Your current driver Callaway GBB Epic 9.0 deg. 4. List whether you would like to review the Epic Flash or Epic Flash Sub Zero Epic Flash Thanks for the opportunity !
  13. "If your job gave you a surprise three day paid break to rest and recuperate, what would you do with those three days?" I would play 36 holes on both of the first 2 days, then go fishing on the third day.
  14. No specific hole for me, but a double is bad and anything over a double bogey is a blow up in my opinion.
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