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  1. What an awesome opportunity! Good luck to everyone who signed up!
  2. Back for a little update but also wanted to piggy back on what @goaliewales14 mentioned. I did notice that I was getting plenty of spin (probably too much spin) and I do not swing it particularly quick (~100 MPH driver swing speed). I would imagine it is an issue of shaft and offset that is generating the extra spin. I additionally already spin the ball plenty so this setup may not be the most suitable. I would like to get it on a proper LM to verify my suspicions. Although I probably spin the ball a tad too much with the 3w, the feel and control I have with this club is great. I really enjoy the confidence it brings as I have gotten more comfortable with it.
  3. Got a little post range test update for you guys... I hit about ~10 or so shots with the hybrid last week (Thursday) and my initial impression is that this club sounds smooth. When you hit it in the middle of the face (which I accomplished a few times surprisingly) it has a really pleasant thwack to it. I am definitely impressed with the feel as well, I could tell right away when I did not quite catch it without even seeing the ball flight. Speaking of ball flight... it flew straight, which is different for me (I usually cut the ball with my current Mizuno hybrid), but I found when I hit it well that I was seeing it fly straight as an arrow. It will definitely take some time to get comfortable with but so far so good.
  4. Received mine yesterday. Very excited to get it out to the range!
  5. Looking to move my current hybrid down to replace my 4 iron and insert the sub70 hybrid above it hopefully filling the gap between 3W and 4H. Depending on how it performs, it might just replace the hybrid I am gaming now (distance, control, etc.) Currently playing the 2018 Mizuno MLK 4H. I am hoping to gain a bit of distance and some control with the sub70 hybrid. Also hopefully it will help to mitigate my left miss with my current hybrid.
  6. Very smooth sign up process, much preferred over the original method. Good work guys!
  7. Thank you very much! Much appreciated bud! Appreciate it pal!! Thanks Kenny! Actually had two birdies (on the back 9) on my birthday round so I'll take it!
  8. Little update for you guys concerning how I'm getting along with the GS53 3W... I believe I noted this in my review but I will reiterate that it seems to spin slightly too much for me, but need to get it on a proper LM to verify my suspicions. Only reason I note this is because it seems to launch higher than I'm used to, even on the better strikes. Other than that, the club is fantastic and the feel is great. You can definitely feel when you catch it right.
  9. Here is another picture of the clubs (updated with a 54* Sub 70 SW) with the headcovers (new putter headcover from the Arnold Palmer Invitational)
  10. Honestly did not even notice that till you pointed it out hah! I'm assuming you are referring to their positions in the bag right? Works for me so oh well Thanks pal! I'm enjoying it so far, it seems to spin a tad too much but I can work with it. I have not had the opportunity to compare it to anything comparable but when I do I will definitely make my updates in the forum
  11. I got a some bag upgrades so I figured I would update you guys. I was playing two hybrids (3 and 4) but found that they were going a similar distance (not sure why), so I decided to dump the 3H and stick with the 4H as I am more comfortable with it. I also upgraded my irons and 3 wood, I am currently gaming the M6 Irons (4-PW) and the Ben Hogan GS53 (total technological upgrade, may or may not stick in the bag). I also replaced my GW with a Sub70 48*, will probably replace my 56* with another club from Sub70 once they come out with their new Satin wedges. The last upgrade would be the putter, decided to go with the Wilson Staff Michigan Ave which I am enjoying thus far. Here are some pics:
  12. Droppin' a little update in here about how I am getting on with the LX5. I have been trying to figure out ways to use it without having to actually wear it (face is thick so looks real silly on me LOL). I tried attaching to the golf cart wheel which seemed to work really well, and I noticed that the watch's battery did not drain as much as it usually does. The only downside is that I did not use the watch as much as I normally would if I was wearing it. I was wearing my Apple Watch for basic FCB yardages and utilizing the LX5 for certain carry numbers on a few holes. Here is what the setup looked like in the golf cart. I will more than likely continue to utilize the watch this way instead of wearing it. I will keep you guys posted on how it goes.
  13. Little update on how my 3W testing is going: I have been struggling with my swing a little bit as of late so it has been hard to give this club a fair test but when I strike it well, it has performed well. The sound off the club face sounds good to me, a very clean "pop" sound. I am also getting consistent distance with it so that's nice to note. I will try to get some numbers with it to see if my eye matches the quantitative data. So far so good when my swing is on, and a bit of a struggle with it when I am off. I'll keep you guys posted!
  14. Received mine this weekend, very excited to give it a few swings. Pictures soon to follow!
  15. A.J. / Merritt Island, FL Currently using an AmazonBasics golf net Currently using the SC100 occasionally Good luck everyone!
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