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  1. Kyle IL 22 Taylormade Jetspeed Consistency when hitting from fairway and rough.
  2. Hope you have been able to get out there.
  3. Anyone have thoughts on when IL will open its courses back up?
  4. Kyle / IL 21 Taylormade Rocketballz 170
  5. I am in! Looking forward to this upcoming season.
  6. I had the chance to escape to some warmer weather this past week and play 3 different courses. 90% of the time when I play it is on my "home" course where I know every shot I need to hit. This was a rude awakening as I had not played a different course since spring. I only packed a handful of balls so the first day I played the Tour, second day was Tour X, and the last day was a mix. Being that these courses were in TX the grass was different than up here in IL. The more I am able to play with both the Tour and Tour X the more consistent they feel to me. As I said in my first post, I look for
  7. Well today was not a great day for on course testing as we got about 4 inches of snow. It was however a good day to continue the “Lab” test. More to come on the results in the future. This past weekend I got out and tested both balls once again on the course but I am going to focus on the TourX here. For the first free holes I used an old ProV1x that I had in my bag because of the leaves. I did not want to lose one of the test balls under a leaf. When I pulled the TourX out on the 7th, a 386 yard par 4, the ball leapt off the club face. The speed and height of the ball was noticeab
  8. I have to say I have really been enjoying watching live golf in prime time. It was so crazy last night with no fans around. I think this has the makings of a great finish. I think they are playing 27 holes tonight... should be great to watch. How do you think this one will finish up? Tiger by _____?
  9. Today was another good day of testing. Despite the fact that it was only about 46 degrees out the course was in great shape and primed for testing. I brought the wife along to take some videos and pictures. Today I focused on testing the Tour ball and this was the first day that I did not test the balls side by side. On the first hole I hit my 3rd shot just short left of the green (it's a par 5). Below is the 4th shot, chipping to a deep flag. A bit too far left but still noticing the higher ball flight on shots around the green. As I continue to use these bal
  10. As I outlined in my initial post, I am taking an approach that blends on course performance and indoor launch monitor analysis to test the balls. Today was a launch monitor day. I am limiting the number of shots that I take in the sessions to remove performance issues due to fatigue. Using SkyTrak and my set up in the garage I added about 30 shots today brining the total so far up to ~300 shots. Once outlier shots are removed I have about 100 shots right now that are in the analysis. Using 4 test groups; Control, ProV1, Tour, and TourX what I am looking for is if the claims of
  11. First let me start by saying that I am not a good putter. I found this interesting because I am looking to improve this over the winter up here in the midwest. I have a number of issues with my putting and some of the guys I play with a lot say I just hammer (one of the reasons for the handle) or swat at the ball on the green. I miss left a lot but also have speed issues. I have been looking for drills but also the last round I played while warming up I looked down and asked myself, where should the ball be in my stance? Right now I have it about at my big toe on my left foot. After seeing th
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