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  1. A bit cloudy but glad to be able to get out today.
  2. Fall golf. A bit cold but the course is still in great shape.
  3. Is it just me or dome something seem off with the recent posts? @Golfspy_CG2 @GolfSpy STUDque
  4. Got it too. Thinking a lot might get it but they are doing a lobby system too so need to be early once the system opens up. Good luck.
  5. I have used Game Golf for a number of years and like the concept and interface. I know there are other companies out there doing this now and those companies have been more innovative. I know they have had some new products this year but it seems to be on life support. What are your thoughts?
  6. The worst has been with it being so wet they stopped cutting the rough and it is starting to get a bit gnarly.
  7. This is a great review. I have used Game Golf in the past and actually stoped using it this year to focus more on the feel and not tracking my shots. Did you look at Game Golf at all? Thanks
  8. Same here in Chicago. Was 8O+ on Monday and for this afternoon’s round it will be 55 and overcast. I love the fall but the course yesterday was a bit soft. Need a few more dry days to get it back playing a bit better.
  9. Same here. I searched around a lot and MGS seemed like the best with an active community. That is a big thing for me, the community. For me golf is just as much about the game as it is about the people. I have not been active on any other groups mostly because the engagement was not there.
  10. Ha. Thanks. Just dropped the 3H too. I need to work on it or something. I always pull it left and most of the time can use a 4i or 5i but have never gone below that. Thanks for the feedback I might keep the 60 in there and practice with it a bit more.
  11. We play skins with a net and gross side and split the pot. We have a big mix of handicaps so this helps make it fun for everyone.
  12. We almost ended up living on a course but thankfully didn’t. Turns out 6 months after we would have moved there they shut the course down. Not sure they are maintaining it at all. On the flip side since it was closed and would have been tight be hind the house maybe that would have meant free golf, not good but free.
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