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  1. No surprise here, we heard there were rumblings last week this may happen. Costco is great to their customers and I would expect nothing different here
  2. One of my favorite players... Literally won some good money on him with his masters win. So happy to see him find his way back to the winner's circle.
  3. Gotta love Costco for standing behind their brand... Kirkland has always meant top quality, and they are making sure that is the same for their golf balls!
  4. Such a great classic! Those drivers were so long and straight, the 290 and 310 versions. As well the stock Miyazaki you could order, I think it was the Black and Indigo were right on par with aftermarket shafts.
  5. So first two range sessions with the Tensei Pro Orange and wow feels great and launch looked really good. Going to try and sneak out for a round this weekend... Fingers crossed the weather holds.
  6. I can't say for certain in regards to the Q-Star, but I have used the Z-Star and they are one of the best on the market for spin. And yes they do have the spin skin as well.
  7. jayjay0808


    It doesn't matter which brand that ball would be, that type of durability would be unacceptable for me. Like others have stated contact Snell directly with photos. I have heard nothing but great things about the company and I am sure they would welcome the feedback etc.
  8. Luckily not... Was actually close to hitting my fiancée and my buddy's fiancée as they were up by the forward tees.
  9. So I got up for my golf trip and was smoking this thing on the range, got to the 14th hole and the shaft snapped right at the adapter, this is the second time this has happened with this driver. I contacted TM yesterday and their customer service was awesome, and offered to provide me a new driver with my number one option from my fitting which was the Tensei Pro Orange. Should be here in a few days.
  10. I just put in play a Taylormade M6 with an X-Torsion Copper 70X. I had not tried a CB shaft until this and to be honest my numbers in testing were very good. Heading on a weekend golf trip tomorrow and should get 3 rounds in, so I will report back with on course results.
  11. To be honest if my putting starts to struggle, I putt looking at the hole one handed. Usually right hand only. Just takes so much thought out of it
  12. Pretty cool to see the manufacturer out here reading what us the golfers are saying about their products. Also having the confidence to address the problems that have been mentioned rather than just brushing them off!
  13. Stage 2 writing is up, having trouble posting images and video. Will try once again on home computer. Enjoy boys and girls!
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