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  1. They are now marked down to 32 a dozen.... May be worth trying?
  2. Congrats boys! Not going to lie, awfully jealous!
  3. I typically will go get fit. However, on a spur of the moment I was cruising ebay and found a brand new uncut Project X Handcrafted M66 Proto in X-stiff for like $49 bucks. I emailed Don Brown and he confirmed it was real and one of only 3 that was made for a Georgia Alum that was currently on the PGA Tour. He said it was close to a Hzrdus Black but not quite and suggested I tip it 1.5 inches. I through that thing in my Tour Edge E8 Beta and it was a bomber and very straight. Sadly the head cracked and instead of getting a new head I went and got fit for another driver and ended up selling th
  4. Those Adam’s CB2 are one of the irons I regret ever selling. Loved them! Not surprised to see the 921 Tours be a clear winner against the P7-MC. When I have hit both the 921’s feel better and had a stronger flight Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Congrats boys! Lets see you put some rust on these babies!
  6. I remember when MGS did the one day code for these at 19.99 a dozen... I am sure if they did that with these results we make break their website lol
  7. Black, they always look better after they have worn in a bit
  8. These along with the Titleist drivers may be the best looking drivers of 2021! Mizunos tend to look really good as well, so they may sneak into the conversation as well
  9. John-James Blaine, WA Honma TR-20 with Vizard 60X +1.2 114mph Tsi3
  10. Interesting you said the finish isn't holding up too well from the range practice. I have seen Gen 1 and Gen 2 irons from players and they look like the finish doesn't wear the best over time as well.
  11. Like others have said, this is completely player dependent. I myself this year eliminated the 3 iron, and instead put in either a 3 hybrid or weak 2 iron driving iron. I use the extra space to add a 52 wedge and moved to 4 wedges overall. Gapping is much easier and I have a ton of options from 130 and in.
  12. John-James/ Blaine, WA +1.2 Honma TW-W4 Wedges 52, 56, 60 I love how it will rust over time, almost makes it look personal to the player. As well as the reduced glare playing in those really sunny days
  13. Set of Adams MB2 with Tour Issue X100. They were the rusted retail finish, at the time I didn't like the rusted look, sold them and bought a set of Titleist MB irons.... Still to this day wish I kept them
  14. Solid courses! Had I seen this before you got your replies my recommendations would have been the exact same. Love Gold Mountain, and the Home Course is a very enjoyable round
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