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  1. I have always been a Srixon Z-Star XV player. I haven't replenished my stock in a couple years so still playing the 5th generation. I am contemplating giving the new generation a go, but the TP5 is really tempting to me right now
  2. Last night I really needed to work on opening up on the downswing, as I tend to get slightly flippy when I stall out. So I slowed everything down and hit about 100 balls for feel of 3/4 swings ball up at the top of my stance. Only trying to hit the ball 100 yards low and cutting. This tends to get me in a good place. So will warm up like that on the weekend and go from there.
  3. Wow this turned into a lovefest very quickly lol... But seriously it is great to see a female golfer posting, and offering her opinion on what they look for in equipment and their bag setup. How are you enjoying the Edel putter? Torque balanced I have heard has thrown a few golfers off, but having maybe started left handed putting your release may suit the Edel?
  4. Ummm Wow... I would game these in a second. I am glad you said 2020 gets me saving up for them
  5. I wish Mizuno would add the MP Putters to North America... Maybe some day! They have now released balls so there is a chance.
  6. Played two rounds this weekend with the 919 Tours. And wow, I have never felt so comfortable with a new set of irons in hand. This may be due to the fact I did play the 900 Tours for a season. I did notice that the 919 Tours didn't balloon or over spin in the air. They have given me approximately 5 more yards carry vs. the 900 Tours. I can't attribute that all to the head design as I went from the Project X LZ 6.5 to Nippon Modus Tour 120 XS and on any launch monitor I hit them prior to ordering the spin was about 400-500 less per club.
  7. Received my ST190 on Friday and was able to get it out for a couple rounds this weekend. First round was really getting use to a different feel, 1 I went from a 8.5 lofted down in my Titleist to 9.5 straight in for the ST190. 2 I went to a 68 gram Atmos Tour Spec Black vs my trustee Aerotech Claymore MX48 which was only 50 grams. Yesterday's round was a much different story, hit some of the longest drives in the last couple years for me. And hit all but two fairways. Gonna get some more use out of it. But Mizuno has a winner. Feel and sound were just so solid.
  8. John-James Sullivan, WA Seemore PTM 2 34.5" Quality craftsmanship and pure class.
  9. Great looking bag, and very awesome mix of brands based on what works.
  10. I think I am with the majority and say The Masters. The fact that it is the only one played on the same course year in and year out (The Players is not a major). Its also the special traditions it has Par 3, Champions Dinner, Caddy Jumpers etc. Second on my list would have to be the British, just because it is such a different event when compared to the other 3.
  11. jayjay0808

    TP5 Pix?

    I know sales for the Truvis have been excellent for Callaway. And I would guess Taylormade thought it was missing a share of the market and this is their best response... I myself have not been a fan of the Truvis balls, they make my head hurt watching them on and around the green. Again just personal experience. So this is just "meh" news for me
  12. Great write up. And I am sorry you had a bad experience with Taylormade. I can say up in my neck of the woods the reps have always been top drawer!
  13. I have tried to push myself into a more forgiving design as I have gotten older and play less often. However, I was a decent player, played college, and still shoot under par throughout the year. I have always found when I put a more forgiving style of club in my hands I tend to get sloppier with my irons. I never have been able to explain it. Sounds totally crazy but that is just me.
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