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  1. That is gonna be so good in your bag! Out of all the clubs this year I actually think this may be the club of the year. You heard Ian from TXG say that it has been his favorite to test so far.
  2. You have to respect what their leadership did in those 4 years to have the company increase in valuation by 400%... Bringing in Tiger, and then adding someone like Fowler for only a ball deal, pretty smart.
  3. 100% accurate that you do have to get fit... However no one can argue against the fact that typically higher cost shafts have higher quality materials etc. So it is nice when a manufacturer provides high quality shafts at a no charge option. Examples in the past being Callaway/TM that offer made for watered down options(Ventus with no Velcore) vs Cobra and Mizuno that have offered the typical aftermarket options as their stock (Atmos TS or Motore X)
  4. This is an excellent point... Looking at the available shaft options for 2021 I would be fairly confident in saying Cobra has one of the strongest no upcharge shaft offerings out of the 3. Mizuno is also very good but like you said as of right now it looks like older options.
  5. I read through this thread and wow! Awesome work and great attention to detail
  6. So they dropped the price even more to $209... I saw online they had a 9* XF still available somehow. I tried to add it to my cart but it wouldn't let me. I called at like 8pm PST last night and the customer service was able to put the order together and knocked $5 off the price of the driver. I haven't received my confirmation yet so I hope the inventory was accurate. My thinking was for $204 if I don't love it I can sell it for what I paid.
  7. Was going to order the 9* XF head and the 3 Wood... Had both in my cart and before I could check out, each one was sold out
  8. Compared to last year's Speedzone this embargo is quite a bit later.
  9. The wife let me go through with it... Bought the Big Moss Competitor TW (3' x 12') indoor putting green. It gets here on Wednesday but our basement is going through renos so I wont be able to use it until after Christmas
  10. This is a cool test! John-James/ Blaine WA iPhone 10 Outdoors Will not be using with net, open range
  11. Are you talking about the MIM Tour Irons? If so they will hold up well to the T100-S... Only thing to consider is that the T100-S have slightly stronger lofts, if I am not mistaken
  12. Honma is doing the XP-1 Driver for $299 with the Vizard FP and FD included in that price. Typically a $100 upcharge
  13. Thank you! I saw this previously, I am trying to dive into the Motivo a little more which wasn't featured.
  14. So the wife is letting me have a man cave. I would like to add a putting green/mat in one area of it. I thought about getting a more permanent green but if we choose to repurpose the room in a few years for kids I don't want to deal with that mess. I was originally looking at Birdie Ball 4'x12' 1/2" thick with all the bumpers. However I am skeptical on the quality of the foam. I found Motivo TourFeel mats, it is 3'x12'. I really like the look of it but I would have to cut my own holes. I have also not been able to find any information or reviews on it. Budget wise I am trying to be somew
  15. I like the idea here. From what I have seen on youtube for this ball, could change some people's minds.
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