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  1. The players that stuck by the PGA Tour are NOT happy (Hughes, Kim, Bryan, etc.). Apparently no one knew outside maybe a couple handful of people in the PGA Tour. I wonder if this is why Rory took a step back from some of his duties on the PGA Tour.
  2. Ummm, I was shocked this morning. My initial thoughts, after all this talk about where the money was coming from by the PGA Tour, Golf Channel, and every media outlet... the PGA Tour and Monahan took the money after all. A bunch of hypocrites in my opinion, sellouts.
  3. I have a 4 SIM DHY with Ventus Blue (Velocore) 9X if interested
  4. That is a great suggestion! I only need a couple swingweight points to get it to D3 which is what I prefer. Switching out the 6 gram to a 10 gram should get me there. If not I will definitely try out your suggestion!
  5. Not really something I bought but thought it would fit in here. Had been playing really well this year. I was driving the ball great with an Epic Speed TD, however a few weeks ago the carbon crown cracked. Callaway was great and sent a new standard Rogue ST TD LS, however my shaft was an upcharge exotic and built .5" short. Once I put the new head on the shaft I couldn't feel anything and drove it all over. Called Callaway today and they are sending a Gold Front weight from the Paradym line at 10gr vs the standard 6gr, this should bump up the swing weight a bit. I think the gold will actually look pretty sweet in the Rogue ST Hoping I play a bit better this weekend.
  6. Looks and sounds like and absolutely brilliant trip! Hopefully that Putter Vault trip rubs off on your next round and beat your handicap!
  7. Got one round in this weekend. I hadn't picked up a club for a couple weeks. Started solid Bogey, Double, Bogey, Bogey and shot Even... Seems standard, just not good for the heart
  8. I bought the Diamond on the 3 for 2 deal... I loved the feel of the Z Star in the past but performance was lacking. I loved the distance from the XV, but feel was terrible. The Diamond is right in between and I think I have found my go to.
  9. I played with a fitter this week and he said Taylormade is 4th in sales for them this year. Callaway is #1, Ping #2, and Cobra #3. I thought that was very interesting.
  10. That Oban always looks sexy no matter what clubhead it’s in
  11. Yes yes yes the ProLaunch Red was solid... I had one in my 07 Burner TP and it was so good until the face absolutely collapsed and a ball went through it.
  12. 100% correct! Each player is different and what they see at address affects their delivery. That is why fitting and testing is always the best answer.
  13. Its funny because any time I set a club in the draw/upright setting I tend to hit it more right as a RH golfer... I think its just the mental side of thinking I will miss it left
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