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  1. John-James, Blaine 112mph Srixon Z-Star XV I was given a sleeve of the original MTB, and I have to say it performed just as well as my current gamer at the time which was the Nike RZN Tour Black. I would be very excited to see how the X holds up against my Srixon Z-Star XV
  2. So I have a question... The MGS Ball test ranks the Tour higher than the Tour X, yet most seem to prefer the Tour X. Does anyone know why that is?
  3. I have the same irons and I really stay away from hitting at ranges that don't have newer balls. Mizuno forgings are some of the softest and this does happen.
  4. 100% correct! I am a big Exotics fan, yet the Tour Edge some people see more often brings down the prestige of Exotics. I would play Exotics over a lot of the big brands because of the quality of the product!
  5. The amount of people looking at this driver due to price point and performance is great! One of the little guys getting the recognition they deserve. I wonder now with Ben Hogan releasing a $300 driver as well with great shaft options will impede on that market space?
  6. Boys you are doing a fantastic job on these reviews! I also really like the updates after a round. Someone mentioned the 105 shaft not being a great fit. I would have to agree, the Wedge versions of the Modus however are fantastic!
  7. Thank you MGS... This is going to fun to run this up against the big boys!
  8. Before I really hit my stride and grew a bit I used a 4 wood. Have you thought about taking the 3 and 5 out and replacing with one 4 wood?
  9. Great review so far! I am seriously interested to see if the hype of the stroke lab shaft is real, so I will be paying close attention to this.
  10. John-James / WA Seemore PTM2 RH I am interested in the putter because I would like to see how a house brand putter has been able to be so successful in the most wanted tests at a lower cost.
  11. Wow! Enjoy boys! This will be fun to see how close or far off you were on your setups.
  12. Those Callaway X2 Pro FW were one of the best Callaway has ever put out... Not surprised its in the bag still! Great setup!
  13. My only fear with black shafts is how they wear. They look like they are much better quality than like the putter shafts that I have seen. But yes I absolutely love the look of these.
  14. Mizuno have shown on their social media a lot of pros putting in custom 3 and 4 irons of the HM Pro as driving irons... It has me thinking as well as
  15. Maybe a back up for when the other one isn't behaving? Lol
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