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  1. Thank you for sharing... Typically carbon graphite is not as durable as titanium, if this is true I would be interested to see how Taylormade make sure the face is durable.
  2. Congrats to all the testers. I look forward to following your reviews! Should be fun to see how these stack up to your current gamer.
  3. I won mine in one of his draws. I can attest I have seen increases in swing speed over the season. I am not gonna claim I gained 10 mph but beginning this season I was about 112 mph, now up closer to 116 mph
  4. What made you choose the Tri Weight over the M-Type?
  5. Looks like they sold out of the Linksoul bag
  6. Oh loving that deep face!
  7. Very interesting... And at that price point they could really make a splah
  8. Fan of the price point and different head options. However I can't get over that alignment design, if it helps me hole more putts then why not... But I gotta roll a few to find out.
  9. jayjay0808

    ESPN Story.

    That's pretty awesome to be featured!
  10. I just moved into the Clear Tour Black. I had tried the Clear CS (Prior Generation) when they were marked down to $32. I loved the performance but the covers tore off super quick. I emailed Clear and they were amazing and sent out a replacement of my full order in the Tour Blacks. I haven't had a single issue with them and they perform even better than the CS. A lot more feel and spin around the greens and just so stable through the wind.
  11. I love the look of a thin topline. It makes me focus on making a good balanced swing in order to make solid contact
  12. Congrats Testers! The styles look awesome... Look forward to seeing your in depth reviews.
  13. Based on the clip they kinda look like a revised Cleveland Classic... Maybe?
  14. Super exciting opportunity! Thanks MGS!
  15. Contemplating pulling the trigger on a PXG Proto... Just marked them down to $199
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