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  1. jayjay0808

    2019 North West Spy Get together

    If it is the 12th and 14th. I may be able to swing it, no pun intended. Can you please add me to the PM?
  2. jayjay0808

    WITB Matt Kuchar Sony Open

    I love the mix of clubs and even shafts. Uses a stiff in the driver but then X in woods, then light stiffs in irons, then a random X in a wedge. Play what works
  3. jayjay0808

    2019 North West Spy Get together

    I would be interested but with a bachelor party and wedding for me this year, I don't have many days to travel. But if anyone is in the Bellingham area, Loomis Trail has some sick rates on this spring and would love to catch a game.
  4. jayjay0808

    2019 Srixon Z-Star & Z-Star XV Golf Balls

    I have been a big fan of the Z-Star XV... I have my fingers crossed they do the $10 6 ball tester packs again.
  5. jayjay0808

    Project X shaft legend

    All the pressure to have aftermarket shafts in your clubs is something I find silly. I wish stock shafts worked for my game, everyone is different and that's what makes it interesting. I still say that Ping produces their own shaft specs and then sources their production. The old 707D Shaft in the Ping i20 Driver was so good. That was the last OEM Made for Shaft that was perfect for me.
  6. As of this moment T2 in Hawaii... Not a bad way to debut with a new company sponsoring you
  7. Thank you for that. I knew he was testing them, just didn't know if they fully made the bag
  8. I really like Woodland... especially his stinger, that trajectory is I'll be really interested to see the new irons and if the Cortex makes its way into the bag
  9. jayjay0808

    The most elusive club...?

    I remember hitting these... They were really good. Then again I think all Bridgestone product is pretty solid.
  10. Looking forward to seeing the progression of your swing. We can all speculate on what changes your coach will make with you. And truly that depends on the coaching style and philosophy. Look at someone like Mike Bender vs George Gankas, two very different styles and both have very good players learning under them.
  11. Looks like he has the AXIS Putter back in play too. Very interested in his fairway wood choice, guessing it will be TM. And them ball is a different story. No idea where he is going to land with that.
  12. I'm sorry but I think everyone is spot on saying that there may be a slight flip to your movement. For this I would maybe suggest the drill of putting one of your alignment rods against your iron grip so that it comes up by your left ribs at address. Take small controlled swings without having the rod hit you in the ribs. This will get you rotating more through impact
  13. jayjay0808

    Meet Your New Moderators!

    Congrats to you both. Very well deserving and I am sure will do this forum proud!
  14. jayjay0808

    Gotta love Ricky Fowler- play the shank!

    Now this is all I am going to hit this weekend, geez... thanks lol
  15. jayjay0808

    New Wilson 2018/2019 MBs

    Literally one of the best looking irons if Wilson does bring these to the market.