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  1. Looks and sounds like and absolutely brilliant trip! Hopefully that Putter Vault trip rubs off on your next round and beat your handicap!
  2. Got one round in this weekend. I hadn't picked up a club for a couple weeks. Started solid Bogey, Double, Bogey, Bogey and shot Even... Seems standard, just not good for the heart
  3. I bought the Diamond on the 3 for 2 deal... I loved the feel of the Z Star in the past but performance was lacking. I loved the distance from the XV, but feel was terrible. The Diamond is right in between and I think I have found my go to.
  4. I played with a fitter this week and he said Taylormade is 4th in sales for them this year. Callaway is #1, Ping #2, and Cobra #3. I thought that was very interesting.
  5. That Oban always looks sexy no matter what clubhead it’s in
  6. Yes yes yes the ProLaunch Red was solid... I had one in my 07 Burner TP and it was so good until the face absolutely collapsed and a ball went through it.
  7. 100% correct! Each player is different and what they see at address affects their delivery. That is why fitting and testing is always the best answer.
  8. Its funny because any time I set a club in the draw/upright setting I tend to hit it more right as a RH golfer... I think its just the mental side of thinking I will miss it left
  9. I've toyed with a 7 wood numerous times, however I always end up back with a driving iron of some sorts. Off the tee the 7 woods in the past have flown just way too high and I have trouble hitting my windows with it.
  10. jayjay0808

    Maxfli Tour

    Bingo... and we all know how translatable fishing is to golf
  11. jayjay0808

    Maxfli Tour

    I think this is a prime example of the difference between a big box all sports store vs a specialized golf store. If I was working in a golf shop that had access to the Maxfli balls at the price Dick's sells them at I would be pitching them left right and center.
  12. Project X M66 Proto... Such a random find but had Don Brown suggest the proper tipping. That thing was amazing. Sadly sold it for what I thought was greener pastures, not so much.
  13. After working hard with my coach on Wednesday with the driver, I decided to take out my Jones bag and only load it up with wedges to 9 iron. Hit 120 balls moving around targets and distances. Felt good to be target focused rather than technique focused
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