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  1. Those numbers are just gross to look at at
  2. A lot of players at my club went with the SIM Max D. Not really surprised as it popped up on tour for a few players. Definitely not as draw biased as people think
  3. This is really interesting, a Tour X for a graphite iron shaft always is of interest to me. I love the Steelfiber but they are just so expensive
  4. JJ/Blaine WA USA +0.9 Cobra King MB/CB Combo Set I would love to test the Icon irons
  5. I get my TR20 on Monday so hopefully I can attest to this as well!
  6. I have only tested both on sims and I have to agree, the G400 just felt easier to bomb vs the G410. No idea why but just the same experience.
  7. Congrats boys and girls! Really interested in seeing how you progress through this!
  8. So the Ho came out of me last night. My sister in Vancouver saw that their sport store had 2018 Chrome Soft X on for $10 CAD a dozen works out to like 7 bucks... So I bought 10 dozen :S They are now sold out lol
  9. Yup just called and asked, they said they just put them back up I even said if they could match I would give them my CC right now. No dice
  10. I love my True Originals. However, this colorway makes me extremely jealous that I didn't hold out for them!
  11. I would be interested in testing them out as well, but I am pretty stocked up on balls. I have 5 dozen Tour B X from last year I got for about $24 a dozen. Then on a spur of the moment decision I picked up 6 dozen Honma G1x balls from golfballs.com for $12.95 a dozen (going through a Honma faze right now) These at nearly $50 a dozen is tough, even subscribing for 12 months only saves you $10. If these are anything like the FG Tour I am sure they will be good
  12. The tour has said they intend to have the first 4 without fans. The more I see numbers I think that this will be realistic. Whether they go beyond the first 4 without fans is dependent on how this all shapes up.
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