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  1. I just played the stripe for the first time. The ball was performing similar to my Pro v. The stripe is great for putting. Great value as well.
  2. Warren / Nicholson, Ga. 9.5 Med Sketchers Comfort and traction
  3. Warren - Nicholson, Georgia. US Odyssey center shaft I would love to try the center shafted putter. I feel like it would be very good comparison to the Odyssey I have. I feel like my comments would be spot on. Thanks
  4. Warren from Ga. 10 handicap. Glad to be involved.
  5. Warren. Georgia. USA Handicap: 8 Current irons in Play: Titleist T200 The carry distance of your 7 iron: 165 to 170 yards I would love to test and review these clubs!
  6. 19/20 i changed gloves and the rest of the bag remains the same. I just hate to change anything and have to kind of start over with each new item. I know old and comfortable.
  7. I know a few players from Jennings. Nice Course
  8. Just became a member of the site. I'm a 10 handicap. I am a high school golf coach. I found Golf Spy on You tube. I am from Georgia. Home course is Double Oaks
  9. I am a High School Golf Coach and love the game.

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