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  1. Idk what I'm looking at, but in smaller amounts acetone or paint thinner already applied on a rag work well.
  2. One; its partially a sickness, partially an obsession
  3. Hit more fairways, hit more greens. I'm typically a scrambler, so it would be cool to actually play the game somewhat correctly.
  4. Happy Holidays everyone!

  5. For sale are my Titleist 620 MBs, 3-9 iron. Used but good condition. Normal wear and dings seen in pictures. Irons are standard length, loft, lie. Shafts are Project X 6.0 blackout edition, brand new. Grips are Golf Pride MCC+4 blue, standard, brand new. Asking 800 PayPal or venmo.
  6. For sale are my Titleist 690.MBs finished in black by Tiger Nick Golf. Finish is great with minor wear. Barely used after refinish. Irons are 3-PW, standard length, loft, lie. 6 iron has the original serial number. Shafts are Project X 6.0 blackout edition, brand new. Grips are Golf Pride MCC+4 in red, standard. Asking 800, PayPal or venmo.
  7. hmmm 500.... The 2021 Titleist Aloha/Hawaii stand bag (comes out in January). TSi 2 fairway wood.
  8. Took advantage of the warm weather and went to the range. Did some over-exaggeration drills to "winterize" my swing haha. Ended up being a solid practice session.
  9. For sale is a brand new Project X Evenflow Riptide CB (counterbalanced) fairway wood shaft, 6.0 flex, 70g. $100 shipped, PayPal or venmo.
  10. I really like FJ's tropicool glove. Stays dry and is nice and light. It discolors quickly, but washes well with a regular load of laundry.
  11. My Titleist 690.MBs are from tiger nick. They are holding up fine; exactly the kind of wear that was expected. The wear turns like a raw/copper color.
  12. I've been working on half swing drills with every club, almost like pitch shots. Trying to get everything moving and working together. I get a little "detached" at the end off the season. Also working on a better impact position.
  13. Wow, that's like the super power in golf now.
  14. Arturo Fuente Chateau, mild with a light pepper taste.
  15. These have been so solid for me. I have the 48F, 54S, and 60D. I didn't think I'd see a difference between these and my SM6s, but the SM8s are much more solid and forgiving. These are weapons for sure.
  16. I think technology would help you. Probably the best value for good clubs is on Callaway's pre owned website. People have had extremely good success there. They have other brands on it too. Good luck and play well.
  17. Nice, another TS4 player! Love the Titleist set up.
  18. Love the set up, great choices.
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