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    PXG love

    I had a couple of seasons affair with PXG irons, including the original Gunboat putter. Never fell in love with the irons, but, loved and kept the putter. Added a One And Done this year, and like it as well. I believe they are as good as anything on the market, at least in their price range. Anyone else sold on their putters?
  2. I believe they were manufactured in the late 60s/ early 70s by Spalding
  3. Bought the E721's in the fall, love them. I can understand the size tweeks in the C's, not sure about the difference in the E's.
  4. Tour Edge seems to get very little forum coverage anywhere. Their quality is as good as it gets, only company with a lifetime guarantee. I own the new E721s and love them. I am guessing since their main presence is on the senior tour they may be overlooked. I am 68, so I guess I resemble my remarks.
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