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  1. I think fairway woods are still somewhat reasonable, hybrids are borderline, drivers and wedges have gotten insane to me, especially if you want an upgraded shaft in the driver. I think I got a pretty fair price for my MP-20s, but it seems like they are cutting off custom orders soon after price drops. Hopefully it levels off for a while. One good thing is wood shafts are largely interchangeable if you stick with the same OEM, so you can buy off the rack after price drops as an option.
  2. I think it's almost like an update to the PX Flighted. I've hit them in the new Apex MB and they feel great, a bit lighter than standard PX but I was still getting really nice consistency with them. I would think most would prefer the feel over the standard PX as well.
  3. Not excusing this at all but I tend to doubt the change was having that much of an effect of flight. I would, however, double check lies as my MP-20s came in (I ordered 2* upright) with standard lies. But the T20 47* I ordered was correct. I've never really had issues before this set with them.
  4. Great field this week, I think Brooks or DJ might get it done. Should be a good event.
  5. I don't see it often, I've always been somewhat mixed though I'm only playing two brands at the moment, and could easily go to all Titleist and be happy.
  6. Maybe a high end launch monitor like a Foresight or Trackman, or a high end custom iron set like from National Custom. My Mizunos work well but having them built exactly how I want them down to the muscle shape and grind would be a luxury purchase to me.
  7. Spin absolutely matters for holding greens, though less so for the 150 yard shot. I'm not really sure about the focus on flight time, they don't all trend to a certain spin number, if the ball starts with more it will end with more. I'd much rather stop a ball with spin than trajectory from 50 yards, I don't want to play those shots up in the air unless the shot absolutely requires it.
  8. I am predominantly a ProV1X player but I was able to try the new ProV1 and they performed well, I also like the ProV1X left dash.
  9. T200 3 iron is going to be a serious contender for me, moving to a 4 wedge setup and need a 3 iron I can either nuke off the tee or into a par 5 but also hit up in the air if needed.
  10. It's interesting to look at but as others have said there have to be flaws with it. My current MP-20 MBs are rated as slightly more forgiving than JPX-900 Tours (which I used to play) and that is definitely not the case in my experience.
  11. Starting from HS when I started really practicing and taking things seriously, I'm probably missing a few but I have really played a lot looking at it: Driver: Mizuno T-Zoid > TM 300 > Titleist 983E/905S/905R/907D2/909D3 > Ping I15 > Callaway RAZR Fit > 917 D3 Fwy: TM R7 TP > Sonartec NP-99 > Titleist 906F2/906F4 > Sonartec GS Tour > Callaway RAZR Hawk > Titleist 913FD/917F3 Hybrid: TM Rescue TP > Mizuno MP Fli-Hi > Titleist 585H > Ping I20 > Titleist 818 H2 Irons: Mizuno MP33/37/67/62/68/69 > Callaway Tour Authentic Blade > Mizuno JPX-900 Tour/Back to MP-69/MP-20 MB (Current) Wedges: Cleveland 588/Cobra Trusty Rusty > Mizuno R series/T series > Callaway Razr Forged > Mizuno T series > Vokey SM7 Putter: Odyssey Mallet > SC Newport 2.5 > Rife Aussie > Odyssey Milled Blades/Backstryke/Versa 7 > O-Works 7CH > SC Squareback 2
  12. I would generally say a slightly different profile may give better results in the fairway woods. Agree with others that it is best to get a fitting.
  13. I'd have to say my current setup, I know I have lost some speed but I am still hitting it places I didn't use to. Honorable mention was an I15 with Whiteboard, that was a low spin cannon.
  14. I got MP-20s earlier this year and my bag felt pretty set, I want a new driver but I still hit mine well so haven't made that change as of yet. Moving to a 4 wedge setup recently though: Driver: 917 D3 9.5* w/ Kiyoshi Black 65-X (C1 Surefit) 3 Wood: 917 F3 15* w/ VA Composites Drago 75-X (D1 Surefit) Hybrid: 818 H2 19* w/ Ventus Black 10-TX (A2 Surefit) Irons: MP-20 MB 3-9 w/ PX 6.5 Wedges: T20 47* w/ PX 6.5, SM8 52-08F w/ PX 6.5, SM8 56-10S and 60-04L w/ PX 6.0 Putter: Special Select Squareback 2 w/ Superstroke pistol 1.0 Ball: ProV1X or ProV1X- (still can't decide if I like the left dash or not) For now it looks like the hybrid or 3 iron will be dropped, considering options for a new club to cover that gap, possibly a higher lofted hybrid or maybe a utility 3 iron I can both hit into a green or nuke when needed.
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