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  1. Mike Yamrick - York, Pennsylvania 20-30 first year having a card. Shooting around 100 a round ping i5 irons 145-155
  2. Hmm. this is directly from their site: All Smart Sensor purchases include a 1-year subscription valued at US$99.99 starting from the date the sensors are activated. After 1-year you will be auto-billed US$99.99 per year.
  3. I must have read this entire thread 10 times. I was deciding between the 2 of these options, and just settled on and ordered the Shotscope (with the full intention of upgrading to the V3 if they send me the email). Arccos sounds so good, but the initial cost and the annual subscription on top of that is a deal breaker. I just ordered the V2 for $127 (after tax) to my door. I will try to add my thoughts on it after i receive it and get it on the course
  4. Yeah i did. It was pretty cool. It is much different than anything I have ever played. It is a links style course, so there are no trees, which was different for me. I scored terribly, but mostly because I lost so many balls in the fescue. The fescue was short, but the ground was so soft that the balls were plugging and were impossible to find, even ones that missed the fairway by a few feet. If i remove the lost balls and penalty strokes for them, i shot very well for me LOL. The course itself was very nice, and seemed to be in great shape. layout of the course was really cool as well.
  5. Small world is Correct. I grew up in Burnside, about 5 or so minutes from Cherry Tree... And I agree, would be awesome to meet some of you
  6. I am in. It would be great to meet you and get out together when we can. Only a few of my friends golf and the ones that do are from where i grew up (3 hours away). Valley green is only about 30 minutes from my house (i live fairly close to Briarwoods golf course(s)), and have heard its a pretty nice course. I think I am heading out to Royal Manchester Sunday, which appears to just be a few miles south of Valley Green.
  7. I have not at this point. So new, I have only played at Hickory Heights and Range End (and the Chetremon back where i grew up). Would like to get out to all of them around here this year. I am going to get out Sunday if the weather holds up though. No set plans on where yet
  8. Hey guys/gals, My name is Mike, and I currently live in the York, Pennsylvania area. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? -- I just started in October. I played for a year or 2 when i was 18-19 (total of 10 rounds), which was basically an excuse to hang with friends. I am 32 now and hit some balls at a range and ordered a 2nd hand set of clubs a week later. So far i have been to the range and simulator way more than the course. I have played a total of 36 holes. 2 rounds of 9, and 1 round of 18. My first full round of 18 i shot a 102. I just bought a Ghin number and once the season opens in PA i will get a proper handicap. What do you love about golf? -- The competitiveness, and the eagerness to get better. So far, golf has a funny way of giving you hope and then just ripping it away randomly. I love that. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? -- I found this site while looking for recommendations for clubs and golf balls. Signed up immediately, but have just lurked in the background reading as much as I could. Where are you from? What is your home course? -- I grew up in Western PA, not far from Punxsutwawney (think of the stupid groundhog LOL), but now live in the York, Pa area. I do not have a home course yet, but the 2 that i have been to are Hickory Heights in Spring Grove, PA and then Range end in Dillsburg, PA. I like both, but they are very different. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? -- so far, the weather is the worst thing. Cannot golf with snow and its pretty miserable in subfreezing temps. So far, everyone i have met have been pleasant and helpful for a new golfer, so that would be the best thing right now. What do you do for a living? -- I am a hydrogeologist for a company in Maryland. Work with Groundwater. Ironically, the last job i worked on was a New golf course/housing complex in southern Delaware. Crazy how that works, I start playing golf, and my next job is finding groundwater for a golf course. Pretty neat. How’d you pick your user name? -- Graduated Penn state in 2010, and Mey123 was my designated name for all things in the PSU sytem (Email etc).
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