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  1. Mike - York, PA Current handicap: 17 Currently playing Ping G400 Irons
  2. Very slippery to me. My hands sweat, and these just aren’t as good, to me, as tour velvets and similar grips. I love the feel of them, and the ease to get on and off, but they just do not have enough grip for me
  3. I have 13 Pure DTX Red Standard Grips and Pure Green Attachment for sale. Only used for 9 holes. Took them off as soon as I left the golf course. $95 shipped to your door (CONUS). Link to the grips: https://www.puregrips.com/products/pure-dtx?variant=14834083266678 Link for the adapter: https://www.puregrips.com/collections/accessories/products/pure-green-attachment
  4. I was able to get my new V3 out this past week on the course. Simply fantastic. The smaller size is the reason i upgraded, and it is so much better than the V2. Battery seemed a little bit better than the V2 for me, but not out of this world better (my V2 was apparently better with batteries than everyone else). This is an A+ upgrade
  5. Ordered a new set of the Forged Black Wedges this past Friday. Cannot wait to see this box at my door!!!
  6. Yeah, I went ahead and bought a mevo. The app is not even close to my driver numbers (compared to both a mevo and a GC2 at a local indoor center).
  7. I thought about doing this as well, but the last few times out the courses have been busy since the opening of courses (at least in PA). Once it dies down a bit, i will give it a try as well. At least on the tee box
  8. That sounds about right. Everything i have read is that the outdoor mode is the most accurate. Issue is that it is giving me to be what seems to be very elevated carry distances with my woods. Irons sound about right (need to verify on a GCquad or similar), but need to update as my swing has improved drastically since the last time i visited the simulator. My driver on course has a long of about 285, via shotscope in the 2 rounds i was able to use it, and shot vision is telling me my carry distances are pushing 300 (+/- 10 yards). I know wind plays a huge part, and both times i was out on the course, the wind was blowing with gusts up to 30mph, but the carry distances from shot vision for the Driver and 3 wood seem to be a bit optimistic. Ill get it out again in the next day or 2 and see if anything has changed
  9. Just wanted to bump this to see if anyone had a chance to test it and possibly against other launch monitors (other than the 2 that are on youtube at this point)
  10. I downloaded the app tonight, and hit about 30 balls. It only failed to register 1 shot out of the 30. Not sure on accuracy, as I don’t have anything to compare it to. There is a YouTube video of a guy that compares it side by side with the Garmin G80 and it is almost identical to those carry numbers. I am looking to buy the PRGR, but I want to give this app some more run before I spend 200. I used the app outside, and placed my iPhone pro max 3.5 feet back, and 2 feet in front of the ball. I propped my phone up with the weight ball on the flex trainer (the cheaper version of the orange whip). I also had no back drop, just open space in the direction the camera was pointing. I’ve heard people were making black backgrounds, but it was not necessary for me. EDIT: I forgot to mention, that I bought a 1 month subscription to try the app, as most of you probably assumed with the data provided below. I will go through all my clubs today or tomorrow (depending on weather) and see if there is anything weird about the data. Being new to golf, my swing speed/yardages change every time i am on the course as my ball striking is leaps and bounds better now than it was before Quarantine. So hard to say how accurate the numbers below are. i included a picture of my 7 iron and Driver stats with the app.
  11. Mike Yamrick - York, Pennsylvania 20-30 first year having a card. Shooting around 100 a round ping i5 irons 145-155
  12. Hmm. this is directly from their site: All Smart Sensor purchases include a 1-year subscription valued at US$99.99 starting from the date the sensors are activated. After 1-year you will be auto-billed US$99.99 per year.
  13. I must have read this entire thread 10 times. I was deciding between the 2 of these options, and just settled on and ordered the Shotscope (with the full intention of upgrading to the V3 if they send me the email). Arccos sounds so good, but the initial cost and the annual subscription on top of that is a deal breaker. I just ordered the V2 for $127 (after tax) to my door. I will try to add my thoughts on it after i receive it and get it on the course
  14. Yeah i did. It was pretty cool. It is much different than anything I have ever played. It is a links style course, so there are no trees, which was different for me. I scored terribly, but mostly because I lost so many balls in the fescue. The fescue was short, but the ground was so soft that the balls were plugging and were impossible to find, even ones that missed the fairway by a few feet. If i remove the lost balls and penalty strokes for them, i shot very well for me LOL. The course itself was very nice, and seemed to be in great shape. layout of the course was really cool as well.
  15. Small world is Correct. I grew up in Burnside, about 5 or so minutes from Cherry Tree... And I agree, would be awesome to meet some of you
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