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  1. I can't honestly speak too much on the longevity or durability. I got the spikeless midway through last season and am a bit of a shoe hoe so I've probably only worn them 10-15 rounds. I really only bought them to have a pair of shoes I could throw on at the house if I was going out for a quick round or range session after work. That being said, I've walked on a lot of asphalt and concrete with them on top of playing the rounds, and the soles don't seem to have worn at all. I would say they would last a season no problem, even if your playing 3 or 4 times a week. I've also never had any issue with the spiked versions in regards to durability so I don't see it being any different with the spikeless.
  2. Another vote here for MCC +4. Easily the best grip I've had.
  3. I have a few pairs of the Tour360 spiked and love them so decided to give the spikeless a try. They are definitely a dry weather shoe, not a lot of traction in wet conditions (to be expected) and if the bunkers at your course have firmer sand you'll notice the lack of traction. Other than that they are a great shoe!
  4. The player: Current gamer - Titleist AVX Handicap or Ave score - 1 7 iron carry distance with current ball - 180 Trajectory - Mid Putter - 2010 Scotty Cameron Newport 2 The ball: Titleist -Prov1x (Left Dash) Distance - More with driver, similar with irons Trajectory - High Spin - Less with driver, hop and stop with mid-irons, checks up nicely around the green Feel - FIRM!!! Durability (1 round) - Like New Rating - Gamer Notes or writeup: I was excited to try this ball when it came to market. My original gamer was Prov1X but was convinced to switch to AVX last year due to high spin off the tee and through my mid irons. If we were playing in the slightest wind the Prov1x would just climb a mile resulting in very inconsistent yardages, but I did love it around the greens. Although the AVX's lower trajectory and spin were a solution to those problems, I really couldn't stand how mushy the ball felt. AVX had a lot more rollout going into greens and wasn't nearly as predictable as Prov1x. Definitely will have to see how Left Dash plays in the wind but for now it seems like the perfect combination between AVX and Prov1X. Another plus was that I was able to get a full round in and the ball wasn't chewed haha. Anyways, it will be nice to see what more people think about the Left Dash, surprisingly it seems like a lot of the reviews I've read have been quite positive from players with both high and low swing speeds. Looks like Titleist might have got it right here.
  5. Real creative one here....rock some mp-20 irons and I’m a lefty. Haha
  6. The MP 20’s are incredible. I was fitted for a set in November and was fortunate enough to get to Florida and use them a few times this winter. I wasn’t expecting them to offer a left handed version but am I ever happy they did! Enjoy!
  7. Cant wait to try the new AVX. I previously played the V1X and struggled in the slightest amount of wind, switched to AVX and gained about 10 yards off the tee and was able to keep the ball out of the clouds. I haven't spent the time to really look into numbers and comparisons but just from speaking with other players, especially those with high (115+) swing speeds and high trajectories, a lot of them found the trajectory much easier to manage with the AVX compared to other tour balls. Hopefully the new ones are even better!
  8. Just changed from the P770 to Mizuno's but those were a great set of irons. Love the GAPR too, wish they made a GAPR Lo 2 for lefty's
  9. Hey Everyone, I've been following MGS closely over the past year and have decided to join. Lots of great things going on here and very interesting content. I played a lot of golf as a junior up until high school and took a 14 year break before starting back last season and my handicap is currently 1. I play most of my golf in the Ottawa area and try to play a few weeks down south over the winter months. Excited to be a part of this great community!
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