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  1. So I was able to get some data on the 23 tour x head to head with the 21 tour x and the 21 provlx: these numbers are mine, and your experience may vary, but for me it shows that the new maxfli tour x is just as good as the 21 tour x, and for my money, as good as Titleist. I hit about 10 shots from each distance with each ball, except for the Driver since I was pretty gassed by that point! I hit: 50 yard 100 yard 180 yard 230 yard 300 yard I really don’t see a statistical difference between these balls: I’m sure if my sample size was larger the numbers would be even closer! Ball speed, launch and spin numbers were all in the ballpark of each other. And when you factor in the cost difference between a dozen maxfli(or who am I kidding, a cube) and a dozen Titleist, I don’t see a need to pay more. I have buddies that still razz me about playing an “inferior” golf ball; but the scorecard doesn’t have pictures, only strokes…
  2. I still can’t decide if I like the new alignment aid or not: I use the lines to help with start line on putts and for direction on tee shots. The new tour x reminds me of the Srixon alignment, subtle but still usable…
  3. I can’t do anything with a hybrid besides hook it. 5 wood recently kicked my 2 iron out of the bag, as the 2 iron was really a tee-shot only club for me. 5 wood is much more versatile for me.
  4. 3 over today: only 7 Gir and 6 Fir but got up and down extremely well today. Also only 28 putts: funny how that works…
  5. Played my first round with the ‘23 tour x today: I honestly can’t tell the difference between it and the ‘21 tour x. Same sound, feel, flight and spin. Still on the fence about which alignment aid I like more.
  6. Shake up at the top of the bag! New 3 wood and 5 wood! Cobra Aerojet LS replaces my Ping g410 LST, and the Aerojet 5 wood bumps my Titleist U-505 to the bench!
  7. What’s good, spy fam?! I’m Micah, and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. My wife and I live that D.I.N.K lifestyle(dual-income, no kids) which leaves plenty of time for golf. I picked up the game in 2016 after getting married, and was more or less instantly hooked. My wife realized pretty quickly if she was going to see me on weekends she better learn to play: and now that she’s also a golfer, I don’t have to come up with a good story every time a golf club shaped box shows up on the doorstep. Besides golf, I love to travel, cook, and snowboard, probably in that order. I’m a certified club-ho, exotic shaft snob, golf stat geek sort of golfer. Also a member of the push-cart mafia, but I’m not supposed to talk about that… About my golf game: I’m a high speed, high spin player who’s prone to hitting the occasional tee shot off the planet: as such, I’m definitely interested in saving money on golf balls. My progression thru golf balls was as follows: Wilson 50/50 Chromesoft truvis(quickly switched after discovering MGS) Snell Mtbx-x Srixon z-star xv Bridgestone tour BX Titleist prov1x Maxfli Tour X I had resigned myself to paying $50 a dozen as I improved for premium balls: but it stung each time I sent my one thru the wardrobe into Narnia. Then I stumbled onto the maxfli tour x while at golf galaxy with my wife. “Don’t tell anyone how good that ball is, or the price will go up” said the associate who was letting my wife demo 3 woods. I thought, “how good could a $30 a box ball be?” As I tee’d up on my first hole with the tour x, I decided if it was as good as a q-star tour, I’d be satisfied with the purchase. Suffice it to say my expectations were blown away! I checked MGS to see if a ball lab had ever been done on this steal of a ball, and yep there was: 91 total score. There was already a thread up on the forum of course, you can check that out here: I’ll be putting the new tour X thru it’s paces against the ‘21 tour X, as well as the Titleist prov1x, widely considered to be the benchmark in ball quality. And what good would having a stat geek be a part of this test if he wasn’t going to post GCquad numbers? So I’ll be doing just that, and we’ll all get to see if the ‘23 tour x measures up to, in my opinion, the greatest deal in golf: the ‘21 maxfli tour X. Stay tuned! 1st Impressions: Getting product shipped from DSG/GG is hassle free: boxes are well packed and arrive in good condition. Maxfli definitely improved upon the previous iterations in terms of how premium the new box looks. Sleek, all-black box definitely looks premium to me. But I never buy 1 or 2 dozen, and I’ll wager most here don’t either, so how do the cubes look? Just sleek, IMO: here’s the new head to head with the old: Some subtle changes with the statements/claims on each sleeve as well: I’ve always appreciated the the frank nature of Maxfli’s claims: nothing too crazy there. Interesting to see Maxfli call out the CG balancing; definitely a premium feature there. The only huge change I see straightaway is the alignment aid: I’m not sure how I feel about it yet: on the one hand, I loved use it the alignment lines on the ‘21 model, on the other, the alignment aid kinda made it look like a range/practice ball. Time to get on course and see how this new Maxfli performs!
  8. 4 over 75 and 2 over 74 for the weekend: hit a ridiculous(for me) 8/14 and 10/14 fairways. 12/18 Gir and 14/18 Gir. But 68 putts over 2 rounds is sending me straight to the putting green for some serious practice.
  9. Congrats testers!!!! Can’t wait to hear about these…
  10. I’m curious what “too high launch” is for you: got some launch/spin/peak height numbers for us to look at?
  11. Available for US shipping, PayPal-Venmo only. Brand-new, still in the wrapper Odyssey Eleven Putter with stroke lab shaft. $250, and I’ll ship to you on my dime.
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