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  1. Berg, Just so you know, I have that same pipe putter. I've had it for years. Fathers day present. I gave it to my son and he won't use anything else. I made a lot of putts with it over the years. Congratulations on the new putter and thanks for the writeup.
  2. I've played Vokey and Cleveland for years. I purchased these 2 weeks ago for a test run, I found no discernable difference in feel or distance, spin is fine (they stop) flight is good and sound is just fine. I hit Vokey, then Kirkland etc.. If these stay spinney for the season, I can buy new wedges every spring and not break the bank and get the performance of new wedges for the price of one wedge. I can afford new Vokeys every year, I just don't see the need for it if I cant find a great difference. I can chunk and blade Kirkland just like Vokeys, the feel is there and the distance is there. I really believe fresh wedges = better scoring. So I'll come back and tell everyone about my findings. So far so good, I'm a 13, took a 23 year break to raise a family and now play 3-5 times a week, so while not a great player, can play a bit and get a few low scores a year, hopefully more this year, when I stopped I was a 7. YMMV. Brian
  3. Ours is allowing 2 riders if your related.. other than that 1
  4. Good news on the opening! My daughter and son in law can't wait. They're in Eburg. I'd be in if it all works out. B
  5. Afternoon Everyone. Name is Brian been playing since I was 19, took 20+ years off to raise kids, coach and work. Played about 4 times a year during that time, mostly business scrambles.(I'm an 17/18 and its came down 6 shots this year) I've loved this game since the 1st time I hit a ball and it took off like a rocket. I believe it is the hardest and most rewarding game invented. Mygolfspy is just a great resource. Best round on our front was 2 weeks ago 37 front and then a 47 back. !! My home course is McNary Golf Club in Keizer Oregon. Best the summer months, worst the wetness. But I play in it. My wife and I own a Staffing Agency, Just started back in this. Prior welder/fabricator production Manager and various sales/Management functions in the My name is my name..
  6. New here Guys. What a great idea. I'd be in if there's the ability to do so.
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